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Oligarchy: The Cancer in Human History

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posted on Nov, 21 2017 @ 05:52 PM
I watch a lot videos from historians to try to understand why the world is the way it is. I found this one interesting:

14 July 1994. Former member Webster Tarpley gives a class on 2,000 years of rule by Oligarchy, both its headquarters, which has existed within the empires of Babylon (the magi), Greece (the Cult of Apollo at Delphi) , Rome, Byzantium, Venice, and its current London (the Square Mile) location, plus its modus operandi of usury, genocide, slavery, monetarism, racism, and aristocratic feudalism. There has been requests for the second part of the lecture, but unfortunately, after making an inventory of my tape archive (see video), I cannot find it.

The Roman Empire stuff around the 34th minutes is when it get's interesting. A lot of people are irritated by Tarpley but look how young he is in the video!

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posted on Nov, 21 2017 @ 06:47 PM
a reply to: dfnj2015

Good subject ... Now to catch up to their big plan this vid spells it out quite well .

posted on Nov, 22 2017 @ 07:54 AM
a reply to: the2ofusr1

The video was just okay for me. I felt some of his commentary was right wing fluff propaganda. There's no reason to even talk about the pejorative term Social Justice Warriors. He could have been talking about tea-baggers. Pejorative terms add nothing to the conversation other than divide us which is what he was saying was their motivation. I hear SJW and it makes very angry. People are fighting for equality for a reason. People fighting for equality should be respected as much as people fighting for 2nd Amendment rights in my opinion.

Also, showing Hillary Clinton is meaningless. And talking about Soros without talking about the Koch brothers and the other members of the billionaire cabal adds nothing to the conversation. If Soros were really that power then the Democrats would have more control over red states. I am so sick of hearing about Soros. Soros is not that powerful.

I think the problem is all the media outlets in red states are owned by far right conservatives who paint a picture of liberals and Democrats as scapegoats to control the voters. I think it is very effective. Government is not the problem. Government is the solution. The billionaire cabal is the problem using their money to oppress the people.

The stuff he talked about with regards to the world bank was okay. I think this requires a lot more depth of information. You have to follow the money on many paths of power. In some ways by ignoring the political tyranny from the right the video you referenced seems to me to perpetuate the problem. More depth of information is required to understand the true power in the world. Here is a really good video on the history of banking in this country:

It's a three and half hour video. The 9:40 to 10:55 mark in the video sums it all up. As I said, understanding this stuff takes commitment. The fiat money system is a big reason why everyone in this country is suffering on the edge of poverty in spite of all our technology and our huge gains in productivity. We have so much power to produce yet everyone lives in poverty. However, there are other reasons why we all suffer that are beyond the banking system.

The problem starts with the American people. The science of propaganda is very advanced. People just do not appreciate how well psychologist understand human psychology. The propagandists have mastered their art. And the Einstein of propaganda is guy named Edward Bernays. To understand how important Edward Bernays is to history, Joseph Goebbels had Bernay's books on his bookshelf! Here is a brief introduction:

The only way people can defend themselves from the propaganda and mind control is to be aware of the propaganda techniques used to control them. Anything on the news media outlets that makes you angry or draws out an emotional reaction is used to program your thinking. The "hooks" are used to get you to listen. And then once you are hook commentary is used to program your mind. It's extremely effective.

So fiat money system and propaganda technology is a big part of the part. But there's one more piece I think that is just as important. Here is a video on the JFK assassination. Besides the JFK stuff, there's a bit of history all what was going on in this country with organized crime and the mob leading up to the Kennedy assassination. In this video, there's something extremely profound in my mind. In the video, it is talk about how judges are subverted and taken over by the mob. There is a very powerful Sicilian technique for controlling court judges talked about in the video. I think this is a very profound insight into our country:

As a people, we will continue to suffer outrageous injustices without honest judges and commitment to a rule of law. I would argue every level of our government is run by organized crime. As a people, as long as organized crime run the government, the people will suffer.

I see a lot of criticisms coming from right about SJW and people in the city rioting over inequality. I do not think red state conservative voters understand how terrible a problem we have in the cities when organized crime runs the government. Take a look at how car loans use predatory lending techniques to destroy people's souls in the inner cities:

And this video show the effects of institutionalized organized crime. This is why people riot:

Government is the only power strong enough to fight injustice. As long as half the country thinks government is the problem nothing will change and the people will suffer. Government is supposed to fight injustice. But when government has been taken over by organized crime government is the source of the injustice. Maybe I have it all wrong. My understandings are a work in progress. I just think most common people are good people. And I think most people in power become drunk and corrupt from their power and become evil.

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