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A snazzy tale of ANAMNESIS & Qi Gong - Share your experiences of Wu Style Weird..!!

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posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 04:43 PM
A snazzy tale of ANAMNESIS & Qi Gong - Share your *beyond a dream* experiences of Wu...

Welcome! Join me for a fireside conversation, in a quiet country pub, discussing mysteries the likes of whch we Westerners have largely forgotten to speak of. This is a sort of grown-up campfire tale, in which our preconceptions of Truth & Reality are challenged - how are we to fully connect with our humanity, in an age of ignorance? Perhaps looking to the past - to OUR personal past; measured in lifetimes, not years - perhaps there lays our answer, if we could but peer behind the curtain for an instant...

Anamnesis - what is it?

Anamnesis is the descriptor for consciousness events by which a person is able to recover information/ memories from former times, which they were not previously consciously aware of, in any sense – whether in this life, or a previous life/ lives. I apply the term as it was often intended when discussed by the Greek philosophers who came up with the nomenclature: detailed past life memory recovery, inclusive of intuitive skill acquisition, apparently possible because knowledge from past incarnations could be carried over into the present life. If we can become aware of those past aeons of experience, we may automatically know, via some immediate sensorial awareness involving the spirit body, keen mental acumen & instant understanding, with muscle memory enabling us to perform certain tasks which we had no former knowledge of, in this life of mere decades... The successful experiencer has not any need to consciously think of the actions being recalled or called upon, as he is apparently possessing a 'knowingness', which instantly informs the mind & body of the correct way of actions under concentrated contemplation. Sounds cool, right? A bit like when Arnie discovered he was a Martian supersoldier in some sense unknown to him, hidden, occluded from his humdrum everyday chores.. I think that film could possibly have been intended as a metaphor for reincarnated souls who were formerly resident in a higher civilisation than that we presently possess. Naturally, when I began to have strange anamnetic experiences at the start of the year, I was intrigued, and quite excited! I mean, it's a bizarre, interesting, potentially enlightening experience to go through - and so I intend to share my experience with you, in the hope that we can stimulate some rocking conversation on the subject.

In my case, I seem to have developed/ been gifted with a gateway to the past, generating unusually strong anamnetic spirit, mind & body memory of aspects of the energetic martial arts, with the closest modern parallels being the Chinese disciplines of Tai Chi & its foundation, Qi Gong.

In these arts, the inner disciplines involved in channelling of life-force/power (Jin), by control exerted through your spirit (Shen) in order to control your personal energy (Chi, or rather, Qi) is of far greater importance than the muscular force being injected into the tactile body motions of the exterior form. If you were to take up formal study of Tai Chi tomorrow, you would learn a series of deeply relaxing & healthy body movements as part of your chosen 'form' (such as the Yang Style Long Form, or the Wu Style Short Form. Following this, you would then develop the capacity to sense your personal energy (Qi); the twelve channels within which that energy moves (along the neurological structures of the central nervous system); and the eight 'vessels' within which Qi can be stored, and from which it can be drawn out as needed. You would learn about the acupressure points along the meridians, in addition to functions & management of those energy channels & the vessels, before beginning practice at imbuing your Qi with motion, under the disciplined control of the mind, as part of a meditation-cum-fighting style preparatory action.

Unlike the 'external' martial arts, such as Kung Fu (Gong Fu), practitioners of the 'internal' martial arts, such as Tai Chi, actually become better with age, rather than weakening, as occurs with Gong Fu practitioners. This is because our ability to channel & control Qi for martial purposes will only ever improve with practice, like anything - but significantly, the use of energetic arts does NOT depend on the physical tone & fitness of the body. Masters of Tai Chi (& equivaent arts) inevitably age extremely well, maintaining excellent health & fitness for far longer periods of time than those practitioners of the external martial arts. Excessive use of physical force, as opposed to energetic force, leads to degradation of the physical structures of the body, which on reflection is eminently logical. However, because we as human beings, as spiritual entities with a material form, are in fact nourished by 'gated energy' from higher dimensional realms.

This higher energy manifests in myriad ways, and perhaps one of the most beautiful is the 'glow' which a mother posesses when she is pregnant, expecting a child. The universal energies are tapped during pregnancy, and divine potential seems to flow into the entire being of the mother as she carries this new life within her. It's a mystical thing! As these higher-dimensional energies can nourish a human being from within, it becomes clear, the reason why the old masters of Tai Chi are almost supernaturally gifted in the use & control of their Qi following a lifetime of practice. They have gained supremacy over the conflict of body vs. spirit, and although they do operate here on Earth, in relatively 'low dimensional potential', they have control over elemental forces which are naturally occurring within nature - within us ( because we are a part of nature!) I hope this little presentation of the theory aspects of Qi Gong (there's much, much more to it, obviously) has been of interest to you, and that perhaps, it's encouraged you to think about whether you might want to work at improving your heath and enriching your spiritual/ philosophical outlook, by the use of the straightforward, no-nonsense oriental wisdom, of the Living & Effervescent, the Joyous Tao of Nature.. Which is, I believe, the only spiritual/philosophical system which can lay claim to having a proper handle on the actual Truth of our existence, which has developed almost entirely organically, from deep & persistent simple human experience of a life lived well in harmony with nature. In terms of revelation-inspired religion, I hold that the only path with an equal claim to Truth, is that of semi-mystic/ gnostic Christianity, as I explain further at the conclusion of this thread.

Continued next post....

posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 04:44 PM
Anamnesis - an apparent tool for use in truly effective self-operant Spiritual Warfare & Psychic Defence..!

Warning - casual reference to possibly unusual claims about spiritual realities follows. If your brain will melt on contact with such obvious poppycock, please exit the forum quickly & read a hatchet job from Mythbusters to decompress from the inevitable angry feelings arising in response to such clearly primitive superstition.. You are duly served, and so liability issues are your own.

What's really intriguing for me personally - having for many years had the the capacity to discern dark spiritual energy (the Qi of malevolent beings which has been tainted by deliberate channeling into demonic patterns) - I have found that over time, I've developed not only the muscle memory of an unknown, intuitive physical form of Tai Chi, plus a fundamental ability to channel my Qi effectively (without instruction or research - that came later) - I have garnered an intuitive understanding of the use of my Shen (spirit) mental discipline, to maneuver my own Qi at a 'higher dimensional level' internally, without any physical body movement whatsoever, for the purposes of defence against these entities.

What's absolutely fascinating (particularly if you're a fan of alternative physics paradigms, a la Dr Paul La Violette, and Dr JP Farrell, the foremost amongst all alternative researchers imho) is that the Qi must be subject to complex patterns of TORSION in order to be effective as a weaponised tool of energetic/ psychic defence against incursion by malevolent ghouls - it must be 'spun', in a complex, weaving, multi-dimensionally folded/looped series of patterned motions, which can only be generated by a combination of Shen/Mind-Jin/Qi-Pre-Qi* awareness (*see below for my explanation of this term), with the proper contemplative focus, a rigid refusal to bow in the face of the assault, and a rapid initial reaction to the happenstance of an incursion by one of these entities.

To throw these things off, it's necessary to respond immediately, to enter meditative reflection centred on known truth ("I am a sovereign being of the universe and no entity has the right to tread on me; I am doing no harm, therefore this intruder must submit, in accord with universal laws & mechanisms of grace which I duly lay hold of - and it must depart, to be dealt with by those whose responsibility it is to deal with the cast-off intruders". [I usually add a personal prayer when first centering my thoughts, and often pray in tongues while I do the 'spinning'...] "Again I renew my commitment to a lifestyle of holiness, and I know that despite my failings I am acceptable before God"). As this focus is sought (and yes, this sounds nuts, but it works) you begin to intuitively spin your internal Qi, with clear intent & resolve to 'net' the intruder & bring it under your control.

The process seems to go beyond 'Qi' channeling, and likely therefore also relates to what I've encountered as a deep, internal 'pre-Qi' energy body: A primordial, sub-quantum energetic essence; the metadata of the soul). The spinning process feels almost like a whipping around of an 'ether webbing/ lassoo' of fibrous 'beingness' at the core of the sense of oneself. This inner spinning of personal essence must involve a drawing into torsion motions which combine & twist about themselves in ways which are changeable - presumably because the exact conditions of the ether substrate are different at any one time, given that we live in an electrically dynamic universe, one in which the positions of heavenly bodies, and the various particle showers, magnetic lines of flux & so forth, are different at any one time on any one day, on any given journey around the sun.

This 'whipping together' of the Qi/ Pre-Qi starts with the sense of the shape of one's physical body as the spatial locale of reference - but it can be stretched out or concentrated rapidly (presumably - because this is the intuitive part, and no living master has explained it to me). The exact motions of the rotations, from single spins of fibrous 'lines' of pre-Qi, to complex multidimensional 'folds' in the spin; the stretching & clumping, looping & slingshot sensations, is generative of a living & active torsion field, morphing constantly, controlled with mental focus. By strong mental focus & the requisite time needed to prepare the 'torsion web' under the given circumstances, that web can be wielded to literally 'grab/bag/eject' the entity's psychic 'presence' (it's own meta-data). The 'net result' (pun not intended, but I'll own it!) is that the entity is forcefully disengaged, untangled, and flung away violently. At this point the pre-Qi comes back under control, your focus returns to ordinary Qi, and the postures of the body (another long story) generally with a feeling of perfect peace, as contemplative awareness of the wholeness & complete personal spiritual integrity is restored (by which I mean to say that the proper balance & focus of Mind, Body; Shen, Jin & Qi is restored).

I had struggled in the past with magickal/ psychic/ demonic assaults, in the realm of the spirit, but I eventually became open to the possibility that, beyond the mere curiosity factor I experienced when suddenly finding myself practising Qi balancing snippets of some mysterious Tai Chi form, I was actually somehow 'remembering', 'knowing' these techniques, then it actually became far easier to deal with the attacks when they would occur.

I haven't really gone into any depth in terms of developing this apparently intuitive grasp of energetic manipulation, principally because I'm not sure how my damaged nervous system would respond, and physically I'm not in good shape, following twelve years of severe chronic neuropathic pain extending to every part of my body structure (neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, fingers, lumbar spine, sacroiliac, hips, sciatic channel of both legs). Of course, it is my hope that possibly, this intuitive energetics awareness may hold one part of the key to 'hack the (nervous) system' & clean up/ refire the neural pathways, repairing & restoring the damage caused by the anomalous pain-inducing condition I have developed over the past decade. I have decided to pursue professional Tai Chi training next year.

Continued next post....

posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 04:44 PM
Now bear in mind also that I'm a Christian, not a Taoist, in the first analysis - but I have investigated all mid-large scale religions of the world & found that the simple, profound wisdom of Taoism is perfectly compatible with my experience of what I consider to be authentic encounters with God through Christian precepts & practices. Note that original Taoism was untainted by the trappings of ancestral worship & casual idolatry which were later additions to what began as a humble, contemplative, humanist, nature-harmony, agnostic philosophy based on keen wisdom observations rooted in the pragmatic experience of what it means to be a human being in the world we occupy.

In terms of religion/philosophy/wisdom traditions, out of everything that is available to us on planet Earth, I would choose only Taoism as being a truly valid spiritual system, in addition to that which I personally consider to be pre-eminent over all, that being a form of semi-mystic/gnostic Christianity traditions, for example the Quakers, and some offshoots of the Baptist movement, some offshoots of every denomaination in fact - Truth grows where honest hearts prevail.. Nothing else. I know that makes me sound somewhat antagonistic, or even 'prejudiced', but in all truth, I have tested everything under the Sun, and these two alone (of course in addition to atheism/ humanist philosophy - everything depends on personal choice) are what will make for a harmonious world. Prejudice refers to conclusions before consideration. I have literally spent twenty years reading thousands of books & articles on all traditions present & past, meeting with representatives of various faith groups, and spending thousands of days contemplating the mysteries of life, faith, love, mysticism & of course, the ever-present risk of disingenuous charlatans/ abusers - and my conclusions are stated with clear conscience & absolute sincerity, in absolute confidence. If every other traditional religious/spiritual system were to vanish overnight, the world which remained would be happy, prosperous, adventurous & innovative, people would be fulfilled & war would be irrelevant. If these two systems alone were to exist in isolation from all other previous attempts at discerning the divine, the world would be naturally harmonious, fully magickal, deeply progressive, and ultimately, divinely inspired.

Of course, in every tradition good men & women have found ways to exist in a state of perfect harmony with God/Nature/Humanity - but all other systems are too heavily polluted by falsehoods (which have been injected deliberately, to create a 'smoke & mirrors' world of contradictions, xenophobia & perpetual warfare) - they are 'locked up in fallacy', and cannot be readily redeemed. Just look at the abhorrent caste system of Hinduism - and yet it sits right there as part of the fundamental circumstance in which, paradoxically, the sublime wisdom of the Yogis is shared every day, through & for millions all across that vast land of India! How did such morality-twisting contradictions & false logic take root, how could such extremes be tolerated in the halls of the same tradition? Because there is a hidden hand, which has nefariously 'shepherded' the world both this way & that, for thousands of years, deceiving all, pouring out a lake of truth to disguise a cup of poison. This enemy has the power to grip the hearts & minds of weak & foolish men, blinded by greed or polluted by willful hypocrisy & the abuse of others. It is not our place to judge, but we must be wise, and discerning of the times.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

With this being ATS, I expect the usual derision leveled against any spiritual discussions whatsoever, and the bog-standard "religion is just one more tool the illuminati use to control the masses!" claptrap - which I deride simply because it's typically the result of a zero-thought-required, access all areas 'easy-in' ticket to general acceptance & stars from the uber-cynical misanthropes of the conspiracy community - and not forgetting those who believe Satan is behind every rock, that a lizard is behind every skin suit wearing political snake, and that letting a ten year old girl use an automatic assault rifle is an inherently good thing. Child soldiers much? Let's be real. The world is in a crap state, in some ways - but it's amazing, and beautiful, in many other ways. Looking at the world through the lens that says everyone is out to get us, is no way to live, in light of the tremendous freedoms & access to goods, services, infrastructure & high culture we do enjoy (even if our 'democratic' societies leave a lot to be desired..)

I'd be very, very interested indeed to hear from any members who have experienced some sort of anamnesis event, or true past life recall - something which they shouldn't know about, or remember how to do, or recall the nature of an experience they've never consciously had in this life...

In that vein, one more weird little example from myself, is that when I was reading about the B2 stealth bomber, and speculation regarding possible covert technology which enabled it to run using 'gravity-wave surfing' technology, as developed in the 1950's by pioneers like T Townsend Brown - within a day or so I actually had an incident where I got the strangest sense that I had actually flown as a passenger on the B2, or a similar craft (or perhaps, I had experienced a 'walk-in' to be given a sense of what the pilot/navigator was experiencing), and it was a unique, unusual, remarkable feeling, which definitely had a mild physical effect in terms of how 'my' body perceived the motion - or perhaps how the technology itself influenced human physiology. Surreal, but highly enjoyable to 'remember'.. My assumption is that I was recalling a dream experience - but the phenomenon of anamnetic recall arose in an instant, completely spontaneously - I wasn't even thinking about the craft; I had just continued reading a book which had happened to make mention of the craft. It was was such a specific, almost ineffable experience, that I couldn't dismiss it entirely as 'probably the result of pure imagination/ the dreaming mind'. It felt like I knew how it felt to fly in that awesome craft..

* patiently awaits derision from aeronautical internet warriors *

....And representatives of the hundreds of faith groups extant in the world today...

Let me know of your ANAMNETIC or WALK-IN experiences! Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope it was enjoyable.


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posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 05:45 PM
this op has an lot of bs, bu this:

What's absolutely fascinating (particularly if you're a fan of alternative physics paradigms, a la Dr Paul La Violette, and Dr JP Farrell, the foremost amongst all alternative researchers imho) is that the Qi must be subject to complex patterns of TORSION in order to be effective as a weaponised tool of energetic/ psychic defence against incursion by malevolent ghouls - it must be 'spun', in a complex, weaving, multi-dimensionally folded/looped series of patterned motions, which can only be generated by a combination of Shen/Mind-Jin/Qi-Pre-Qi* awareness (*see below for my explanation of this term), with the proper contemplative focus, a rigid refusal to bow in the face of the assault, and a rapid initial reaction to the happenstance of an incursion by one of these entities.

is the rock bottom

posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 07:10 PM
a reply to: humanoidlord

And your two line contribution was extremely valuable, and not BS at all. Thanks for taking the time to consider all the information, reflect on what I was describing - as a sincere & genuine series of experiences, thoughts & insights - and then respond with a depth of wisdom which seems to be unrivaled in the hallowed courts of ATS in these modern times.

What a joke. Goodbye!

PS - 'bu' is not a word. Your two sentences were rather lazily cobbled together.

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posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 07:15 PM
a reply to: humanoidlord

Incidentally, if you haven't grasped the importance of torsion to the fabric of the universe, yet believe you can state that any such consideration is BS, then your mind is most definitely sub-par for the discussion at hand! Go look at some seashells, fifty Hubble images of galaxies, a few flowers, the Mandelbrot set, and even your own fingerprints. Do you notice anything which might involve a sort of, I dunno, TORSION template underlying the substance of Reality? If not, then I have no idea why you think you have anything of value to add anywhere on ATS. Go build yourself a sandcastle in that brain of yours, and notice how wonderful a gift you are wasting.

posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 07:53 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Very interesting FlyInTheOintment.I hadn't heard of the term Adamnesis before. Idk, if I understand correctly, this includes intuitive recollection of past life experiences and information?

The first thing that came to mind was a mechanism for reflexes. I don't remember what the Greeks thought about genetics, but in the light of metapsychosis perhaps reflexes are gained through the gradual accumulation of experience in self defense?

I'm picturing those times when individuals have close calls.Incidents where their higher self protects them unconsciously. Most recently, jumping forward abruptly to avoid getting hit by a car.My focus was on the music I was listening to, oblivious to the world around me on a dark rainy evening . Or ducking a car door opening or other unexpected objects striking the body. Unconsciously or perhaps subconsciously protecting one's self as a result of previous learning opportunities.

Meaty Op, will post more when I have time to do it justice

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posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 02:08 AM
Very interesting thoughts. I grew up in a non indoctrinated way so to speak. Meaning neither religious nor atheist nor judging. Being from western Europe that was within the larger Christian cultures of protestants and catholics.

I developed an interest in meditation and taught myself some basics from books. But I soon left the books behind following my intuition. I don't mean this in the sense of doing super advanced stuff but simply trusting my inner voice and doing it my way. (No I don't hear voices in my head). Especially my breathing, the use of certain light sources and/or a mirror developed mostly this way.

When I was about 30 I noticed for the first time consciously that I was using Tai Chi like movements to relax myself. I never was taught this and I never bothered to verify if my movements correspond to any particular system. In general I learn better through intuition than instructions. Part of my Tai Chi moves and a spinning/rotating sensation I experience in some states of meditation now make me think of torsion field physics. A concept I only became familiar with when I was about 40.

I also find myself now focusing increasingly on Taoism and Gnosticism after having found things both resonating with and repelling me in many other believe systems. My current interest in the latter seems to be guided largely by synchromystic experiences.

Another field where I seem to draw from either past incarnations, the source or akashik field, higher self or so is playing music on my instrument which I do for a living and which to me at the same time is meditation.

A note of caution: could your health problems in any way be related to your Qi Gong practice? I don't mean the practice as such but some particular quirk in how you do it?

Anyway, thanks for a really interesting thread

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posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 06:14 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment


Firstly, thank you for taking the time to write the OP. I found it to be an interesting read.
A few things come to mind and I'd like to share my thoughts with you if I may.

I'd like to make it clear though before I do that my thoughts are not intended to be dismissive or disrespectful. I do not claim that my view is right and yours is wrong. I don't believe any one person can claim to be 'right'. I don't even believe necessarily that there is an objective 'right' or 'wrong', only ones perspective.

So, that being said, I'll get the less interesting point out of the way;

You say you have been in chronic pain for a long time. I am curious if this was caused by a single traumatic event or whether it is a result of an underlying health condition?
It is well researched and understood that individuals who have suffered or do suffer trauma, chronic pain etc. can disassociate from themselves in order to cope with their distressing experiences. Often this can take the form of perceived experiences of being someone else, being taken over, travelling outside the body, hallucinations and delusions (for wont of less provocative terms) and a whole host of other unusual experiences.
Whilst I am not simply dismissing your experiences (they are very real to you of course, regardless of whether they are 'objectively real' - a term which raises many more questions than it does provide answers) I am inclined to explore the possibility that your experiences are a kind of naturally developing coping mechanism resulting from prolonged exposure to trauma and distress. Forgive the personal question and, of course, you are not obliged to answer but, have you or do you suffer from any form of mental health problem (perhaps depression/anxiety or even psychosis, though I'm inclined to guess at the former, not the latter).

Just because we KNOW something, FEEL something or THINK something (or, in fact, all three; which creates an enormously powerful experience) does not make it true.

My second thought, which is less mundane perhaps, is in relation to perception, consciousness and awareness and is something you will likely be well acquainted with due to your interest in taoism.

You talk about becoming aware of certain information without knowing how you might have come about it. The suggestion is that you somehow managed to draw on experiences from a past life or from elsewhere.

The thing is, so-called 'human consciousness' at it's most basic is not the normal everyday consciousness that we experience or are generally aware of.

Our normal everyday consciousness functions as a kind of spotlight that we shine on whatever it is we are engaging with (either in the physical world or the imagined world of thoughts, memories etc).

This spotlight is an enormously useful tool that has enabled us as a species to perform incredible feats, has led to all the wonderful (and less wonderful) developments of the modern age, has enabled us to communicate in great detail with one another and to make sense of the word around us.
However, it comes at a price; we use this spotlight as a kind of a metaphorical knife; slicing the world into manageable chunks in order to order, categorise, examine and communicate the world around us.
Because we use this tool all day every day we have become identified with this form of consciousness and have come to believe that that is who we are. This is further compounded by the development of the ego (another slice if you like, another useful tool for interacting with the world) and our identifying with this as the self.

The spotlight, the ego, the slicing up of the world leads to a system of symbols, representing the world around us. But these symbols are not the world around us, they are representations. The world is not made up of pieces or things.

It's simply.............

Now, the spotlight functions by, necessarily, largely ignoring the world around is.

However, there is a 'layer' of consciousness beyond the spotlight that exists (you might call it higher, you might call it deeper, I prefer to call it more fundamental ) and that can be termed the floodlight consciousness.

The floodlight is the most fundamental consciousness. It is who we truly are. It is the state in which we realise that we are not "me" or "I", separate from the rest of the world. That the notion of "I" is simply another slice, another function of the spotlight.

The floodlight consciousness is aware of all things at all times. This is why we can be aware of an object travelling towards us and take action to avoid it, even though we do not necessarily "see" it coming. It is also the reason we can "intuit" things; an experience which our everyday consciousness might see as inexplicable or even mystical in some way. In reality, the fundamental consciousness is aware of ALL the data we are constantly receiving, the spotlight (ego and all that jazz) simply filters the vast majority of that information without our awareness and distils it down to a, radically oversimplified, picture of the world.

This is how I believe that it may be possible to "know things" without really knowing how you know.

Our fundamental self (all that there is) is fully aware, on some level, of all the information that there is (or was, or will be). However, to be completely in the state of the fundamental consciousness would render us unable to function as a 'normal' human being in society. Hence, we have the ego and the associated spotlight. The problem is, we have forgotten that that is not us, we have become bewitched by the tool, we have deceived ourselves.

Incidentally, when people talk about trying to attain that kind of floodlight/fundamental consciousness (Christ consciousness, enlightenment or whatever you'd like to call it) they are basically heading in the wrong direction.

There is nothing to attain because we are already fundamentally it. Attempting to ATTAIN something, taking any ACTION, engaging in any PRACTICE, simply takes you further and further away from your intended goal. In fact, as long as you still consider it a "goal" then you will never "get there". The fact is, we have never left.

The key is to get RID of something... to pull the veil from over your eyes.. to realise that, no matter what you do, no matter what you DON'T do, it makes no difference.

Whilst life can be hard, living is effortless.

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 06:16 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Well this immediately makes me think of Deja Vu, all though I don't think this is exactly what you are referring to. I read/skimmed your post quickly and have saved it to read more in depth later. For now I have to get going for the day and off to work.

Another brief thought that comes to mind is the Akashic records... as if when you enter this state of "knowing" or "ANAMNESIS" could we be accessing those records and instead of remembering prior knowledge of a prior life we are accessing the field of all knowledge/information ?

Looking forward to reading this more in depth later...

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posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 07:04 AM
I posted a long reply, but ATS wiped it out. Bless them.

So OP, cool beans. Why not post a youtube showing us something external beyond 'I thought I saw a B2 bomber'?

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 07:12 AM
I won't call you out for BS, only for thinking too much.

As far as anamnesis goes, you should use occam's razor. Occam's razor says, basically, use the simplest mode of explanation. The simplest mode of explaining why Chi Gong and meditation, etc., can lead to the acquisition of special abilities (and I do know what we're talking about here) is to invoke the idea of "morphic resonance". Or perhaps metagenetics.

I believe in reincarnation but I also believe some of my skills -- like developing a minor but usuable martial art from scratch -- come from connecting with certain people who know those arts. You can learn some of a person's martial moves just from watching them walk or gesticulate, if you are intuitive enough, just like a yoga teacher can see which leg is shorter, which rib you broke and so on.

Anthony Robbins tells how to acquire another person's success in Awakening the Giant Within. I haven't read that book, and trust me, you don't need to either. But his basic point is correct. Buddha is as Buddha does.

So my point is, don't try to explain it all. It's a lot simpler than you think.

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 07:34 AM
a reply to: Namdru

So my point is, don't try to explain it all. It's a lot simpler than you think.

This is absolutely true.

Life/consciousness/being is experiential. Any attempt to describe or explain that experience is, necessarily, more complex than the experience itself.
The more you try to explain it or define it the more complex it gets, and you move further away from the 'answer' that you're looking for...

"Being" is the simplest thing in the world.. in fact, it is beyond simple, it is all there is and all 'you' can do...

That is why I said above that living is effortless.. the direct experience of that is incredibly liberating...
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posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 08:57 AM
a reply to: Indrasweb

This is why they say 'moving meditation' (MM) is superior to seated meditation (SM). I tried to explain my MM experiences and ideas to the SM people and they could not be bothered. (In a sense it's not 'superior', it's the forerunner of, or progenitor of, or the support system of SM).

For one thing, MM is a lot of work. SM is kinda, sorta, well, just sitting there. For an adept, who has gone through the MM phases, then SM is a wonderful thing, particularly as the 'stillness' after a lot of, you guessed it, 'movement'.

But yes, it's in the experiencing.

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: Maverick7

It is interesting to discover there are 'camps' in regard to proponents of different types of meditation, I wasn't really aware of this. It's actually pretty funny because the whole notion of an in group and an out group is fundamentally connected to the concept of the whole. The fact that people in pursuit of 'enlightenment' are getting bogged down in those kinds of discussions is pretty hilarious and kind of perfectly illustrates the point I made about the act of seeking in fact leading people further from their objective. Made me smile that so, thanks...

Whilst I view meditation as something that is fun; kind of really getting down with the whole experience, really, all actions are, or can be, meditative in the sense that we can directly and fundamentally experience all things and situations from the point of view of fundamental consciousness. This doesnt require any special technique or practice, it doesn't require you to attain something, it is already happening, we've just got distracted from it. People often say of meditation, or relaxing or experiencing/living or whatever "I can't do it" and my response is always, you can't NOT do it, its what you are, you cannot stop being consciousness, what exactly are they trying to achieve?

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 09:34 AM
As an old and no longer practicing martial artist and ex-spiritualist I can say with my hand on my heart that Qi/Ki is a mental exercise to help mind and body co-ordination, there is absolutely nothing mythical or magical about it, no mystery force is channelled. its purely all in the mind to help visualize and so create better movement.
Magical/psychic/demonic assaults are all in the mind and is very much like most mystical religions in that it makes you believe that you are being attacked so your own mind makes you feel an attack. you create your own "whatever" and harm yourself.
But the OP was an intresting read and even though i don't agree with most of it, you seem to be on an honest jounery of self discovery. I would just say take a lot of what is out there with a large bag of salt instead of a pinch!!

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 10:00 AM
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Ever read any of this guy's work? It's heavy philosophical. But if you are looking for a kindred spirit in tying together disparate threads of theory and practice, Guenther is the one to read. Some say he was just a scholar. I say H. V. Guenther actually got the goods, if you can get around his being Germanically ultra-rigorous and seemingly chock-full of Heidegger and the Presocratics.

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 10:05 AM
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Hey, thanks for the consideration

No, I've never heard of the chap.. I might see if I can pick up the book you linked there. It might make an interesting read. I have to say though, I got past the searching point of my life after I realised the very thing I was searching for was the very thing I've had all along. I still like to dip into this stuff though, it's fun to check out what other people's experiences are and really, what other reason is there to do anything, other than that it's fun?

ETA: I have no idea who Heidegger and the Presocratics are but they sound like a pretty decent alternative rock band or something..

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posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 10:17 AM
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ohhh if you knew, i have done my own research in years, and i studied no whistleblower or unrealible source, just the gods of true ufology like jacques vallee and john keel
you should too!

posted on Nov, 25 2017 @ 10:21 AM
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"torsion fields" are just an dumb pseudoscientific handwave to unexplained phenomena, not even the guys who proposed theories about them, know how they work, also most people that believe in it, also believe in HAARP and that 9/11 is an hoax
ugly sick f#cks

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