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My Neighborhood Bomber

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posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 02:37 AM
I don't know when ATS started but I've been hiding and reading for a long time, this is my first post, I need ATS's awesome collective mind...

I live in an older suburban city, west of Denver named Wheat Ridge Colorado. For approaching a year now we have been experiencing HUGE BOOMS. There's been easly 100 instances in 11 months. I know what your thinking but it's not mysterious BOOMS I've been following on ATS from the shadows for seemingly ever now. No fracking, no underground bases, not aliens or trump/hilliary. That now said, please stick with me.

I think it's a local bomb maker and I need some ideas. We need to catch them before someone gets hurt. Please help my neighbors and me out.

-Each BOOM has occurred between 900pm and 200am.

-BOOM sound is equivalent to a professional grade firework but has little or no echo of tall buildings near me. Nothing is felt only heard to the point Im left feeling "where's the rest of that big of a sound"? This huge sound dose not rattle my crappy old windows even when the neighbors small fireworks do. I feel like that's somehow a clue.

-Just as odd, my dogs (medium barkers) never respond even look up off the couch and as I run out my door after it happens no dogs are barking within earshot. It's as if the BOOM is so big it silences the whole area for a while.

-Each event then follows the same timeline; police line is filled with calls, officers respond in force search the areas and no evidence of any explosives of any type if found, but they are finding car and business alarms triggered by the blast. No reports of damage or device parts found has ever come in.

-The area of the blasts is very localized 15 blocks by 15 blocks at most but the source is moving around within that area.

-This area is not limited by geography and similar suburbs stretch far past this radius in all directions.

-The series of events started with a single BOOM of somewhat varying sizes of LOUD and DEEP. Separated by periods of 2 and 3 weeks.

-Recently the activity has picked up to weekly and multiple BOOMS on the same night separated by 15-55 minutes are now commonplace. The size of LOUD and DEEP is now also sounds more uniform.

-It is sometimes being reported as coming from the sky but not from very far off the ground. I might agree but the BOOM is so large it's hard to determine anything other than HUGE BOOM!

-People have described experiencing the same event at the same intensity but as many as 3 miles away and separated by a major hill.

-Local PD are baffled to the point the Chief of Police sent an email to city council stating "we are aware of the "boom issues" but we do not know the sources of them".

-Immediately after recent events, FAA was contacted and aircraft were eliminated. The local Power and Gas company confirmed they have not been the source of any of the BOOMS in the area the last year, so no transformers or sewer gas explosions. USGS said no geological reasons exist to cause these events.

-Local media is overwhelmed by requests for information. Major Denver media even attempts to cover the story. Nothing exists to report though, because the police have no more information to provide than what I've included above and everyone calling in or posting on social media already knows that much as well.

So, Please help me out ATS--
1) What do you think they are using to make the BOOM that nothing is found?

2)How could they make the "bomb" airborne? Assuming it is airborne.

3)This seems to us to be more than troublesome people pissing off the neighbors, so taking them out, what do you make of it?

4)This one is more for the LEO & DHS types, is this signs of someone in a calibration phase of a bomb attack or that a bomb factory or super scary guy has moved in or is snapping snowy or something like that?

Thank you all, from my City of Wheat Ridge and from deep in my heart, this has me kinda scared here kiddos. I can't explain how big these BOOMS are.

Mods, I understand the 1st post rules and all that but if a different forum will get me better help, please in the name of public safety consider move this post for me. Thank you. And thanks again, this site has been a priceless resource in my life for years and years, thank you for keeping this community.
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posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 02:57 AM
one would expect that " someone " with the resources and qualifications would have installed a set of directional microphones in the area to allow a reasonably precise triangulation of the phenonemons " ground zero "

posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 03:01 AM
I'm sorry if I missed it in the OP, I skimmed and I'll read it again; have you or anyone already examined USGS seismic data trying to find the signal?

Edit: yep, I see now. So you said USGS says no geological cause, but I know you can detect non-geological events in the tapes. If so, possible triangulation?
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posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 05:50 AM
sounds like someone eating too much chilli . Recommend they get some Bean-o to get rid of the booms.

posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 07:39 AM
Like another poster said. Your best bet is triangulation. You need three mics and three power sources and 3 devices to record to. You need to make sure that the record level is set precisely the same on each. Place them in a very wide triangle around your expected target area.

Leave them and wait to capture at least one boom. I would go for 5. This way when you check the recordings you will be able to recognize if the sound is stationary.

Listen to the recordings, if stationary then take the two points with the loudest recorded level of the target sound and leave them in place. Move the weakest and record more events. Find which direction leads to a louder sample.

Then start moving in the recordings locations until you narrow it down. If it isn't a quarry or business being annoying or something like that... And you find it's a house yup call the cops. You're now a hero possibly.

posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 10:24 AM
It could be kids. Have you ever heard of Air Bombs. These are fireworks, ie a bomb type, That gets fired from a mortar, no fire trail, just a low whoomph as the mortar fires the bomb into the air then the bomb explodes 50, 100, 150 feet in the air.
Do you not have any friends elsewhere in the city so you could do your own triangular tests to find out just where they are coming from?

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