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1st/2nd/3rd/4th Thanksgiving days, XVI century Latino American Heritage

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posted on Nov, 23 2017 @ 06:53 PM
The peace of God to all that belong to the Light
Dear Readers

It is so spread the idea that modern American identity takes its roots from the arrival of the Puritans in the May Flower, and that the first Thanks giving celebration was in Plymouth by 1621, but nothing is more false that such a claim, they were most the fourth Thanks giving day historically.

As a celebration of Thanks giving including not exclusively native Americans, but also immigrants from elsewhere, such event it is really very far to be the first one as Puritanism make us to believe.

First at all the London trade Company had already founded two colonies in today Virginia and Maine by 1607, and must likely they celebrated the first and second Anglo saxon thanks giving days of America, but they were just the fifth and sixth of the country, not being Puritans but Episcopal Church.

Maine and Virginia London Company Settlements fifth & sixth Thanks giving days

What you are going to learn possibly shock you, depending on how are your standards to profile Americans, the four first Thanks giving days belong all to Latin Culture in America.

By 1595 close to El Paso Texas was celebrated the fourth Thanks Giving day by an expedition of Spaniards.

In 1565 Pedro Menendez de Avila did so with his Spaniards and Aborigines in the very foundation of San Agustin in Florida, the First European Settlement that still exist in the soil of USA, place of the third Thanks Giving day.

Pls Check
Third Thanks Giving day in Sn Agustine Florida 1565

Now, just one year before him a colony of French Huguenots was settled in Florida too, 200 soldiers and artisans began in 1564, led by Rene de Goulaine de Laudonniere, who called it La Caroline, they were by sure who celebrated the second Thanks Giving day.

Pls Check
2nd ThanksGiving in La Caroline, St Johns river mouth, Florida.

Moreover, 23 years before those Frenchmen Francisco Vasquez de Coronado presided the very truly first Thanks Giving celebration in Canyon, Texas with an Eucharist Roman Catholic mass with all his expeditionary group of Spaniards and Mexicans that arrived from Mexico city gathering with some Comanche and Apache aborigines.

Pls Check
1st Thanks giving day ever Canyon, Texas, 1541

Are you surprised? Well I think this is something by sure shocking to the so called white supremacists that have tried to rewrite history to 'show' that Hispanic Culture is not really American when as a matter of fact is in the very core of the foundation of the nation.

Thanks for your attention,

Happy Thanks giving day!

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 23 2017 @ 08:39 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Pergaps I'm missing something but I look at the holiday as basically a rip off from the indigenous people if the United States...It wouldnt suprise me if the basis of this holiday was taken from the parts of other cultures...

I think a good deal of celebrations take a little bit of something from other cultures...not sure if anyone would debate that other cultures had a similiar celebration...

With that said I'm just happy to take it easy with some of the people I care about..

As far as Christmas goes I'm also ok if other religions celebrate their only requirement is that twinking light of any color are strung up...I really wish we celebrated Day of the Dead which lasts from October 31 to November 2...I really love the bright colors and the idea of celebrating those who have left us...
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posted on Nov, 23 2017 @ 09:19 PM
a reply to: chrismarco

I agree with most you say, these holidays must ease the tensions of the year and bring us back to harmony, but also must help to realize that America as a nation was. Ery diverse since its very beginning and to claim it is a nation created by some kind of supreme race that open the doors to other minorities is to either ignore or falsify History.

Here a link that supports the story of the fourth Thanks giving day at el Paso Texas in 1595 or 1596 and also gives more information about the very first at Palo Duro Canyon in 1541.

Pls check


The Angel of Lightness

posted on Nov, 23 2017 @ 11:55 PM
I don't know what was going on because I wasn't there, but my family came over on the Mayflower. In fact they had a daughter on board.
James and Mary Chilton. They were engl ish
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posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 12:00 AM
There's no real "Hispanic Culture".

Cubans don't have the same culture or history as Mexicans. Puerto Ricans don't have much in common with Ecuadorians. You get the idea.

There are black, brown, and white Hispanics. There is a population of about 50,000 ethnic Chinese who are Cubans. There's a ton of German genetic material from Mexico to the tip of Argentina that has been there way longer than World War 2.

There are, of course, Spaniards. They are Europeans. But they have Arabic influence(evident in the language). Speaking of language, dialect can vary drastically from country to country.

Hispanics are not homogeneous. There is no Hispanic Culture.

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posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 07:50 AM
a reply to: projectvxn
Not to mention that the "Hispanic" people's ancestors were in their countries before the Spanish came.

posted on Nov, 24 2017 @ 08:42 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark

Well, no body has ever suggested here that Latino is a monolithic cultural or ethnical reality, they have certainly their own particular diversity, but is not related with nationalisms, more to do with geografic regions.

People of the Caribbean coast of Colombia or Central America has more to do with tbe Cubans or Dominicans than with their fellow nationals of the inlands or Highlands, people of North Western Mexico has few in common ethnically with people of its South East.

Peruvians and Ecuadorians of the coast are dramatically different than their fellow nationals of the interior of those countries.

Now, although this thread is not about Latin America but the Latino culture in USA, following some of the replies in spite of many think in the USA there were as many migratory currents coming from the old continent that arrived to LatinAmerica and not here, primarily because it is undeniable they have the best weathers in this side of the world and more friendly and flexible migration laws.

Jewish Latin people do not differ at all with the genetics of American Hebrew people. German, middle east, Greek or Italian Latin American people neither too w.r.t. their American counterparts.

Now, coming back to the USA, mixing of races is not exclusive of the Latino people, there are many so called white Americans that are in fact mixed with Aborigines in one or other way although they probably are not aware or proud enough of that, that is very common in the center and South West of the country. Senator Elizabeth Warren is far to be alone in her condition.

Research in Human Genoma have showed that, as well as, that there are also a significant percentage of African Americans also mixed with Aborigines and even with white people, at least in the past.

By the way when modern British people visit the deep south of the USA they immediately notice the important amount of words used by white southerners that are really black or creol English.


The Angel of Lightness
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