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Is Alberto Rivera The Most Important Whistleblower EVER

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posted on Nov, 27 2017 @ 11:27 AM
I came across Alberto Rivera a few months ago reading a book called Is Alberto for Real

I wanted to do a thread on whistleblowers before as I was coming across some important people who finally get the balls to stand up against the evil that they are working for and thought you might like to see if you could come up with any better ones that I had not come across

While I was doing some research and planning a big thread on operation gladio a couple of years ago which culminated in the US governments front man saddam Hussein to start the Iraq war (just look at the timing of the rhetoric of carvalho's court case and husseins upping the stakes everytime gladios Italian court case progressed) I was persuaded that it might not be a good idea for me to put this thread on here by the way of the scum showing me some new nano technology that can be flown into the eye LOL

Anyway a couple of months ago I came across Mr Rivera a Jesuit priest who exposed the fact that the catholic church was actually set up as a trap by evil to harvest human souls into hell, you might want to do a little research into jules vernes last dive as well as a couple of other stories around these screams being heard but I won't go into that now.
Catholicism was set up by the roman empire when Christianity was really beginning to take off Christianity was set up in 42 AD with the coptics orthodox and maronites being formed in 3 countries and the first mention of Jesus was in 70 Ad after the romans (who worship Roman Staurnalia the word satan is derived from Saturn being in a line with earth that would launch varying amounts of asteroids at us) annexed the Jews between 61-66 AD there is actually a doctrine telling catholics to kill all Christians and jews back in 1215 and it has not been renounced.

So enjoy the story of alberto rivera and I will expand a little more on this tomorrow

Also if you know of a whistleblower that others might want to know about then stick it on here or make up another thread It would be nice to have a central resource for whistleblowers as there stories are much more significant especially if the accused cannot come up with any credible denials as the catholics have been unable to.

posted on Nov, 27 2017 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: jinni73

" I was persuaded that it might not be a good idea for me to put this thread on here by the way of the scum showing me some new nano technology that can be flown into the eye LOL"

This story sound far more interesting than the link you provided. No offense.

Whistleblowers generally leak info about facts, not opinions. Hell is a man-made invention. No human being has control over the harvest of another's soul. And Saturn launching asteroids at Earth?

This thread gives me all the Monday feels.

posted on Nov, 27 2017 @ 11:55 AM
a reply to: jinni73
Ah, Mr Rivera a jesuit priest. There is the biggest misnomer in that statement. The word priest added to jesuit. As for the revelation about the catholic church you do know that the jesuits are apart of the catholic church and have been sending people to satan in the church's name for centuries.
Everywhere they went they converted by the sword or other such devices. Please look to how they spread their version of the holy word to the world, especially to the Americas and then come to the conclusion that it's the pot calling the kettle black.

posted on Nov, 27 2017 @ 05:07 PM
It's been established that Alberto Rivera was a fraud. His story is riddled with so many discrepancies it's hard to believe anyone finds him truthful.
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posted on Nov, 28 2017 @ 06:01 AM
a reply to: AgarthaSeed

No offense taken, I had been compiling the Gladio story for 4 days when I was sitting on a PC in a public library when something went into my eye when i looked in a mirror 2 blood vessels had burst from one point and then a couple of weeks later I got a cold and could feel a burning sensation for a couple of days at the point it entered.
While i was compiling the story I was wondering if they were going to stop me doing it but i thought they were only going to delete my notes on my email account but as luck had it they showed me that the technology I thought they had was real.

And Saturn launching asteroids at Earth?

Most myths are based on some type of event that is then exaggerated or morphs into another story but there is normally a grain of truth in any of these stories I will expand on riveras claims over the coming days on here. on my own personal experiences in colllecting information from people who are involved with these events and who are unable to blow the whistle once I've laid out other information all connected to this story then you will be in a better position to judge if its a made up scare story or htere is a real danger that the catholic and muslim people have been completely duped.

I agree that most whistleblowers cannot get rock hard evidence this was why snowden was important, I put a couple of replies on here when I first started posting that the british government had a warehouse in reading that every email sent in the UK was stored and then scanned by a computer program and if 7 keywords came up then a human would read the email but I only got the story from a programmer that worked in the building so just because i couldn't provide any evidence the story was still true

posted on Nov, 29 2017 @ 06:13 AM

originally posted by: Regnor
It's been established that Alberto Rivera was a fraud. His story is riddled with so many discrepancies it's hard to believe anyone finds him truthful.

It has been established that the catholic church has never been able to refute even one of Rivera's claims.

So as your wisdom extends further than the devils (which is not that hard) please enlighten me to just one of the points that he makes is false and then we can examine your claim and find out the truth.

The book I linked to is purely a response from a third party which examines the response of the catholics to rivera's claims or facts as we all shall see.

posted on Nov, 29 2017 @ 07:55 AM

Ah, Mr Rivera a jesuit priest. There is the biggest misnomer in that statement. The word priest added to jesuit.

Do not all priests work for the devil? any religion that says you can kill another human being or my gods better than your god must be derived from evil we are all a single piece of a whole.

Here is the timeline of the Jesuits

1534 the Borgia family sets up the Jesuit society in response to Italian outrage that Spanish popes kill too many Italians, the genocide the catholics perpetrated on Italy meant the Italians would never again accept a Spanish pope

1537 Pope Paul III granted them commendation in 1537 to become priests

1540 he gave them the right to become their own order of priests

Francis Xavier from a Basque Aristocratic family was one of the 6 founders of the Jesuits The Borgia's were from the Basque region as well here's some added info on the Borgias,

Here is the Jesuit Oath

Here is an outline of the Borgia family

The Borgias were an Italian noble family of Basque origin remembered today for their corrupt rule of the Papacy during the Renaissance.

the jesuits are apart of the catholic church

Did you miss a space?
Just because they tell you they are apart does not mean that they are or if they are are just going along a set mandate that benefits an end goal which may be to trap our souls,
have a look at the jewish bolsheviks or the khazarian jews or what about the muslim religion all stemmed from the catholic church if the organisation states they kill jews or christians then they are working for evil I will expand on who the jews really are the next time the true story of the 13 tribes not 12 tribes as you are all told.

People are told a lot of things by evil although there is always proof left behind relating to its legitimacy

so the story of Jesus was based on a guy who lived a hundred years earlier he had 12 followers and stood up to evil and moreover the ruling classes preaching we are all the same, Jesus is the first famous person in history that no other country wrote about while he was alive,
Now some people take exception to me telling them this yet if its a trap to ensnare their souls then am i in the wrong to tell people who can't be bothered to research what they are told.

These rich families are committed to keeping us down in order for them to retain their wealth and power and who have always been responsible for keeping the rest of us down Yet in order for them to get their wealth they do bad things to others.
They control the education system where they teach our children rubbish, where as they send their children to private schools and are taught the truth and then they have the audacity to call themselves the intelligentsia,
its been proven that rote learning is nowhere near as effective as mind mapping a different way of remembering things rather than repetitive brainwashing

If we all stick to together and stop worrying about who worships who then we would stop fighting each other and they could not control us

posted on Nov, 29 2017 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: jinni73

I agree that most whistleblowers cannot get rock hard evidence this was why snowden was important

No that is why he is labeled a whistle blower,

because he had real info not opinions that he claimed came from some super secret super soldier or from his trip to Mars.

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posted on Nov, 30 2017 @ 10:48 AM
a reply to: InhaleExhale

I think its a bit of a grey area, and I was referring to the whistleblowers that I know about some have evidence like Snowden or Manning and others like Carvalho and Rivera did not have evidence yet the latter 2 names are way more important than Snowden or Manning
the final outcome is not always dependent on what facts are provided so Robert Carvalho the operation gladio whistleblower had no evidence other than a story he gave a judge after he was arrested for a bombing he was involved with,
It was only the judges insistence on being allowed to see military documents of the secret military unit he was part of that we know that Carvalho was telling the truth and our militaries, governments freemasons, and security agencies and are indeed bombing and killing us in order to control the way we vote allowing individual families to infiltrate government positions and scoop up our money.

Then we have Kay Griggs (another story virtually identical to Carvalho's) while not a real whistleblower because she was married to the party involved in the secret military unit that is going around committing most of Americas worst crimes and then giving an interview on what her husband had told her, so no rock hard evidence yet her story matches Carvalho's but again no evidence but if we put the pieces together we can clearly see that Griggs story is more likely to be true especially the detail she went into It.

Yet when we get to Snowden he produced a mountain of evidence and it could not be hidden (If they even wanted it hidden) Bradley Manning was another guy who was set up as well, he was a known conspiracy theorist who the military gave access way above his security level

when you are angry at the government you are not looking at the people who are actually perpetrating the crimes and there is a link between all of them and that is the Catholic Church and the families that run it

posted on Dec, 2 2017 @ 07:31 AM
I came across the real story of the 13 tribes in Australia where I was invited to go and live in the middle of the Australian desert with one of the original tribes their story includes the thirteenth tribe which were the dragons,

When the tribes materialised on this planet (their words not mine) the dragons decided not to and the the 12 tribes all worship the dragons this is why you see the worship of the dragon all over the world every original tribe pays respect to them.

There are 146 thousand original members not the 144 thousand you see in the made up stories we call religion, these people do not need to eat food and only drink rain water due to the mineral content that the body requires,
when there is no food Africans are known to survive by just eating clay, as well as clay being an amazing healing agent curing most diseases, If you try this the best clay is Mica clay due to it's particles being colloidal in size half a teaspoon in primarily pure water or if not spring water.(metal should not be used when touching minerals at least metal that rusts)

They choose when they are going to leave this plane or in our language die.

The story I was given entailed how the aliens would come and pay homage to the aborigines every so many years, they have a Rosetta stone which translated every language throughout our universe, this was kept up in Northern New South Wales where they had their own version of Stonehenge, at this sacred site there are millions of tonnes of different types of soil from all over the world. when this story was released to the world by a scientist about 1930 The Australian government sent up a team with bulldozers and buried the site.

These aboriginies say that we have been hybridised with one race of aliens.

I have confirmed some of the things they told me, and if you take David Icke's story and then do a little bit of reverse psychology on his initial story when he came onto the conspiracy scene saying he was the son of god you end up suspectign that this may be more true than not,

Icke Is working for the scum so to put every body off the trail he tells people he is the son of god and then nobody will believe him he is then allowed to tell people the truth and no-one believes a word he says.

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