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One World Government... The Religion Of The Elite... Luciferianism.

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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 11:04 AM
a reply to: dasman888

Well said. Strange to me that so many advocate for meditation but don't or refuse to acknowledge that a belief system without practice is meaningless. So for example, in the case of my particular belief system, (Christian), we are called to practice by taking time, 15 minutes or so, to pray three times a day. In doing that, we grow spiritualy in our beliefs. For me at least, without prayer, I find it difficult to turn my life over to God, which is, as you pointed out, what we are called to do. And to the extent we can do so, we start to fear far less.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 11:10 AM
a reply to: Hazardous1408

There are a lot of good points in this. There has to be some power in practicing Luciferianism. I believe and can see that humans are under the influence of something and it is not something good .

So it seems we have a good/evil thing going on. But the whole accepting Jesus as our savior- he died for your sins-if you believe, even a minute before you die you will go to heaven belief defies common sense. What good does it do for character building and changing into a better human to have someone else accept responsibility for our actions, which is essentially what Jesus is doing? It encourages a victim mentality .

What if I am an evil doer that " finds" Jesus minutes before I die, wouldn't I bring lifelong bad living patterns to heaven? If I was changed miraculously to fit in there, than what was the point of the experience of learning how to live on Earth?

I just can't see how the whole populous is tasked with the mission of finding out that Jesus is our Saviour and if you don't you will burn eternally. Why is the God, or god the father a violent brute and Jesus is just the opposite? Why would god want us to grovel in his presence? Wouldn't he prefer sincere respect? Why would god possibly want our trinket offerings? What kind of a god would allow the Catholic church and others to continue with their hideous corruption and coverups?

It seems to me that the bible was altered to benefit whoever changed it. If the earth is the realm of Lucifer are we to believe he hasn't had some influence over the bible?? There is truth there, but why would God ask us to go against the logic and common sense we were given?

I can't help but believe we must learn to listen to and use our intuition as a guide and moral compass, anything else is subject to corruption and manipulation. Its not an easy thing to do as we are taught to listen to the experts and the authorities.

Anyway, my intention was not to offend, but these are genuine questions I have. A part of me would just love to have blind faith like I used to have as a little kid.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 01:17 PM
a reply to: stosh64

Thank you, stosh mate...
Much appreciate the kind words.

Also thank you for the video suggestions...
They will be my choice of viewing this evening.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 02:35 PM
And yet, Jesus is the Morning Star, which is often associated with the title Lucifer, which is Latin or something for light bearer, like " I am the light of the world".

The sign of the devil being upside down five tipped star, that looks like a goat/dragon, might as well be different personification of Venus, the evening, or fallen star. Where as the five tipped star being up right might as well be symbolic with man( or woman later on), where Jesus might as well be calling himself "The Man of Tommorrow" Superman.

I wonder what other books that were around before the making of the New Testament, since it collection of different illustrations that literally had their good parts hand picked.

Bunch of corrupt bankers, elites or aristrocrats whose only God is the dollar and luck,practicing primitive mating ritual an sex fetishes. If that the Devil's grand scheme, then he'd be good as dead.

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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 03:40 PM
a reply to: Hazardous1408

Awesome thread, S & F , If I could...

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: Hazardous1408

I appreciate this new direction seen from you....just want to know....why should any of these scenarios be correct..unchallenged...i feel something else will take control...namely HEART...the rest will dissolve very fast...lets see.

Cyclical creation is in trouble.....

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 10:00 AM
Despite reading about this stuff for decades I can't claim to "know" much of anything about it but will share my opinions. Luciferianism is tied to the planet Venus and the beginnings of cultures which sprang up on Earth around 5,000 years ago. By using Venus to create a calendar our first real systems of weights and measures of time, space and volume were established, leading to the rise of agriculture - something not possible without a calendar. During this period we see miraculous constructions such as the pyramids in Egpyt and the Ziggurats appear with almost no preexisting culture to tie them to. The same for Megalithic sites such as Newgrange and Stonehenge. Humans don't evolve this way and it makes a strong argument for outside intervention.

This is where the origins of religion lie with those who came to Earth to teach mankind the sciences with each part of the world having their own set of cultural heroes. They were called "Gods" because they brought the gifts of civilization to the world.

As IIB has pointed out today's elites are technocrats with roots in Darwin. Not long after the modern sciences as we know them exploded. We went from horse and buggies to nuclear in a space of less than 50 years! That alone is astonishing and much of the work was laid down by German scientists. I have a theory that both World Wars were actually fought over science and who those German scientists were going to serve; a National interest - the German people or the Elites and their NWO. This actually makes a great deal more sense than the simple collision of National interests and fallout from European monarchies and alliances.

Many conspiracy theorists believe the Germans may have discovered some ancient technology at the South pole. This may be true but it is certainly no less true that German archaeologists were very busy in Egypt and Mesopotamia as well as in places like India and Tibet. Maybe one of those places was where they made their greatest discoveries?

I agree that Technocracy and Transhumanism are the main goals of this group and they are somehow descendants of those earlier "mystery religion" adherents like Madame Blavatsky and Alistair Crowley. Perhaps they are the esoteric adherents, the magicians if you will or maybe they are just a sideshow act to keep people from looking in the right direction. One thing that has lessened my disbelief about negative spiritual entities is quantum computers and particle colliders. These are enormously expensive machines requiring a lot of energy to operate. Their own designers hope to create black holes and tear the fabric of space/time itself.

Finally we have the Xmen movies and all the transhumanist themes in movies like Ghost in the Shell where humans are being modified through technology to achieve super powers. Why are they so obsessed with selling this idea to our young people? Surely they mean to make such modifications acceptable to a future society.

All the elements above are somehow related and part of this NWO/Luciferian religion though I confess I don't quite understand how the pieces fit together. I might live long enough to see the bigger picture or maybe I'll get lucky and someone like IIB will figure it all out and write it up in digestible form for the rest of us.

I'd love some feedback on the World War theory if anyone has some.

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 12:41 PM
They are Luciferians and planetary worshippers. Watch for their sign; The eight sided star.

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 01:01 PM

originally posted by: Asktheanimals
All the elements above are somehow related and part of this NWO/Luciferian religion though I confess I don't quite understand how the pieces fit together. I might live long enough to see the bigger picture or maybe I'll get lucky and someone like IIB will figure it all out and write it up in digestible form for the rest of us.

Really you wanna know what their agenda is they barely even hide it. They're evangelists the likes of Kurzweil and the people his job at Google. Then look at their actions, like the rest of the tech giants especially the big intellectual property houses like IBM, Intel, and the especially the social media giants. Then of course the milspec front like DARPA, DISA, NASA, NSA, etc, oh and the Air Force has huge special divisions not unlike how presented in Terminator 4 Rise of the Machines.

From 2005-2010 I worked on putting together how their whole "AGI Manhattan Project" fit together, and the economic warfare game is where I got to before I had to stop for some years. When I returned in 2016 it was SJW Mania Nation, and sure enough it fountainheading out of the tech giants and the very universities of most particular note in the AGI Manhattan Project. While I havent yet gotten to rebuilding my AGIMP series, which i have to from scratch again, I have put my latest impressions of these mechanisms into words here and there. My latest is in Hazardouss other thread form that night:
And in the comments in the first AGIMP and in the comments of Hypocrites Iron Fist:

and bits here and there in my various threads dealing with all of the above. It's all been written really, but my task is composing works that might actually gain tractiona nd get people thinking and talking about these problems before us, oh and trying to help figure how how to minimize the various devastation metrics that I see on the current trajectory they have us all on.

When you listen to them note how the majority of them they never ever put any of the implications of their religion into the context of how the real world, systems of control and oppression, our never ending patterns of warfare etc, into perspective. It's all Promised Land generally what they're trying to talk about. About the only exception is Hugo de Garis. And he's insane! But arent they all.

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 01:18 PM

a reply to: Asktheanimals
"each part of the world having their own set of cultural heroes."

The fallen watchers were these little gods where each fallen watcher maintained their area of interest, like Pan in Roman mythology and Silvanus in Celtic myth. Both deal with farming / crops hence its the same fallen watcher.

Bit like Baal, Zeus, Thor where the same weapon type is used by all three - Lightning.

Notice how the industrial revolution occurred after Jesus came along. If Jesus had not of arrived and thrown a spanner in the works, this world would have been moved into another mythology.

These fallen watchers need technology to fight back against Jesus's army during the great battle of Armageddon, hence these watchers influenced mortals to 'invent' what the watchers were using during the days of Atlantis.

The MK-Ultra 'super soldiers' are also required to fight Jesus's army alongside the Rephaim (giants) that are allegedy 'sleeping' in Antartica.

Attaching machine parts to your body will enhance your ability to fight this coming army. Hence this transhumanism is being promoted to make it sound 'cool'.

Everyone who gets fitted with these gadgets will probably lose their souls hence...

Matthew 24:22. If those days had not been cut short, nobody would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be shortened.

Nobody can be saved when they operate in a cyborg soulless body. Putin stated recently that these entities will have no remorse. He said "Genetically-modified super soldiers 'worse than a nuclear bomb'".

This is Lucifer's goal. Get everyone to lose their souls and fight alongside his minions as super-soldiers in the final battle against Jesus.
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posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 02:27 PM
In my own perception of truth of Satan being an ancient galactic leader over 65 million years ago, convinced by many to technologically strip his protons away from his neutrons before entropy eventually does, resulting in a terrible manipulation against life itself... How many extraterrestrials visit earth via incarnation? What system is in place to "herd" these unsuspecting incarnations of innocent extraterrestrials into deception to be harvested? Do we need to establish that all beings incarnated are very repentant for their past lives and come here to be saved and transcended? Someone might ideologically punish innocent life if we don't realize it.

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 04:00 PM
This is interesting...

Neither Satanists nor Luciferians view Satan or Lucifer as Christians do. They accept that worshiping a being of true evil is the action of a psychopath.

How do they know he is not pure evil?

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 08:49 PM
I'm sure its been said already but I have time only to read through three pages or to post and I'm deciding to post something.

Some very important things people need to keep in mind when people say something like satanism or luciferianism is that these terms have multiple meanings and that causes a lot of guff between people and groups and conspiracy theorists.

Just like satanism which has various meanings such as following the philosophy of the church of Satan begun by Antonio Szandzor Lavey which is an atheistic list of beliefs but then you also have satanism ask in deist satanism in which people actually follow a religion in which the venerated deity is Satan and god the adversary. I find that both are 90% people under 25 who go around telling everyone with an overabundance of jewelry or constantly bending conversations toward getting to tell the world about it and seemingly more for attention while they do little to actually follow said path. But then you also have the serious ones, I would say mostly made up of the elite and I am talking the ones who really follow it especially the deist system.

Luciferianism is like this in that you have both luciferian philosophy which is so much more broad a term than satanism but also luciferianism the deist type which is different. The latter luciferians even have several types I have come to learn mostly in that you have deist luciferians who believe that lucifer is an archetype who appears in different forms in many countries like lucifer in the book of enoch and represented by parts of the lucifer character in the bible, prometheus of Greek mythology, the serpent off genesis...the list eludes me at the moment but most people would recognize many in the list and basically this system has an imperfect god who is actually a tyrant and quite the opposite of anything benevolent and lucifer or prometheus is actually the one who had access to the heavens and stole something sacred, some power, or most often the deepest occult knowledge of the world or knowledge itself even and smuggled it out of the heavens bringing it to mankind and thus being our champion while Jesus is seen as the devil who came in flesh and will return to fight it out one day either with lucifer or lucifer's son.

Then there is the luciferianism which crosses paths with one of the versions of satanism in which people are moreover than likely aware of the fact that what they promote and do in the name of their deity is considered things of pure evil by the majority of mankind, things like blood sacrifice, sex magic, child ritual abuse and child sacrifice, child rape, torture, infant eating, trafficking of humans, sperm blood milk urine and excrement rituals ingestion and/or magic, etc. They are aware that their deity is evil but give their souls or perform horrible acts because as even the bible says, lucifer IS the God of the earth while the God of the heavens is the good guy and a person is able to attain power wealth sexual gratification etc on earth if he or she is willing to forfeit all favor of the God of the heavens and trade existence after this life in which is eternal and dynamic and linked to God etc for eternally being cut off from access to heaven or communication with God, the actual biblical definition of hell, or if following in the beliefs started in the dark ages and immortalized in renaissance art which gives us the modern times idea of hell it would be to trade everlasting heavenly life or eternally reincarnating existence in one form or another for burning in hellfire which some people I guess consider a worthwhile trade.

Lastly one must keep in mind that the term luciferian is used very loosely when meaning "pertaining to the philosophy of luciferianism," which has nothing to do with the deity but with the many philosophies deemed luciferian. One might refer to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (no offense meant to anyone in my examples these are simply instances I have heard certain people or groups spoken of and tagged with the term luciferian) as a luciferian sect in that it follows the philosophy deemed "luciferian" of attainment of everlasting life through WORKS which is opposite the bible which teaches that it is "by grace you have been saved, through your faith. And THAT, not anything done by oneself, is the gift of God," clarifying, "NOT of works, lest anyone should boast."

Mormons however get to heaven by reaching behind a curtain after death and giving the secret handshakes and passwords and "tokens" as well as havying a minmum x kids to reach heaven or a higher version of it. Masonry can also be calls luciferian because it teaches that while living one must enter some astral or psychic dimension where one is able to construct a home to dwell in eternally circumventing the need for God or the need to lower oneself to subservience entirely.

Mormonism and Catholicism have also been called luciferian by people who use the term to point out Christian sects which are polytheistic, polytheism of a YHWH/Jesus based religion also being a so called luciferian philosophy and Mormon men become each a god inhabiting a planet and his reward after death for being Mormon is enjoying neverending celestial sex which creates a new universe of souls which will experience life with the Mormon man being the new heavenly father while this universes heavenly father no longer has any connection to your existence once you die having pleased him you never interact again and out there are a million universes with a million heavenly fathers. Or I doubt I must explain but Catholicism which has God, Jesus separately, and the mother of God venerated like a goddess which is guilty of a similar charge.

Another big one is its luciferian for anyone to pursue eternal life through technology or transhumanism so it is a luciferian pursuit some would say for people to live life believing in evolution as a basis and working toward downloading a persons consciousness to a computer which can then live forever virtually.

So yea sorry bout the length but if more people just understood that what I say here doesn't even scratch the surface of the many different things Satanist or luciferian can mean, they would not be so turned off to thinking its a load of bull cuz in their eyes the only thing that is being said is that the elite light black candles and say mass in backwards Latin in black robes and wear flashy inverted pentagrams while shouting hail Satan or hail lucifer but instead these beliefs come in so many forms and from person to person in the elite controlling class, it means something different and takes pieces from many different definitions.
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posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: GBP/JPY

I rarely post, but I do think it’s a very worthy subject and I do have a bit of knowledge on the concerns that seems to be really becoming more of the norm rather than limited to the “conspiracy theory” groups. I work in Law Enforcement in Los Angeles County and have been attached to many Federal task force units over the years and have become close friends with some Federal folks that have moved way up in the elite bureaus. I can say that from what I’ve seen as a Deputy and Detective III and from the knowledge obtained from my HLS friends that there’s lots of stuff going on and that has been going on for a very long time that the masses of our country, ( and even the world ) have demonstrated to be too self-absorbed, immature, or just too much in the “Don’t worry, Be Happy” mode to ever know the “truths” that the people righteously trying to protect us do know about. Instead of distributing the information and creating panic, chaos, and altering how people view the world they’ve partnered with Hollywood for years to “train” us for what we will most likely experience and confront within 4-9 years subliminally. It’s not (in my opinion) a dark or sinister plot to use Mind Control and program people to submit, etc. *BTW-nothing I’m mentioning in this post is “classified” lol, or anything people aren’t talking about already, it’s just that I trust the people with my life that have given me bits of friendly advice and I thought maybe some people really tormented over some details of this topical and important concern may experience a little more peace in their daily lives if I shared some basic info that I’ve determined in a variety of ways to be corroborated and very true. (But, this is just 1 man’s opinion, nobody should ever take or man’s words for truth and he/she should seek it out any way possible.). I already knew that evil existed but not in the sense of a person just being a brutal asshole who hurts or kills other people, but that ACTUAL Evil exists spiritually and that there are forces amongst us that we have been somewhat pampered into thinking they are either fairytales or not of concern since “God loves us” and so there’s no point in even knowing about it. If you think the Elites in Government, or the UN, or the scholars of the world are dead wrong for hiding realities from us then ask yourself when was the last time that the majority of people you know needed to turn the channel if a commercial comes on about animal abuse, or said they “didn’t want to hear about something terrible going on in the world”, or even created their own version of religion that omitted the aspects of Satan, the prospects of judgement and Hell, and only paid their tidings to Joel Esteen since he just wants you to smile and make money and “think positive”. The masses (especially in the US) are especially weak and don’t want to hear evil, see evil, or aknowledge evil, and prefer to “manifest the law of attraction” and win at the casino, and get a new car, and plan a vacation. IMO-anytime you hear people preaching about “become your own god”, or “my God only created a Heaven not a hell” you are just falling back into that weak self-fulfilling reality that is the sole reason the masses don’t get real info about REAL knowledge and REAL phenomenon that has always been here. Sorry for the long prologue, but I want to be clear and appropriate since I rarely post anywhere and most likely won’t again. Here’s the facts: Whatever your faith may be or lack thereof, you’ve been spiritually attacked since the day you were born by evil entities that do want to possess your soul. Demons, sorcery, witchcraft, a glorious afterlife or eternal damnation are very real. How can anyone make such a statement? Ever heard of the expression “follow the money?”. There have been massive amounts of people and agencies for your entire life with astounding budgets studying and trying to gain knowledge, defend against, and overcome demonic manipulation, spells, and possession since man became aware of what was effecting his soul and saw firsthand its power. And unfortunately there are generations of families that were born into this world from evil manipulation that are massive in numbers and they have been working everyday of every minute of your life to prepare you to be unaware or deceived into believing the concept of an apocalypse is possible. The powers that be have biblical prophecy information that we have never been given because they know the evil entities would rise up even sooner and the resulting civil war would have occurred before the Prophecy had been completed. In other words, world Governments that know that witchcraft actually works, that demons do possess humans, that a final battle is near to this generation and would rather contain the masses and not start the war and leave it to The Savior when he arrives after a series of events takes place within 4-9 years depending on which “expert” you talk to. There’s no debate about this amongst scientists, religious leaders, Government special agencies, and people who are both very close to God and Satan. I myself am a Christian, and yet I’ve learned there’s much biblical script that was withheld from mankind that is so accurate and undeniable that it’s going to happen. I’m not banking on a bunch of responses or even anyone believing any of this, but you have to understand that until I was 41 years old and became friends with someone who was privy to just about any intel that’s usually debated by the masses about its merits or “truth” and was dead serious that “it’s all real man”. This friend of mine was able to corroborate speculations that I had about entire family lines being bred on earth just to participate in evil and manipulated by Satanic forces. I had arrested people for heinous crimes over the years that seemed connected to a large web of relatives, friends, and associates that seemed to all have the same patterns. Ritual sacrifice, possession, and acts that have no purpose other than explicit evil. I could present at least 20 deputies, detectives, special agents, and prosecutors (including myself) that have seen firsthand Miraculous events and Inhuman powers that are immediately hidden from public knowledge and handed over to federal agencies you didn’t know existed never to be spoken of again. There are laws in place that you’ve never seen agreed upon amongst the entire UN that allow Governments to shield us all from the realities that we are under siege by dark forces constantly. Once again, if the truth is exposed today then it’s too late for So many to be saved because they will have only thoroughly obeyed God’s commands and accepted Christ because of their fear of Satan and not their love and obedience to God. Does anyone think it’s just a random occurrence Over the last 15 years that the majority of television programming has been “Reality TV” featuring show after show after show of “Survival” off the grid concepts trying to teach people subliminally how to live without anything outside of society and in remote locations? Why do you think the whole “Zombie” genre just appeared one day and has never stopped? You are being conditioned to expect all of this as normal and something that isn’t that “unusual” to you. Why do you think the most powerful people in the world and the wealthiest ALL have underground survival homes built now. Are the smartest scholars conspiracy nuts?

posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 01:29 PM
a reply to: Hazardous1408

You seem to be working hard to keep a relatively open mind. I appreciate that.

Have you considered that there might be more than one "evil group" vying for control? For example, a powerful group of Luciferians working both against us and against their arch rivals -- (elements of) Evangelical Protestantism (who are in turn, working against us and the Luciferians)?

I'm just curious.

I suspect that here in the west there are at least two (and likely many more) groups of powerful elitists and that they constantly make war against each other and that most people are simply caught in the crossfire.

posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 02:09 PM
a reply to: 1mansopinion

(1 man’s opinion) CONT: The world has been under a spell for almost all of time and this spell has worked on billions of people. Sadly, that means billions of people don’t really feel the truth in their soul or haven’t done enough to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal itself. Basically, people are going thru the motions and faking it because they became succeptoble to all the sins we were clearly warned about. Greed, envy, gluttony, adultery, fornication, the commandments, and everything else is like a TV show we may watch or not watch depending on if there’s anything fun to do tonight. Don’t think you’re under a hypnotic spell from the forces of Satan????? Let me ask you this??? IF MCDonalds restaurant molested thousands upon thousands of your kids for decades and tried to hide it from you while it continued for multiple decades would they still in business??? The Catholic Church did exactly that and worse and they still have “Billions” of devotees allowing them to be their source of support for salvation and to be connected to God and maintain an heir of “Good” and “Moral” servants of God. And you wonder why the UN, the deep State units don’t just tell us everything. We are losing the battle and too many are lost to create a war until Christ arrives on his terms to save those he deems worthy. That whole joke that you just have to say “Jesus, I accept you as my Savior” when it all goes down without meaning it from true faith and repentance isn’t gonna happen. How do I know this?? When I wasn’t a true believer many years ago I encountered an Asian homeless man one night while on Patrol it that spoke to both my partner and I without speaking and owner us and our thoughts for about 15 minutes until my internal prayers for help from Christ became genuine out of shear desperation that I was having my soul pulled from my body and it released. My young trainee cried for over an hour and ended his shift immediately and resigned. He is a Pastor in Santa Barbara today and never shared his story until last year to his Parish. Even a faithful worthy Pastor wasn’t prepared to tell his “truth” to his flock because he knows that many would turn away from Fear and needs to try and hide them to the truth before they can learn the truth. I don’t have all the answers, but I can honestly say I feel 100% better about my purpose in this world and it’s to serve God. Not here for God to serve me and for me to ignore every guideline he created thinking I’m a god also and create my own “manifestation”. WHY DO you think we have some prisons located in areas away from any population at all? In 2018 we can guarantee that they aren’t busting out. I was told it’s because powerful demons that control many prisoners work together as a coven and can actually control people within a few miles thru psychic manipulation and satanic forces. You never hear that the majority of people experiencing night terrors claiming to be raped or tormented in their sleep are in communities close to prisons do you? It’s a fact. Did you know that many federal prosecutors bring in experts and pastors and biblical experts before major trials with certain suspects that have demonstrated demonic presence? At the highest levels there’s people that know all this stuff as well as you know that the Patriots are a good football team. Ever heard about terrible evil people who committed unreal crimes got off? Ever hear any of the judges or prosecutors or jury members say they weren’t in control of their actions or decisions??? It’s happened ALOT and it’s only being combatted now because serious people with serious responsibility truly believe all of this now. Do you think that military exercise in Texas a few years ago (Jade Helm) where they practiced using advanced weaponry and rehearsed transporting trains capable of chaining over 350,000 prisoners in their boxcars was for the heck of it??? This was in hopes of containing the demonic forces inhabiting men, women, and children, and animals when this all goes down. Or for a civil war if everyone wakes up from their hypnotic nap and realizes every prophecy is happening and everything we were told not
To do we do without fear of God. Someone knowledgeable told me that the people who act happy that Christ is returning to complete the revelations and defeat Satan once and for all that they are FOOLISH! CHRIST knows all, but men have freewill. He knew he would be back but he is still waiting for man to use his free will to succumb to the true most high or parish with the deceiver. When you wake up you realize the Catholic Church goes against almost everything that the Bible demanded, you watch Joel Osteen and you can clearly see he is a false prophet, and then you catch yourself hating the weak people that fall for all the lies when the truth is right there. But then I have to remind myself I only feel that way because I’ve seen the phenomena for myself, I’ve come in contact with powerful agencies and governments that have been aware for decades, and before that I thought I could do anything and feel anything and just get right with God in the 9th inning. How many people would skip the Super Bowl to spend that time praying to Christ to save your soul for eternity and your family as welll? I you’re honest then you probably wouldn’t give up a silly game for 2 hours and devote that time to your Savior. Ok. I’m done. I don’t have all the answers. I’ve been blessed that everything I’ve spoken about was witnessed by others and then more blessed to come in contact with people who already knew this was our actual reality on earth and have been able to reconcile my own issues with sin (I’ve really wanted to end some of these criminals out there and prayed for it); then I’m told I will have a lengthy opportunity to fight evil alongside true Angels from Heaven that will be fighting WITH US and not for us. It’s been made clear to me that only the truly innocent (little ones), true believers, and “the chosen” will be spared the fight for our very souls. It’s all still a mystery to me, but if it wasn’t why would we need faith??? If you’re angry at God and don’t think the whole deal is fair, then hopefully you’re quickly reminded that he died on a cross to spare all of us from this yet we turned our back on him. A woman that experienced some of this in my presence said “why can’t God just conquer Satan and protect his children?”. I didn’t have the answer. But a wise friend of ours
Said “where in this universe did we ever get the notion that we would just be created by the Most High, the creator of all things, love us, then we sin against his commands, and then just walk into a heavenly body forever with no problem????”. Satan. Life is SOOO short on earth and eternity is forever and if we think in 65-85 years of existence we can handle our souls and existence without the Father then we made it too easy for Satan. Just 1 man’s opinion and true life experience. Lance. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

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