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I can fully relate to your defiance... And I wholeheartedly sympathise with your struggle.

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posted on Dec, 30 2017 @ 09:34 PM
I’ve chosen the Mudpit because I have no control over which direction this will take...
And given what’s to come, it could very well devolve into mud slinging...

But I would like this thread to stay in the database, and not be removed, so as to leave an outlet for discussion on the topic.


Recently, say the last year or two, there has been a message of defiance from people, particularly what could be identified as “the right wing”...
That message is that they no longer care about the false accusation of racism, and that it is an old, tired tactic which is steadily losing the power it once held.

I actually agree fully.

And it is these false racism accusations that I offer my sympathy (highlighted in the title) to the accused...
Genuinely, because ideological differences is not a good enough excuse to ignore such fallacious attempts to shut someone up.
In fact there is no excuse whatsoever to ignore this.

I hope when I have finished my miniature essay, I (and others like me) will be extended the same sympathy.

You see, this is something that I have been arguing for a good decade or so...
Only in my case, it’s the accusation of anti-Semitism.

And I hope those who I reach out to, can relate to that, in regards to the similar strategy that has been applied in its usage.

For years now, I’ve lost care in being dissuaded from discussion because of these false accusations...
And similarly to those mentioned above, for years I have been explaining the weakening of it’s effectiveness.

I do not want this to become another Israeli-Arab discussion, there is plenty of them already.
My point is to simply highlight the similarity in the two “shut that person up” tactics displayed by certain people.

& to offer my sympathy to anyone who may be my ideological opponent at times...
Your beliefs do not warrant such allegations.

& hopefully you feel the same about me (and others).

To end...
I’d like to reassure people that I do not at all believe anti-Semitism to be a myth, a small problem or a propaganda point...

It is in fact very real, and all too common... and I wouldn’t want anyone to go away from this thread thinking I’m making light of the overall issue.

Ask yourselves this though, ponder the following, how many genuine cases of anti-Semitism and hate crimes against the Jewish people do you see given the time of day?
And with such a high number of crimes annually in mind, ponder why the majority of the time you hear about anti-Semitism, it’s usually to do with a particular political belief, instead of these actual detrimental actions rarely mentioned.

Food for thought!

And again, to reassure the reader, I could easily apply this to Islamophobia...
With things being broadcast and publicised not actually fitting the criteria, while actual hate crimes are barely touched upon.

Again, this is something I sympathise with that “right wingers” are often shouted down with...
Because it’s the people with genuine questions or concerns, who are brought to light, rather than people actually affecting day to day Muslims.

So, I can relate, and you have my sympathy!
I also intend to call it out when I see it.


posted on Dec, 30 2017 @ 09:47 PM

originally posted by: Hazardous1408
You see, this is something that I have been arguing for a good decade or so...
Only in my case, it’s the accusation of anti-Semitism.

Bingo. When i returned 'to society' last summer after several years in my "time capsule", and got caught up on all this SJW mania it was a real mindjob of course... immediately I started dissecting it in social psychology terms, historical contexts, and so on....

It still took me a while to finally realize that particular YOURE A RACIST part (when I was doing my "Censorship is the Language of Dictators" epic piece), while the appeal to identity thing it really was the Nazi's that innovated that general technique on the scale they push it, the censorship slant they push for that's old stuff pre-Commies even although the Commies truly did master it inspired the Nazi's with their techniques, but the YOURE A RACIST (if you criticize any of my BS) thing that grade of demagoguery is a very unique technique and was totally the Zionist "contribution" to human affairs.

I havent taken the time to figure out connections between the two specters, but the SJW's totally got that angle from them and my oh my have they taken it to the next level.

I shudder to think what scale of permutation would be the next level, therefore I've made it my business to do my best to decode the whole thing and offer a better path. Not that anyones trying to hear any of it LOL.
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posted on Dec, 30 2017 @ 09:48 PM
a reply to: Hazardous1408

And with such a high number of crimes annually in mind, ponder why the majority of the time you hear about anti-Semitism, it’s usually to do with a particular political belief, instead of these actu

Because Jews have infiltrated every aspect of news dissemination and tailor responses in their favor.

BTW - what was the point of this thread? To validate your own beliefs?

You Fool...

posted on Dec, 30 2017 @ 10:06 PM
a reply to: BestinShow

What he's talking about is no joke.

Here's my thread when it first hit me:

That clip I saw like 10 years ago, but it didnt come back to me until I was doing that thread. SO then i dug for it and it took forever I thought it was lost but eventually I found it.

I mean when I first started observing the technique en masse last year, I was stunned. Mind you I wasnt all around for the en masse cultural evolution of all this stuff like everyone else. I was off in my own little world I was inventing, so when all the sudden I dropped right in the middle of the social powderkeg it was election season there's RIOTING going down the board here was on FIRE like so much daily I wouldnt see in a whole year combined pre-2010 it was like watching the Twin Towers collapse live on tv all over again.
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posted on Dec, 30 2017 @ 10:07 PM
a reply to: BestinShow

Because Jews have infiltrated every aspect of news dissemination and tailor responses in their favor.


Plenty of Christian ones in media too...
And Prince Al Waleed is a prominent Muslim Zionist with unbelievable media control (until he was bound and gagged in the Ritz Carlton) doing the same.

I don’t think this media generated perception is being directed by Jews at all.

& if it is true, I especially do not think it is done for Judaic reasons.

BTW - what was the point of this thread?

That is thoroughly defined within the OP.
Which you may have missed...
Basically to see if people would recognise the strategy used in the two narratives...
And to express my sympathy for people who have been maligned by such tactics.

To validate your own beliefs?

Sure thing, buddy...
I guess your consistently negative attitude to threads and prolific use of one liners like this are to be expected.

You Fool...

I had a pretty good rebuttal to this...
But I feel I’ve flung enough mud at you in this response, and I think that’s exactly what you wanted to be honest.

Erm... make me?

Nah, have a good evening, BestInShow...
I actually mean no harm.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 02:57 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

I think what we are seeing today with "social justice" is Marxist Socialism and it's principals grafted onto social issues.

It's failed as an economic system so the far-left has temporarily given up on that and focused their attention on changing society. White people, males in particular, have been turned into the ruling bourgeoisie and minorities have been turned into the oppressed proletariat.

The far-left has created hierarchies of different classes of people based on gender, sexuality, religion, skin color etc. and when you start sorting people this way it's inevitably going to have divisive results.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 05:51 AM
This is actually a great thread and i can see that folks brighter than me are already adding to it and taking it in the right direction. I wanted to add that I dislike certain ideologies more than I dislike anyone based on pigmentation.

Mostly I am opposed to those that meddle with other folks and try to disrupt the lives of others. If we all just left each other alone I think things would be much better, but we have too many people going out of their way to force confrontation.

For instance, I have never understood why anyone would have an issue with the Jewish people as a whole. I have had the good fortune to know many Jews during my life and they have always been good people.

Anyone that focuses their attention on God as they know him and doesn’t try to force their beliefs or lifestyle on others is okay in my book. This includes Jews, Christians and Muslims.

For the most part, all of us that believe in a Supreme Being are brothers...even those like me that don’t follow a particular religion.

Live and let live. If only, lol.

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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 07:26 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Hijacked causes and individualism...

Only thing is the individual's individualism must come with a flavour and tick certain boxes.

I shudder to think what scale of permutation would be the next level, therefore I've made it my business to do my best to decode the whole thing and offer a better path. Not that anyones trying to hear any of it LOL.

I was listening, for a while I figured a lot of it was inspired by a partisan angle... I can be a bit slow at times though.

Something clicked and I began getting what you were alluding to, tribe mentality. The apparent gift of free-thinking had a hand too.

You can't think freely when you are being bombarded with influence, a lot of the SJW movement? A lot of it's bs and a lot of it's propaganda, a lot of it's brainwashing.

Individualism is often the key, but you can't just isolate a human till they become "themselves" and a human being is built to be part of a tribe. To be healthy we kind of need each other.

So stick to the golden rule, it tends to work.

Ugh, migraine so I'll be back later... I know a bit about time capsules though, they do wonders for perception.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 08:03 AM
a reply to: Hazardous1408

But I feel I’ve flung enough mud at you in this response, and I think that’s exactly what you wanted to be honest

Actually, after a second look and in addition to being sober, I got it wrong. My bad for attacking you hazard.

BTW - one liners are fine if used appropriately. I don’t bat a 1000%, but i’m happygolucky with my stats.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 08:49 AM
a reply to: Konduit

That's got something to do here, but only part of it. My immediate reaction last year, in my Hypocrites Iron Fist piece, was to call it "Social Group Warfare (SGW)", it all being the next level of age old Class Warfare. My approach of course is that this stuff comes from social engineering fountainheads, that none of this just arose naturally, but a deliberate design of dīvide et īmpera.

Where Class Warfare is something that can and does arise naturally, its an inherent component of civilizations: in every recorded civilization elites almost immediately rise to the top. We humans have this innate urge for appeal and to fall into social hierarchies. Its not too hard for the elites to push just too much, and just the right conditions se famine and BOOM uprising. Here you can see listed in the first Chinese city:

But this whole SJ thing it hit society like wildfire. And it did it when everyone should have had their intellectual warheads pointed at the elites. This came just after the Collapse, as Obama continued Bush's pledge to hand over everything to the banksters that created it, people homeless, hell they even rolled it out during the Occupy Movement.

Note how that is what actually killed the movement, ran home the Occupiers, in jiffy when those OG SJW's started all that, and yet in what two years all the sudden the bulk of the DNC base / Millennial Generation was entirely infected with it, already marching and rioting.

How they did it was a raw appeal to our triblaist instinct.

You see the social engineers were already at work on this in advance of the Progressive Stack rollout at Occupy:

And there it is race #1 on the list:

Now this does parallel the Cultural Revolution aspect of the Leninist / Maoist social revolution techniques, no doubt, but the racial hierarchy slant that's Nazi techniques handbook.

Note all of this I'm carrying on about in this thread is above and beyond ideology, this is all social movements stuff. In the right cultural environment such as this hypothetical dystopia: corporations could be the ones apex pushing the 'ideology' in the sense of Coca-Cola vs. Pespi drinkers are the "Two Party's", and these same techniques being applied as part of their 'marketing campaigns'. Because that's what social movement, political party's, organized religions, even nations all ultimately are: Brands.

Here from the Russian film, Branded (2012), "Lenin invented marketing":

So here we had the Occupy Movement get occupied by this Progressive Stack Movement. And then it exploded onto the streets just a couple years later in the form of BLM. Its critical to not leave out the power of social media, and the Emotional Contagion Effect here, but this was all still a directed marketing campaign... primarily originating from inside the universities where the top experts on all of this stuff all reside and influence their students (and bump shoulders with the technocrat elitist types whom are trying to build AI and technological immortality no less).

Now for me I was tuning out just as the Obamacare = racist BS was kicking in. I've always loathed "Moral Emotional Wedge Issues", always spoke against them dominating national political discourse so when i saw Olbermann going of the rails one night with that kind of noise that was like the final tipping point for me and at the moment I had to get out right then anyways. So then a new years goes by, I knew Occupy happened and hell my impression was everybody outta been down there in Wall Street Tea Partiers just the same. I also knew the BLM protests were happening, and had seen some of the police shooting videos so figured why not protest. Before the Progressive Stack I could still read a headline and already tell you the Big Story behind it from just that alone. Until the Progressive Stack, and until this:

I thought BLM was just about black lives mattering.

Nope, this is hardcore political ideology stuff, dripping in Moral Emotional Wedge Issues, which I never cared for so back during Bush when I was allied with the liberals of old against the Neocon's imperial war machine BS; I never did catch on to the 'college know it all hippy' (South Park lol) Critical Race Theory BS to realize there was a creeping "only whites can be racist" social engineering plot developing the past 3 decades.

So CRT overnight evolves into Progressive Stack, tier one is Racial Hierarchy: straight out of the Nazi playbook. Upon inception it seems they already had the "Oppression Olympics" worked out as people came to call it.

Class is bumped down to the bottom of the list. That right there makes it obvious who it benefits; follow the money; Cui bono.

Now get all the other on the PS list:

That's Eugenics Theory stuff, which was invented by the Social Darwnist's (primarily in UK-US), and taken to policy extremes by the Nazi's so bad that international Eugenicists had to go into hiding for decades and rebrand as "Transhumanism" (whom today are technocrat elitist types that are trying to build AI to achieve technological immortality).

Now that doesnt mean that Marxism isnt in this mix neither. It is. What I see across the social climate is the masses have bought onto this surface level stuff, like black lives mattering, and the globalism thing certainly is significant, and I'll even add that "global revolution" is original Karl Marx stuff. But global multinational corporatism takeover is the exact opposite of Marx, while its the Big Media (owned by the power elite) + Big Tech Giant firms (in the AI + Immortality game), the two which which become less distinguishable by the day, pushing this stuff the hardest. 10 years ago the liberals were anti-corporate. Today these "progressives" will tear you down for critiquing their beloved corporate sponsors.

Yet still not everyone is 'all in'. The ideologues sure. But the masses mostly flow across the surface of emotions with the bit of time they do spend on politics BS. And this is why I've taken a "we've got to tone down the divisive stuff and start meeting in the middle where we can all agree" approach, because the harder humans focus on social group tribalist stuff the more our innate nature pushes us towards becoming polarized extremists. And THAT is the true core of "Collectivism": raw appeal to Groupthink. Where in driving policy "Fear is the Mind Killer", 'Groupthink is the ultimate in Mind Control when utilized in a Tribalist marketing campaign'. We see it as routine with sports hooliganism for example, with spectacular results. We saw it last year at Trump rallies. Which by the way is what really messed me up, I'd look at the headlines in Google News on my phone (computer) every day and every day the headlines said it was Trump supporters rioting their own rallies. It made no sense "why the hell would they riot their own rallies"??!?!? LOL! Of course that wasnt what was happening, and I just had to know WTF happened to everyone for any rioting to be happening. This is the power of weaponized Tribalism.

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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 09:12 AM
The 'Marxism' thing is quite interesting in this modern technological context I must add. I'll be writing etc aplenty about this in the future.

Note how the technocat's at the top pushing all this 'Nu-Marxist' stuff we'll call it, are the same tribe pushing for total automation of factories and the like. The people trying to wipe out every conceivable jobs market with robots and software agents are entrenched in all of this at the social movement fountainhead level.

But seeing their social techniques alone that screams a far different agenda than some altruistic "Pure Communism" (workers paradise) agenda Like Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist Movement is supposedly pushing (and I dont trust in the slightest for starters he isnt honest about it indeed being "Pure Communism"). And how they aren't being up front about this if it is in this vein, in fact they aren't talking about it this is deep level observation so it's all highly suspect there too.

Especially when we look at the math:

Math which is playing out where the faster computers get the faster we're all being plundered where if there were any altruism at all in this system we should be getting better at not sending the global economy to hell in a hand basket.

I havent yet figured these parts beyond this point all out, but anyone wanting to take point I've got several pieces clustered around 2009-2010 talking about Neo-Communism / Zeitgeist Movement in my thread history would probably help you out.

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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 10:22 AM
The problem in the Middle East is that there is no moral high ground but everyone cries like there is and they have it.

The only way it will ever end is for people to just stop and forget and forgive.

I don't see that happening anytime soon.

posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 10:31 AM
a reply to: Konduit

So I want to clarify my 'you're not entirely wrong / you're not entirely right' thing.

With a lot of these boots on the ground people Marxism / Neo-marxism / whatever is part of their agenda. The people whom just want to set the social fabric ablaze. The Antifa types. These types will e very hard to reach.

I always chase down 'the source', where with the 'greater sjw thing' that's infected our society is where the plutocrats / technocrats / transhumanist elitists factor in.

Now at the university fountainhead level, with the intellectual class we have both type bumping shoulders, quite possibly scratching each others back to such a degree that their preaching the 'marxist' thing to the students to radicalize them well they're 'all in on' the technocrat agenda. Then again who really knows how deep, how conscious of the futurism stuff the lot of antifa types really are.

But the fact remains we've got both types operating from the same 'powerbases' working in the same general direction. Now I know the Big Money is on the tech front, so I'd position them ahead of the SJW rabble rousers.

And do note this technocracy front, the universities in particular from my old research always pointed at Stanford and the University of California structure as being the primary hubs of this front, even beyond MIT & Harvard.

And looking at history more closely recently, its the same reason the original Berkeley protests were held there: that was always the intellectual powerhouse for the MIC, the RAND corporation types:

Which are still nestled all in that scene to this day.

There's a reason why Ted Kaczynski was targeting Berkeley, had a long list of names remaining to hit the FBI found when they got him.

A small portion from: Aldous Huxley Control Humans Brave New World Speech on "The Ultimate Revolution" at Cal Berkeley 1962:

So for these technocrat class portion of the equation, for them its a True Religion so even if you could corner and talk to one of them forget about it.

There's still the regular people in the middle getting sucked into all of it, either side, where the Alt-Right side can just as easily become every bit as oppressive as the SJW's went so efficiently with, as with any social groups that appeal to tribalism, so caution must be exorcised. The Neo-Nazi strand is inherently an aspect of this umbrella, for example, lurking at the ready for those opened up enough to their level of commitment.

While the other side of the caution here in this whole situation is it's all nestled where humans are most easily radicalized, most easily pushed apart, where the way we handle each other determines if we push each other further into the side we're against.

This is why I wont shut up and keep tormenting everyone with this 'we gotta obsess about our human nature' stuff. Because if we just obsess about what we hate its our nature to become the hate, to push the others towards what we hate.

And I dont just insist this on the basis of peace & love, I do so because the very design of the fountanheads is for us all to radicalize against each other. As long as we're all fighting and fuming irrationally, we're all their effective unwitting minions in their Social Group Warfare (SGW) Agenda. Because its all just a diversion drive when it comes to the true top level foutainheads, they dont care about politics, they're after Tech Immortality where all of us screaming at each other is their battle cry.

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posted on Dec, 31 2017 @ 12:18 PM
I agree with the live and let live.
If you aren't hurting anyone then do what you like .
If you are bothered by what other people look like Or dress in or who pray to, then maybe you should stay home and mind your own business.
And yes I know people can't do that but wouldn't it be nice.

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