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The Oddseed: Traveling, Preparing and Birthing of a God?

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posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:29 PM
Hello folks, after much looking into things, thought I would finally post my story here and see if anyone had heard of anything similar somewhere in the world. There is alot of various info to remember so hopefully I do not miss anything. Dont know how many of you will even read this long freaking thing. It should be noted that I tried to keep things in chronological order.
And yes, hopefully the title of this thread caught your attention. The title is related to parts of this.

I am told I am a star seed yet I am somehow different from even most of them. The last year has been fairly interesting for what I seem to be discovering. I need more information though and thats where posting here comes in. No, I have not looked around this forum much on this as there are so many pages of topics, it would take far longer to look through them rather than simply ask. In addition, I find alot of the info on the web to be a mix of what sounds plausible and the more out there stuff that likely isnt. Sure you can believe this or not, I dont care, what I need is constructive ideas.
I will start with that and then lead you through everything. Unfortunately this is going to be long and I probably still wont do a good job of including all the information I need to.

So, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.
First, I am a bit over 30. I went into the field of engineering (though work as a project manager currently); as you might guess, I am and have always been very intelligent. I have been told I would make an excellent psychologist and I do take a bit of an interest; I even know hypnosis, but more of that later. All my life has been mostly mundane and boring, nothing exciting, extremely stable family life; heck, even all my grandparents are still alive. Never been deathly ill in this life or required hospital stays. I dont get sick very often (well hardly any and when I do, in many cases its quick) but I have had allergies a plenty. I also dont seem to be aging very quickly (although my grandparents all being alive I suppose doesnt make this too much of a suprise). If I asked everyone here to guess my age, most would be saying between early and upper mid 20s. I have always looked younger than I am.
I am a very calm and collected individual and keep a very tight grip on all my emotions. Never have I had a single outburst of rage, sure I get angry, but never raged. Never felt the urge to travel much or go anywhere, in fact I am fairly introverted. I dont get out of the hosue too much.
Most people get along with me fairly well and I am usually regarded as a really nice person - which I am. I usually like to stay very polite. If you were to read descriptions of a Scorpio, they describe me almost better than I can; I would say they are about 90% accurate.
To bring me to this point where I am posting this, my life has had to take a specific path, a path where if just one of many steps was different, I would not be on it. To start with, I have been single all my life. See a funny thing is that I can find girls and many easily fall for me, but I cant keep any of them around. It isnt just one that tells me they are afraid to fall for me, its multiple ones; no they arnt afraid of hurting my feelings, I tell them I dont care, I just like honesty. I even have one that wont completely stop contact with me, she will still say hi every now and then. I am not that bad looking or anything either. Most people at my age are married and having kids, but I am mostly the same now as I was. Although I own a house and a car and have a degree, my only debt is my house and my car is soon to be paid off.
Starting when I was younger I have always felt different from most people, in fact I would get called eccentric alot, which I guess I am a bit. I was never a very social person, being in public tires me out. For the most part, I just dont give a damn about being involved with people, never have despite the fact that I can feel emotion very deeply; no I dont quite cry during movies like many girls, but I do feel things. On the surface, it can be hard to read what I am feeling or thinking as I dont let much show. I am a rather honest person and I am not afraid to speak my mind. I am blunt to put it simply and despite the fact I can lie with a straight face, it makes me feel dirty.
During my life I have been interested in the paranormal and aliens and all that, much the same as many other people. Yes I do think aliens and ghosts exist simply because the sheer number of stories are all unlikely to be false to start with. This would be despite the fact that I have never had a single encounter or odd experience in my life; not that I have visited too many haunted locations. I can say I once think I saw a TR-3B, but thats not alien, thats exotic US gov tech. (low flying with no noise and the 3 lights in a triangle; was dark out so all I could see was the 3 lights; it looked no more than a few hundred feet in the air) Again, my life has been incredibly mundane for the most part.

Now, for a couple certain odd things or other stuff that have happened to me during my life:
- At one point when I was young I was sitting watching tv and my younger brother came in and said something to me. I had a really focused thought about it for a moment and then to my surpise, he answered me on what I had just been thinking. I then told him I hadnt actually said anything but he swore I did.
- I have always been interested in the paranormal and ufos and all that stuff. Pretty sure I did once see my aura, I had been purposely trying of course at that time. I was so hoping it would turn out red. Well, it didnt turn out red, it turned out greenish, the color of the teacher. Later in my life, I have found that fits me very well.
- I have a better than 50% chance (more like maybe 80% if I had to put a number) at either getting traffic lights to change, or at least predicting when they will. I should try my hand at dice rolls and see if I can detect an increase in certain rolls, would be an interesting test.
- Another interesting thing is that people tell me stuff. During conversations I have had with people, I have gotten multiple times where they would suddenly say to me "why am I telling you all this?" People at work will tell me stuff as well. In some cases I am thinking, why are you telling me this? I was once told to look up the 5th chakra. More or less the idea is that because I am honest, I deserve for people to be honest to me.
- Although as a child I had asthma and seemed to be as sick as many other people, these days that is far from the case. I rarely get sick and when I do, its usually pretty fast healing time. It once took 2 weeks of other people being sick in my house before I finally caught something. Could this be down to good hand washing habits? Maybe, but its just something interesting to note.
- My eyes once changed to all golden color for a while. I still kick myself for not getting a picture of this. These days I simply have a golden ring around the inside with greyish green around the outside that tends to fluxuate slightly.
- I have always had a very good memory. However a couple times now I have run into people with photographic memory and while mine isnt that, its pretty darned good. Funny enough, these people end up having trouble remembering things around me. This sorta allows me to match them memory wise which is something new to them.

Continued below....

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:29 PM
- I have no nightmares anymore - have not had any for years. I think I have had one bad dream in the last 2 years. For a while now, my dreams have been progressively moving towards becoming lucid. Although in many cases for these days, I don’t dream much at all.

People I have met.
So I go around internet chat rooms quite a bit (been around them a good 10 years now). I meet alot of crazy and interesting people. Along the way I ended up learning hypnosis. Its very fascinating stuff. Never thought my voice was good for much until this. More or less a friend I had known for a while was either stressed or needing help sleeping and I was like "I know the basics of relaxing someone" so I figured I would give it a shot. I didnt intend to hypnotize her but before I knew it she was out and I had to yell at her a bit to wake her back up. Only then did I realize what had happened and was like "wow, this is easier than I thought". Its good to note that she was sitting upright kneeling on her bed so had she actually fallen asleep, she would have slumped over - that didnt happen.

As for the people I met. I ended up meeting one that claimed ability on levels of Tibetan monks (she didnt actually mention the monks, I was just thinking this is Tibetan monk level stuff). Things like controlling body temp, heart rate, etc. Said she used to routinely cure her friends headaches but had to stop because it would take a toll on her. She could even detect a person's life force without being able to see them. She even had the ability of lucid dreaming that came naturally to her. She said that she used it to act out parts of the stories she wrote. She also said that if she was under alot of stress, that the dreams would get away from her and often turn unpleasant.
Did she have these abilities? Well, she was the kind of person that was up front honest. She had that almost brutal seriousness about her; she didnt give a damn what anyone thought and was going to tell people what she thought regardless how they felt about it. At this point I had been around many people a while so I would have to judge she was telling me the truth. I did hypnotize her and as per my standard procedure, I gave her a trigger to put her back under real quick. Her brain eventually ended up expelling that trigger, breaking it. Through the whole process I really got the impression the trigger was like a tumor to her brain, it didnt like it at all. During my time interacting with this girl I had my first experience/encounter with energy transfer. While interacting with her, I would feel energized which was a bit different from alot of people I had talked with; and no, it didnt have anything to do with falling for this girl or anything, I was most certainly not close to that. After the fact she told me what she was doing and that was actively giving me energy to make me feel comfortable around her. During one night, she decided to take energy from me, the next day I was a bit tired/lethragic that morning and it took until lunch for me to wake up a bit more and regain my energy. It wasnt that bad, but once I got home she told me what she had done without me needing to say anything; she was impressed that I managed to bounce back by lunch though. Eventually she left me due to reasons I wont go into, but it was something good that had nothing to do with me. Afterwards I realized I could charge up on people like she could. It works so well in fact, that it can replace some of my need for sleep; not all of it mind you, but some of it. I really only know how to take energy though, not give it back. And no, I cant just go out in public and feed on people, I wouldnt wanna do that anyway. It requires at least one on one close personal contact.

In relation to the above person, I have discovered others that are very similiar to varying degrees of ability. Up until a person I will talk about below, the person above had the most claimed ability. There are a couple different traits that seem to go along with these people. One being changing eye color. They are also incredibly in tune with their bodies, far more than most people. The short version is that these people either have precursor traits to being psychic, or they are but have not been "unlocked". I havent worked out if the traits are something that coinside with being physic are a prereq, or a side effect. I honestly dont think all these people could be psychic, but thats another topic. I seem to excel at finding interesting people.

Another interesting person I met claimed to have been possessed by a demon. I wasnt exactly sure what to think about this at first, but I kept up with her seeing what was happening. The thing that struck me was she was always consistent about it; she was not random. The name of the demon was a Lilu. I searched around for the name, and by search, I really mean I had to do a very thorough search for it, but I did find it finally. It happened to be the name of a very old jewish demon. I took notes and what not of it just for the general interest. Eventually she disappeared from contact with me. I have found others, and I will mention more on that later.


Psychic Chat
So, in relation to the above in regards to psychics, I did manage to find one in a chat. She was curious about what I was doing in that particular chat as I wasnt acting like an idiot as many people happen to do and seemed a little out of place. I started talking with her and then I suddenly realized what she was potentially and started listing off the traits that I thought she should have. She was...floored by this, that I was able to more or less pick her out.
At this time I hadnt yet made the connection between psychic ability and the traits of these people (such as changing eye color and all) until me and her started talking about it.
I talked with her quite a bit and I wasnt too interested in asking for much at first. Just wanted to catalogue the traits and various experiences more or less. It turned out that she lived not very far from me so the topic of meeting up in person was brought up. I forget who brought it up or what it led from, but more or less I at least figured I would see what she could dig up. Like I may have mentioned above, I am a hard person to read by physical appearance and I dont like general statements. I did figure this would be an interesting test to conduct. Plus, she wasnt trying to charge me money or anything.

The Reading
Finally, I was able to meet up with her in person. So, I figured I would meet her for lunch/breakfast just so we could talk some. After that, we went off to a park to talk. She wasnt sure exactly what I wanted and I wasnt sure either but I told her to tell me something about myself I didnt know. So, she sorta dived in and started taking a look. She then not so quickly realized that something was a bit different about me as she started going through everything. I forget her exact words but I know I was like, well I told you but you didnt believe me. So she continued going through things. One of the things about me is that I wear non-descript clothing, I wear no jewelry and have no tattoos. I dont even show much emotion on my face, so if any reading is done, you cant get much from how I look.

Continued below....

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:30 PM
I found that:
- She was having trouble reading me at first, said it was much more difficult and required alot more effort than most normal people.
- She did comment some on my current life, specific things, but I didnt care much about that. I live by "know thyself", hence why I told her to simply tell me something I didnt know about myself.
- She said that part of me was not current present, like part of my soul was off doing some other task. (that part since has returned)
- She said I was extremely well grounded, much more so than most other people.
- She mentioned that I had soul guides literally screaming at me trying to give me some piece of information and I was too blocked to receive it. Whatever the information is, we dont know.
- One of my first lives, I had lost someone very important to me and had no chance to say goodbye. (more of this later) This caused me to become very empathetic in all following lives.
- I once held alot of power in one of my lives. The exact sense is of a "seat of power" no imagery behind it. I was a king or general or something like that. The phrase "The men looked to you to make sure they didnt get killed" comes to mind.
- I was once a girl, the kind that went around stealing men’s hearts and their wallets along with it (not literally stealing, but you know using looks to get what I wanted at the cost of many broken hearts)
- She finally started to get a good look at me after a while of diving in. Said that she felt like I had a trench coat on and if I were to open it, blazing light would come out. In other words, there was alot hidden underneath. She enjoyed being able to see the me underneath. She did say that she had to put alot of effort in order to pierce this "veil" of sorts.
- She did tell me I had some sort of massive block in place inside me. Something that was affecting everything in my life. It was not something which was normal, it was on the scale of a mountain and there was no getting passed it. This block I will come back to. It cannot be understated how massive and odd this thing is to her.
-An hour or two into the reading, she suddenly realized something, that the life I currently have is one of the last or the last. She said I was a star seed and that in one or two lives I would leave for good. She said that I had far more than 50 past lives at this point. Later on in questioning further, she senses I have 100s, narrowing it down isnt working too well, but its not 1000s, definitely 100s.
She decided to give me a test, she had 3 objects and told me to tell her which of them felt different to me. One was her keys, another her sun glasses and a third I dont remember. I held each of them in my hand a moment to humor her but I actually did think I felt something on putting my mind to it. I told her the sunglasses felt different and they did in some way to me. She then told me that they were a single use object, the other two had multiple uses and I was "oh...". She claimed I should have abilities like her and be possibly even more powerful, but I dont know really and I still dont.
Alot of other stuff was said but the important parts are there.


Finding out more
After that reading, for a good while, I would routinely ask her how I was doing via just text and she would accurately tell me. She could even tell me how connections around me were doing and when something was up with one of them; that actually did help me some. She has only been wrong once out of probably dozens of times now with this so I think I have to trust in her ability here. I ask specific questions and the answers are not general, I dont like general answers.
She is good enough that I do not have to be physically present for her to tell me stuff about me (only thing about that is that she could not reach quite as far/deeply as she would otherwise be able to in person). I simply needed to be in contact with her. Now that she had seen beneath my surface layers (of which she says the surface is pretty easy to read), she was able to better connect and read me. One thing we observed was that while any related to my current life was easy, any looking at my past would cause her to tire easily and end up with a headache from trying to work with me, something she said was not typical for her.
I started to question her on more specifics regarding my past lives and the block I have. Once she started to get a feel for me and realized that somethings were not quite like anyone else. Just to name a couple:
- As mentioned, she tired very easily on looking at anything regarding past lives.
- No matter how hard she tried, she couldnt see around or through the block.
At a later point, I did ask if she asked opinions on why I was so hard to read and she said yes and the answer was simple. The minor contributing factor would have been that the areas she is sensing are new for her. the elephant in the room though was that "there may be a very real block set against someone learning anything".

She put out the word to friends she knew like her for help on figuring 'me' out. Finally, after a while, a consensus came back on what exactly might be going on, specifically with the massive block.
We had a conversation about it.
There were two pools of thought, one that thought I was dangerous and should be locked away for fear of hurting myself should it be discovered what exactly it was. The other, that I needed help figuring it out.
What exactly was the consensus on "it"?
Well going back to that part about in one of my first lives, I lost someone very important. It was at about this time that the block was formed.
So again, what was "it"?
There was something that happened that I either feel deep seeded guilt over or I did on purpose and are hiding it from myself. It was something I felt had to be done. It was something of massive proportions. Something so large, that it has stayed with me over 100s of lifetimes. Its likely that it was not even on this planet, whatever took place. It was somewhere else.
Something to cause a large block like this would have been an event on the level of effecting continents or more likely, a whole planet. It was also very devastating. The sense that the military was involved in this is there as well, but it would not have been military like you and I know it today. (not the US military!!! one idea was perhaps psychic military)
Keep in mind this isnt something picked up by losing one person, or a couple or even a handful.
She point blank told me during this conversation:
- I do not think your soul is the same as most human's.
- I do not think you are all good or all bad but i think you are something else.
- You don't see right and wrong the same way (as most people).
I commented "well, sorta like an alien"
-She replied with "well maybe if you think a higher ascended soul is alien."
We discussed a bit at that point what might keep me on this planet but then that soon drifted to examining the event/vision that started everything. A vision she saw and felt from my point of view.

Continued below...

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:31 PM
The Vision
I walked with another being in an orderly manner, but not very slowly, through high ceiling hallways passing under a large arch.
This was someone I loved very much with me. This would have been my soulmate.
There were others around as we walked together.
We traveled over floors and through a structure that seemed to be made of polished material, some sort of natural material likely stone, maybe granite or marble; it was thick. There were no windows in this place, like we were deep inside somewhere; its very possible that this place was underground. There were also no visible light sources and nothing glowed, yet everything seemed to be at the same light level. Its almost as if the people themselves were sensing the surroundings rather than needing light to see; they could definitely see each other though.
The vision skips ahead a little bit (nothing but blankness in between these parts) and we have both arrived to our final destination. This other person is laying down inside something now. Then a hatch made of light grey polished but matte material closes. Its possible it may have been glass even as both the inside and the outside could be seen by her at the same time.
This person I loved very much, now behind the closed hatch, I never got the chance to say a final goodbye to after this.
The vision is over at that point.

The description of the people are interesting:
There was no sense to the the exact details of the people, they had general forms, they might have even been wearing suits or not clothed at all, that is unclear. The people forms appeared all in the color white and sort of radiate a nimbus. Only caviet is that the vision was appearing in greyscale, so colors may or may not be reliable regarding the people.
She could see these people and sense that they had a non-evil life force, yet could not sense any personality about them - which was not common at all for her. It did not strike her that they were shielded from being sensed. However, the interesting thing is that while it didnt feel the same, it looked the same as if she was looking at someone with a gift like hers, almost like the race in the vision might have been psychic.
After the vision, whatever happened to create the block took place; she sensed it as being more like a kaboom. It was devastating and the sense is that things were just "no more" after that. I do know that whatever I did, I died because of it. I went down with the ship in a manner of speaking.
I did wonder if maybe a psychic weapon could have been set off, but I really have no idea on that.
Maybe I was the cause of the planet being destroyed where the Asteroid belt is? Well I dont know about that, but thats an interesting thought I just had right now.

Sensing all this took alot of time as it tired her out easily. She said that typically looking at this sort of thing would amp her up, but this was like moving in cold syrup. It was tiring for her.


Starseed Information
I soon started to question her further on details of the whole starseed topic.
She specifed that is what she calls me but when I pressed her on it, she actually had to check the definition to make sure the term was correct. Not because she didnt know what it was, but because I was still different even in regards to that.
Compared to other Starseeds, my function/purpose here is somehow likely different.
I have not always been on this planet. Over my life times I have come and gone; I am here for a time, then I leave, then I come back again. She says I am comparatively new here.
Whatever the reason, my purpose here is not specifically to help the planet, at least not from how things currently seem. Yes, I have talked people down and made ripples, but my purpose is not exclusively to help people.
Another thing that should be noted on this is that the spots where I have left this planet, are sorta like blanks. She is unable to know in most cases how many lives I had during those spots, for example it could have been 10, it could have been 100s, she doesn’t know.


Second Opinion
I finally decided that I needed a second opinion on all this. So, I looked up people in my area and I ended up going to the second closest distance wise to me; the first closest didnt pick up the phone when called. (It was interesting that at one point in time, a psychic lived up at the front of my neighborhood and had a sign posted that said readings and all. She had moved by this point in time, but yet I never noticed that she had been there during while she lived there.)
I arrived, she told me what she offered, I told her I was interested in nothing but the past. After that was made clear, she immediately said dont tell me anything - and I didnt. She then sat me down and told me to take a moment to think of some questions, I did that and told her when I was ready.
So the reading started, to her credit she was getting specific things correct about me.
She focused on this particular life most:
- She was able to say that the past is still having an influence
- She said I was a magnet for negative energy, she mentioned feeling vibrations and all that.
- She picked up on the whole soul mate thing and said that the spirit was floating about out there somewhere. Unfortunately, I neglected to ask if this person was currently living or not.
- She said that at some point in a past life I was a prince. This lines up with what my friend (I will henceforth refer to the psychic lady I met before for the first reading, not this reading, as my friend) above said of me. She said prince, but I think thats how she interpreted it, either way the title isnt too important. However, she did say that despite me having everything during this particular life, that I was never happy because my soulmate was not present.
Further, she did say that I was a person that liked doing things the correct way and if something were out of place, I would correct that.
- She did pick up on people always looking towards me to for answers, even in other lives.
- She also picked up on me being a girl in a past life. One that was free and did not listen to people. In this case she said that and older woman in that life would have been my guardian angel. I didnt listen to this person.
- She did pick up on there being quite a few past lives. However she interpreted that I didnt know whether I was coming or going. She seemed to interpret me as being lost. However the "lost" part might have been a bit due to whats going on currently with me.
- She also picked up on my endless amount of patience. I do have an extreme amount of patience, sometimes I think far too much. This will be very important further down the story here.
- Interestingly, she picked up on the fact that my primary traits of what makes me, me, carried between my lives. Though she was mostly careful not to show much if any emotion during the reading, I could tell she seemed a little surprised.

Continued below...

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:32 PM
Now, this person clearly had some ability. However, there were a few things that struck me, alot of it being what was not said.
- Despite me telling her I was only interested in the past and asking her about past lives, she kept drifting more towards this current life and even drifted into the future. It was almost like she couldnt quite sense what was there or she found it a little distasteful or not something she wanted to go too near.
- It really struck me that she seemed to lock on to the lives I have mentioned so far. Its almost like she seemed distracted or like she was getting bogged down in a clutter of surface information. Like she was not going as deeply as she could.
- Unlike my friend above, she never closed her eyes when doing the reading. She also specifically said many times that "they are telling me". What all this indicates is that maybe she was not looking directly at me like my friend above does. She was not seeing directly and hence was not quite as sensitive. My friend tells me she had to put wards up all over her property to give her peace and would never do anything in person there, this particular person however worked out of her house (one story) and didnt seem to have one dedicated space specifically for this. Again, this strikes me as not being as sensitive.
- I specifically asked her about the block. Now, her answer regarding this was interesting. She said that it was due to very bad jealousy aimed towards me and primarily caused by two people. Yea, there is probably a block caused by that somewhere, but certainly not a massive one carried over many lives still having a major effect on me. That doesnt make sense. Further, I dont give a damn about what people think and dont make much in the way of decisions based on other peoples emotion; sure I want people to like me, but I find it highly unlikely that some sort of massive block would be due to this. I know the current me very well and having my traits carry between lives means that I know past mes fairly well too. Eitherway, I currently have nothing in my current life resembling people being jealous of me. I do not think she was entirely incorrect, just focused/distracted on/by the wrong thing; I do genuinely completely feel/sense this to be the case with no doubt in me on it.

She also told me something of the future. She said that I would start a business. Now there is something about this; I can simply say no, I would not. Its the furthest possible thing from my current thoughts. There is only one way I would do that and thats if it was a certainty, and not a gamble, that I would do well. I never much like taking leaps. I talked with my friend about all this of course and she suggested that perhaps she saw me being in charge of something and considered it or simply categorized it as a business. I think I would agree with this, but it still means that things would need to be very different from how they currently are for me.

I was visiting her for less than an hour, maybe 40-50 minutes. It was apparent she had scratched the surface but had not dived very deeply. At the very least I got partial confirmation of what I had been previously told. It was also apparent that if I was going to get additional information about all this on what I was looking for, it would have to be someone sensitive, and they would need to spend more time digging. Sadly, not something terribly easy to do.
At the end, she gave the impression that removing the block and others would be easy to do and of course invited me back for additional visits to help remove them. I am not terribly interested in paying for that mind you and I doubt I will head back.


Further Study
So, after the reading, things continued as they had mostly: I would ask questions on specific things and we would think on various topics. The thing about all this is that as she talked with me and interacted, my friend was getting a sense of me, looking at my past and in general reading into me. This gave her general ideas and things to think about. She admitted she had ideas and things to test that she was not ready to tell me about.
Maybe not related to the above, but possibly related as you will read below is the certain feeling that something is coming. For a while now, many people including myself have been feeling that things on this planet are speeding up and approaching something. More things taking place and the feeling, although not really from me, but by many people in the community, is that something is coming. Some event or something, that no one can say what it is, but something big is coming. She told me it has been making people nervous as they can feel it, but no one knows really what it is. Some of you reading this may or may not feel this or agree as well. I dont specifically sense anything myself but I cant say that I feel nothing either.

The Second Reading
So, the time finally came I was able to visit with her in person again. Things always seemed to transpire that it was difficult to meet up. Very recently, this time we met at a library, which unfortunately happened to have a minor event happening at the time, but we sat mostly unbothered over in the corner. A funny thing during this reading was that as she has started looking more closely, she had a couple times now simply declared "I am sorry, but you just arnt human."
Anyway, so what did we see this time? I first asked specifics about the block/barrier. While I have not mentioned before now, its almost like a physical object that exists in memory space, its not some sort of intangible thing. For example, say you have a city made up of all previous memories and lives, etc. Well this thing would be like a solid object sitting there among the buildings made of memory.
- Barrier is is a different temp than the air, not cold. Feeling is like ooblec, harder you push on it, the harder it is. In otherwords, its resistant to being penetrated or otherwise entered.
- There is a defined edge to it. For example, if you imagine it as a sphere, you would see a defined sphere, it wouldnt be fuzzy.
- Sometimes, it will eb and flow and move about depending on the size of whats inside.
- Barrier is very thick but she senses that it should be permaeble for me.
- Barrier is not hollow at all; it is bigger on the inside though, it expands and shrinks. For example, she gets the sense that were she to walk inside the thing, it would appear far larger on the inside, almost like it would contain a whole galaxy.
- Barrier is made up of not just block/barrier "material stuff" but contains different things like information packets. Almost like a pudding mix or jello. The outside has a feeling like jello that has dried out exposed to air.
- The barrier is like a field or emanates a field, it covers those near me as well. On this point, it should be noted that I am not actually sure if this field is related to the barrier. However, what I do know is that this is some sort of protective field which I will get to soon.
- This thing actually actively tries to move out of the way so it will not be sensed. For example, say you were going to run into the corner of a building. Well in this case, the building would move out of your way. Obviously, the barrier is not completely hidden or anything as we have it squarely in our sites, but it doesnt want to make it easy.
Continued below...

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:33 PM
- The barrier feels like a living thing to her. It isnt, we realize this, but it does react to certain things. One of the impressions I get at least is that it may in part be artificial; perhaps it formed and later on I augmented it for information storage or some crazy thing, just a guess. Something interesting is while we talking about it, that my friend said that we wouldnt want to force it and as soon as she said the word force, she got a bit of a stabbing headache in response. Obviously, that thing reacts.
- Finally, she noticed hundreds of people milling about around the barrier but these are likely memory people. Just thought it was something to mention.

Something interesting to note that I was harder to read in the library, like I was extra shielded. We chocked it up to the fact that there were alot of people nearby. I figured it was something to at least mention.

Now, as for how I was currently doing, that was rather interesting. Not long ago (before the other reading under section titled Second Opinion), I had received good news on something and as was typical, I asked my friend how I was looking (without hinting about anything). She did pick up on that something was different. She said that I looked like I was glowing; I was very lit up. To just tell you how much so, imagine a scale of 1 to 15 which each number representing a brightness level. People like herself which she calls light workers, would be a 7 - I was a 15. The brightness ended up subsiding a bit soon after that. It was after this that I asked her how my connections were doing and she said she literally couldnt see them at that time because I was overshining everything.
However, coming back to the current topic at hand, I was lit up now as well, though not quite as bright as before. She was starting to wonder if that was a permanent state of things as stuff was progressing. Some people can go for many years without change, yet I am going through changes in a matter of months.

One interesting vision she got during the reading was this:
She got the an idea in her head of me like where im throwing something up into the air.
My left arm goes straight up, very elegant, very quick, seamless, almost looks like im dancing, I turn side ways, then I disappear
She senses I have done this before in the past.
No, we arnt really sure what this is for. The interesting thing though is that I am right handed.

Another thing mentioned during this reading is that my energy does not rub off on her like anyone elses does.
Its interesting that it doesnt, but we arnt sure exactly what that means yet save for maybe help being camoflauged.

The Second Reading - The Past and the Future
Further, we discussed more on the reasons for me being here and things of the past.
This is where things get incredibly interesting.
First, during all my past lives, I was never a big guy. I am currently not in this life either. I have always been thin and lithe. Not much of something related, but something to be mentioned. The point is, that I have been more or less the same through most of my past lives. This will come into play with what I will mention shortly.

I asked her what the life immediately before this one was like for me. She told me I was a mildly successful businessman with a wife (very kind wife) and kids. Classic family stuff on planet earth. The one thing/characteristic that stands out about this is that I was very very dedicated to something. I would literally go into my study at home and, something. She simply couldnt tell what it was I was so dedicated to, like it was hidden. However, my family loved and supported me in it.

She looked back through more of my lives. Most all of them were calm with no big issues. Several times I was a soldier and I died quickly for example, but otherwise, she sensed that most had been relatively calm and undistracting. She sensed that I had been preparing for something and needed them to be calm because of this.

Now let me ask you this, what in the world would a person prepare for over 100s of lifetimes?
She said that if it was for vengeance, she would be very afraid, but we dont really think thats the case.

Whatever I was preparing for, she sensed it had to have started as a group effort, although my role in it was extremely important and it probably wouldnt have happened with me. She senses along the way that many people "lost their heads", or in otherwords, went insane while I was able to persevere. Whatever it is, soon after it got started, it more or less took on a life of its own (not literally speaking) and now it cant be stopped. So, like I mentioned long ago, people are sensing that something is coming. Whether its related to the something I was/am involved in, we dont know. However, something is definitely coming both for this planet and for me.
In my case, time is almost up and whatever I have been preparing for is almost done. She senses that what I have been waiting for will be either in this life, right after this life, or in the next. (its good to note that while typing the 'time is almost up' part, I felt a small surge of emotion, its morning for me right now and I am not awake enough to where I should be feeling that)
She said the word "quickening" applies here; the quickening is happening NOW. Whatever has been started, the word 'created' or 'made' doesnt really apply, it strongly feels to her more like I am involved in a birthing of something and we are in the final stages.

Something of interesting note is that so far I have once referenced I cant seem to keep people around. Well during this reading, she said that I had a sort of "get the f**k out vibe" to me. Not something that was conscious, but a background feeling to me. Take that into account when I needed my lives to be calm and you get the idea I need not to be bothered or distracted. She tells me point blank that I would not be finding any of this stuff out if I was not now meant to. (I showed her this little chunk of text and her exact words were "and I stand by that")

Further, she sensed that I was either hunting something or something was hunting me; which of these is not clear. Hunting may or may not be the right word but the only other one that applies is that I am looking for something/someone. I am definitely not hiding though. However, the fact that I have a protective field around me, I am more or less camouflaged from energy rubbing off on people, and the fact that I apparently have a few interesting traps set about me(I havent mentioned this before) could mean either/or.
From the very beginning when she first told me I didnt have many lives left and then I would leave, I have felt like I would take someone with me when I leave.
She very strongly feels that at some point in time, either I will recognize someone or someone will recognize me and it will be earthshattering. It will be very apparent to both of us who the other is.

Continued below...

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:35 PM
Something interesting she mentioned to me during the reading was that she got the sense that at times in the past I was able to move large objects with my mind; in otherwords, use telekinesis. I never particularly believed in telekinesis, but I did admit to her that at times I felt like I should be able to move things with my mind and I almost sorta playfully motioned with my hands at stuff. The funny thing is that I could say without hesitation what I thought it should feel like. (No, I never really believed I could actually do that but it did have a little entertainment value to me)
Obviously, I dont have those powers currently. However, she said that she thought that my powers lay dormant and that it was related to the fact that part of me had been preparing for whatever; that I needed the 'brainpower' for other things. (Originally during the first reading, she had claimed that I should have been at least as powerful and likely much more so as her and she has maintained this ever since) So, I motioned to a chair playfully and said "so you are saying I should be able to move that chair with my mind?" She said with a seriousness, yes. She said that the hand movements I had made looked more practiced/fluid than random and that they should have power behind them. Of course, they did not. I have never had much if any ability ESP wise even though I think that would be really cool.

One thing I do want to mention is that during the reading, she said that had she sensed everything she now knew, right when she first met me, she would have simply closed the chat box and left. She admits that its all far out of the ordinary and she would not have wanted to get involved.

After the session I did some thinking and asked about the birth of gods. It was like pulling teeth with her to get her to answer on it and when she finally said she didnt really know how to interpret it. I wasnt like full of ego for asking, but we just dont know. I mean, how many different things do you birth?
I also brought up the topic of having more than one soul merged into one that popped up during brainstorming. Its an interesting thought, but again, there isnt much we can say about it beyond it may make sense.


The Demons
Now, I come to a part that I have avoided mentioning save for once at the very beginning.
How many of you believe that demons or other entities exist?
Well I am here to tell you they do.
After I met the first person who claimed demon contact, I slowly started looking for others and the internet is a great thing for this. Needless to say, I found a place that I can have access to a massive cross section of the population practically on demand. If I had to estimate the number of people I run across claiming demon contact, I get roughly 1 in 2000 to maybe 1 in 2500. Skewed towards those under the age of maybe 40.
Sound crazy? Maybe it is, but the thing about that is the fact that common themes have popped up among the people I have talked with. The stories I hearing people tell me more or less have a common progression to them. The stories do not sound like a jumble of random crud people are pulling out of their rear ends. At the very least, there is some sort of interesting psychological phenomina happening, however I sorta doubt this to be the case.
I was able to actually have my friend read a couple of these people. Amazingly, she did pick up on something. The person was lit up like a christmas tree and she said felt a pull and that whatever it was, was very hungry. In this case the name I was given happened to be of a Czech forest demon and I had to really search for it; in fact the only place I found the name was a page that was in the Czech language. In otherwords, again, this was information you dont randomly pull off the tv.
Anyway, the reason I bring up this topic is because I have a couple things to mention on how its related to me. No, I have not had any demonic possession symptoms if you might be thinking that.
So, I mentioned I was seeking these people out, well heres an interesting question, when has an entity like a demon turned down an invite? So far I have tried that several times with several different people and so far, nothing, nada, zilch. I was once point blank told it wont work with me. I was once told they simply couldnt get to me, that they had been blocked.
Going back to that protective field I mentioned, make the connection now. I am apparently demon proof and immune to their corruption. They cant even get into my house or near me, even with a simple open invitation. Note though that while I say "corruption" demons as most people think of them are not purely evil beings. Despite the popular ideas on them, they have specific reasons to why they do what they do - its not random and not all fun for them. Please keep in mind that I never tried delving into summoning rituals though, I am kinda lazy for that.
Further, I have tried using a Ouija Board, multiple times. So far, they simply do not work with me. Although I have not tried using one in a graveyard before. Again, I am lazy though and doubt I will bother to try that.
So, how many people have heard of someone that Ouija Boards dont work for and that demons cant touch?
Anyway, one of the points on this is that my friend says she senses that my being is laser focused on this… more or less research into the demon entities. She pointed out that it doesn’t really have any bearing my life and I myself cant really say what I am looking for here. She thinks they have some piece of knowledge that I need. Preliminary results are showing that these beings are local to planet earth, but I need more input on that before I can declare that.
Finally, I would like to mention that I am not a religious person. I have been asked twice if I believe in God and I can say that I don’t honestly know if he exists or not.


Final Thoughts
Well, if you managed to get this far I must commend you. I must have held your interest on this. Hopefully I did not forget to include anything, however I am pretty sure I was able to get about 98% of what I needed in there.

Is it all true? Well I keep the thought in the back of my mind that maybe its all crazy but I know I will have lost nothing from this save maybe some of my time; even then at least I would be able to count that time as entertaining.
I dont honestly care if you do not believe this, I am simply relaying my experiences and what I have found over the last year.
What I need are constructive ideas and to know if anything like my story above has ever been heard anywhere before.
Do you have any opinions on this? Do you know how to "wake me up" more or less?
If all of it or even just a majority turns out to be true, well you can come up with your own conclusions for what that might mean.
If anyone has questions, I can certainly answer on them.

PS. By the way I would have gotten another account named Oddseed or something specifically for this, but the signup page did not seem to be working for me and then I realized that I needed the 20 post min to post a thread. So I went with this account which I have had for years and havent used for a good several years.

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:43 PM
a reply to: Tarius

This honestly seems like a case of acute narcissism.

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 08:54 PM
a reply to: Tarius

You escaped from the lost Writers witness protection program didn't you.


posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 09:07 PM
a reply to: Atsbhct


posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 09:11 PM
I am highly psychic. My take on this:

As was stated before, a massive ego with narcissism and a messianic complex.

A desperate need for attention and the mistaken idea that people actually are so interested in you that, although you have nothing to offer, you assume you're doing them a favor simply by writing your thoughts out for us underlings to bask in your star-seeded glow.

Your need for validation is beyond what anybody on this planet can give you.

I predict that you will lose your 'tight grip' on your emotions when you learn that most people who read your verbose mental fantasies really found it boring and wish they could get those lost minutes back.

Anybody who is truly a star seed would know that it's not about them, but about others. I recommend a good shrink, they're paid to listen to this stuff. We, however, are not.

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 09:25 PM
Quite the read.....Were you educated by Jesuits?

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 09:35 PM
a reply to: Tarius

So who tells you you are a special star seed? As someone who is both a scientist and an occultist, your post seems very self deluding.

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 09:40 PM

originally posted by: ADSE255
a reply to: Tarius

You escaped from the lost Writers witness protection program didn't you.


Tarius, I've seen the earlier parts of this story on ATS before. I don't venture out on the internet much so I'm certain that it was here. You mentioned an earlier thread, so maybe part of this was part of that? Frankly, I don't care except I care more for someone feeding us a false narrative of their life. In that earlier version I lost interest at about the point where you were watching TV and your brother came in and... Here you repeat that same bit then get off on your having someone, a girl, guide you through a whole bunch of apparent revelations about yourself that never quite get into the real world.

I can't take you as being serious here or truthful. I would expect more from a true Starseed.

ETA: Oh, now I recall, you seemed completely asexual in the earlier story also. Perhaps that "blocking" you kept trying to overcome is related to that situation? Actually, I suspect that the writer is a female suppressing.

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posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: Aliensun

Yep this story seems familiar. I've seen it told elsewhere before.

posted on Dec, 16 2017 @ 10:29 PM
Very interesting. Don't let the haters get you down.

If the event happens on this timeline the effects will touch every soul on this planet and ripple backwards and forwards in time.

A black triangle with 3 yellow glowing lines.

Stay frosty.

posted on Dec, 17 2017 @ 12:11 AM
a reply to: Tarius

Is your concept of God so small that you think it could be birthed from such as humanity?

We will all die.

We don't know everything.

We can affect little.

Exposure to relatively small amounts of energy burns us down to a gas.

You'd be best to try to become the best human you can, rather than delude yourself that you could be something you are not.

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posted on Dec, 17 2017 @ 01:25 AM
a reply to: Noinden

I've definitely heard the "watching Tv when a sibling came in..." etc. story on so many paranormal related podcasts from one person in particular who I can't put a finger on at the moment, but it will come to me.

posted on Dec, 17 2017 @ 12:48 PM
Alright, feedback received.
Its fine if everything thinks the story is crazy. I asked for honest opinion and I am fine receiving that whether positive or negative.

If I were to remove most of what I have been told (and what is based on that) which is simply being relayed here, there would be not much left of the above post. Some of my experiences like lucid dreaming, eye color, etc, while interesting, I know isnt extremely rare nor is it all that out there. In terms of craziness, I dont believe this story is any more or less than some of the other things posted here.

What I am extremely interested in though is that you are saying you have seen parts of this story before. I dont read this forum hardly much at all, so if there are parts that are similiar or identical I have not personally seen them.
I would be very interested to know what specific parts are similar or identical to other stories and where you have seen them before.

Regardless how true or false any of that story is, I can maintain that the last year has been entertaining and I would not consider it lost time. I have always thought it would make a cool scifi book or something.

Also, that part about me watching tv still leaves me scratching my head. If there is a psychological explanation I would love to hear it. It would be fascinating to me if there was an experiment that could recreate giving people the impression they had just telepathically said something to someone when obviously that isnt the case.

posted on Dec, 17 2017 @ 01:05 PM
a reply to: Atsbhct

Its been a common theme in the paranomral/occult/mystical world for decades. I remember seeing it in the the various pagan bits of usenet (alt.pagan or alt.wicca to be sure). A guy called "Ren" was one of the first who sold that story element, but he was not the originator of it.

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