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Pollution caused by fireworks

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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 05:54 PM
Apologies posted in wrong forum - mods can you move as appropriate


Just watching my favouritest politician Sadiq Khan bigging up the impending firework display in London.

He has spent most of 2017 crying about air quality in London (and even suggested the rest of the UK ban log fires) . I find it a bit rich he’s now promoting a display of 10,000 + fireworks that release all sorts of toxic metal particulates and carcinogens into the atmosphere. Couple of links below.

It’s a lot of pollution in a short space of time and no real studies on the toxic effect.

Obviously the Houses of Parliament are synonymous with fireworks - but should they be reserved for just that occasion. They’re used for everything these days - is it time to curtail there use? Go for a more environmentally friendly approach?
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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 06:39 PM
a reply to: DrBobH

I absolutely love fireworks, but agree, we are using them for everything to the point they aren't anything "special" anymore. Here in the US people lite them up in their backyard all year long. We heard some on Christmas eve!

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 06:46 PM
Fire works are awesome.
I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 07:43 PM
ive always been curious what the effects are from fireworks. the smoke isnt as bad as when i was a kid when it used to look like the fog rolled in the night of the 4th of july. the thing i always noticed was that there sure didnt seem like there was nearly as many gnats and mosquito's flying around for the weeks afterwards, then again it always starts to get cold after the 4th at night in my area.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 07:50 PM
The air pollution is minimal, but it does make the air smell a bit funky (personally I like the smell), but not as bad as diesel fumes in cities. The only thing that bugs me after the celebrations is the trash left behind.

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