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The fingers of god tg2017 --non-writer

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posted on Nov, 23 2017 @ 03:59 AM
The truck was running quite good and a full tank of as at that. Hands trembling as he steered thinking of the punishments he would receive if caught. Just steeling the gas could cost him his life or the gulag at the least. The truck a hulking beast with the peace maker attached to the back. Today he will exact his revenge on an evil country that his family and society never has recovered. A dark quiet night with the only thing to see for miles is the 2 dull headlights from behind he set. The guards fell for the distraction and the country is alit with rumors of defectors.

He knew he had nothing to live for now that his family either lay waste in the dmz or have made it to the safety of our sister countries arms. As he puffed away at the pack of cigarettes enjoying every tantalizing draw he drew close to wear everything would change. The cigarettes helping him inch along the dark pot hole filled dirt road. He has practiced this route many times over the years waiting, dreaming of, and hoping this day would come.

As he rolled over in the Kansas he gazed at the clock dreading his 2 hour trek to see family for their yearly dysfunctional set down he thought of the many flavors and foods to be eaten. He hadn’t spoke to is parents since last year’s debacle. A turn out Thanksgiving is not the time to drop a bombshell on the family that hes actually a misses. The shock on their faces as his boyfriend planed a big kiss at the table. At least, he wasn’t a complete failure after all being a nuclear technician was quite the job, but unfortunately he was unable to tell anyone what he did for a living.
The truck lurched to the left creaking and groaning as he made that last sharp turn to the last mile of everything.
The military would know he was missing by now but probably suspected he fled with his family. He hoped they had made it and were enjoying food and comforts dreams are made of. He thought back of a time before the Japs and the Americans when food was plentiful and families could sit and feast without fear. That time will soon be upon my great nation again. Less than a mile to go good thing too the old truck couldn’t handle much more and if a part broke the years of planning would be for naught.
As he got into the charger with Mark he thought to himself Tom this is the day you make record time arriving, eating, and departing the famil dinner. Mark often wondered whats the point in looking for the abuse and callous words from his family just to keep tradition. But never mentioned it aloud he only did as he was told by Tom and was in the happiest time of his life. As they departed the drive both slid on their seatbelts and felt the pull of the new dodge as it peeled tires out of the driveway.
He stopped at the spot so practiced for many years and killed the lights as he pulled down one last cigarette before he begins the hour long process so meticulously planned. He got out the truck and could smell the rank swamp, but tonight that smell could not be better as he begun fulfilling a dream at which he has kept so long and dear to his heart. As the motor wound up the beast lifted to the angle to which everything would change.
The house was quiet the staff were gone for the day and the monotonous clock ticked away as he lie awake in bed wondering what the coming day would bring. Thinking of what should be done in the coming day and the persistent accusations about anything and everything from the media haunts his sleep daily. As he turned t get comfortable an odd ring occurred. As he glanced up it was a ring he had never heard but dreaded the news whomever was on the other end had to tell. It was the south Korean president informing him he had received word from North Korea that they were missing a hydrogen war head on a ballistic missile. As he hung up the defense secretary among other military personal entered the room and requested him to follow to a secure planning room.
He pressed the button and run for the woods. The missile came to life and fire shot out all around the truck as his dream lifted off. He began his long journey running through the marshy area in hopes to cross a little known mountain pass to South Korea. Now the world has been changed and in 15 mins everything would be different. He smiled as he ran still pulling on the cigarette.
Toms phone came to life and the unthinkable call he received changed him. He spun around the charger and headed to work as Mark looked frightened at the prospect of a call from Toms work means. It could only mean one thing and that it changes everything.
Japans prime minister took the call with fear from the attendants expression on his face. The president of te united states swiftly informed him of the missing missile and simultaneously his defense secretary warned there appeared to be an unidentified flying into their airspace at an unpresented speed. He was being evacuated to the plane before he could even get off the phone. The US president just heard dead air as the prime ministers phone was forgotten as he was lifted away.
Tom turned into the last turn as the MP’s frantically waved him threw. Th realism of the situation coming on heavy as he gunned the charger toward the silo. When he had sped past the MPS he heard the words defcon one.
The explosion chased the Japanese prime ministers plane and enveloped it and ash and a falling burning heap was the result. Tokyo fared no better and without warning the world changed. The mushroom cloud rose so high and the people of japan gazed at the monstrosity that once was the the capital of japan.
The president of the us ordered defcon 1 and begun trying to determine what response should be made. Was the president of North Korea so careless he would let a nuke be launched by one rogue soldier. Or was this a state sponsored attack on the free world. China has urged restraint and began deploying rescue teams to fly toward the inferno that once was Tokyo.

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posted on Nov, 23 2017 @ 05:34 AM
a reply to: Saiker
Man that was dark.

posted on Nov, 27 2017 @ 03:28 PM
Pt 2

As BYEONG-HO continued running through the treacherous marsh headed for the beach in hope to escape his persuers. Although practicing this run for many years on the exact path his energy and health has been lacking since the great oppression of the North Korean people by the west. How they regret their actions this day undoubtedly in shock at what has occurred just minutes ago. Just ten more minutes of running and his fate awaits.

The North Korean ruler peered out the window in shock of the news for which his path had led. After the initial disappearance of the missile, he quickly began mobilizing the army in preparation for the destruction of the capital city of Seoul. Never thought this day would come where his hand was forced but what awaits the west will dwarf the events that have transpired thus far.

The acting leader of the Japanese, South Koreans, and the US met over sat com frantically planning what response should be made. The Chinese leader has voiced that it was an accident and restraint should be the top priority to prevent a catastrophe of unknown proportions. The veiled threat was quite evident as chinese warships were mobilizing and the threat was quite evident. In addition, Russia was wasting no time in mobilizing troops to the pre-soviet union disbandment lines.

Mark dropped Tom off and returned home worried about the fear he thought he heard and saw in toms face and voice. Confirming Toms worse fear the threat level is at Defcon 1. He looked at the tv and there a huge mushroom cloud hung over what once was Tokyo. The reporter in monotone trying to maintain composure while reporting on the massive loss of life expected.

Meanwhile, Reserves were being called up and national guard mobilized in the US. All schools were being closed and some of which were being converted to fall out shelters. Public advisories were being deployed over the radio, internet providers, and cell phones. Grocery stores were being left empty by shoppers and looters were taking what was left. Main routes were being closed to facilitate troop movement expediency to weapon stockpiles, bases, and undisclosed missile sites.


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