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Ever Had A Prophetic Dream? End of The World Dream?

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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 01:42 PM
Would you please share your extraordinary dream? IF you would , would you answer the questions as follows if applicable? Thank you for your input . please answer

Was this your first and only ( so far ) dream of this type?

During your dream , were you an active participant or a witness to an event?

If you have shared your dream with others , what was their reaction to it?

Can you interpret dreams for other people?

Does this type of ability run in your family?

Thank you for sharing your dreams and feelings about these types of dreams.
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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:00 PM
I had end of the world one once. It was very vivid. I was in a grocery store parking lot at night, and this huge craft of sorts slowly hovered above. It looked alien, but something told me it wasn't because there was some writing on it, red, almost Russian looking maybe. That part is a fog.

Anyway, this fireball drops out of it, and falls.. But it doesn't fall at normal free fall speed, a little slower. Once it hits it was like a nuke going off, just a wall of smoke and fire going in all directions and engulfing me and everyone around that was standing there. I was by myself at first, until it hit, then there were a few others.

I actually felt the heat! It was very hot, but not bad. Any hotter would have been bad. It was at the max comfortable level, if that makes sense. After that I woke up.

Had another dream probably years apart from this one, it seemed like the same parking lot. In this one I saw a plane (Airliner) going over, smoking, going down. It went down over the trees, smoke followed later, and that was it.

ETA: As far as your questions, Yes, yes, and the rest no's as far as I can remember. I have had other vivid, astounding dreams. But none that were end of the world I don't think.
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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: seeknoevil

One time I was on a beach, the sky was dark with the blackest, broiling, angry clouds, the oceans were foam. It was raining, the rain was red.

Another time I was standing looking off in the distance when a huge asteroid came straight in, I could see it lighting up as it went all the way to ground somewhere in the distance. I found my family and hugged them as I told them what I just saw. We were standing there waiting for the shockwave to arrive.

But two examples.

Imo, these were both just my mind replaying stuff I have seen or heard before on tv in books or film. Both these dreams occurred a long time ago when I was still young. Long before Peter Gabriel's song came out...

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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 02:38 PM
ive had several and even though i dont consider myself a prophet i do consider my dreams prophetic. I will share them later perhaps but the one i will share that i think is more relevant to our current world situation has to do with NK.

In my dream i was at a bunker of some kind with a variety of people most of whom i did not know. I did have a few family with me. We were all standing around in a very gloomy atmosphere....something had obviously happened to get us all to a bomb shelter of some kind.

Just then, after my understanding of where we were was fully manifested someone said "look over there!" and we all turned and looked toward the west coast of the USA and saw a bright mushroom cloud appear and I said out loud "oh my god hes finally done it" and in my dream i knew i was referring to Kim Jong Ill who was the leader at that time.

Then the dream ended.

All my end of the world dreams share certain qualities. The first is how noticeably realistic they are, almost too real. The second feature that i think is strange is every one of my end of the world dreams has been completely without fluff or nonsense of any kind. They have always started with the doom scenario and as soon as it ends the dream ends. The last quality that is very noticeable is my level of awareness and understanding of whats taking place. I always have a degree of understanding about whats happening that i shouldnt have in a normal dream. Almost as if i am watching myself but also looking through my own eyes at whats happening.

So thats it for now...maybe ill be back later with more. I have had about 5 dreams that were all of the same basic caliber.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 03:09 PM
I have a reoccurring dream. It's in a field usually, the field resembles a place I used to play however in the dream it is vivid and vast. Epic you might say. Huge craft descend from the sky, sometimes one, sometimes two. On occasions they crash and there is carnage. Last night they attacked and the dream kept flicking to news updates. Everyone was solemn, trapped.

I also have dream in which power stations explode and engulf onlookers. Much like the scene in Terminator 2.

These all feel end of times whilst I'm dreaming.

I love these dreams and really look forward to how truly epic they are.

My other regular dreams are just as extreme and often result in disaster however they are not end of the world type dreams.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 03:34 PM
a reply to: seeknoevil

I have had only two prophetic dreams,but they are significant as they were more than 10 years apart from each other and both involved catastrophic events in 2024 and the years immediately prior. I was both an onlooker and a participant.

My first dream I don't remember much other than the year 2024 and fire everywhere across a large country field and what appeared to be various plagues running rampant,there was a lion in the fire but it was not effected by the fire or the plagues.

My second dream was much more detailed and it still trips me out because things that dream showed me are happening daily. I was shown my future,but not in a traditional sense it was like I was granted access to the thoughts and memories I was yet to have,that is probably the best way to describe it. There were two years of importance shown to me 2023,which is when I will die in Egypt and 2024,but I was told I would be spared the torment and chaos of 2024.
In 2024 from a perspect hovering in the air near a tall skyscraper I saw what looked like New York city on fire,there was machines killing people,gun shots heard in the distance and people screaming for their lives.

No one I have told believes me,but I know it to be true because my future that was shown to me I see part of daily,some days I realize what day it is and how the rest of the day will unfold for me in perfect detail. I don't really care if anyone believes me though.

If this kind of thing runs in the family then my family has kept it a secret.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 05:21 PM
I had a dream about six/seven months ago. I remembered hearing and feeling a really loud rumble, then it looked like it's snowing heavily but it's grey and fluffy ash. The sky where I am (central NY) is grey but just light enough to see, to the west it's darker almost black like a strong storm in coming. I glance around to see my neighbors are also loading up their vehicles. Then I woke up.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 05:34 PM
a reply to: seeknoevil

My first and only real "end of the world" dream was about me standing on the cliff. There was a little boy standing with me, but he wasn't my son. A huge fire ball (meteor) was rushing through the sky and I felt like it was supposed to hit land. I, along with a few others ( I get the feeling it was a select few, 10-25 people) were supposed to make it hit the water. We couldn't stop it...but we could um, manipulate it to where we wanted it to go.

I never saw the other people, just felt they were there. Not where I was, but there with me helping. The little boy watched as I reached out my hand, palm out, and guided the meteor to where I wanted it to land. As it was about to hit the water, I looked down at the little boy and he looked up at me. We both knew that we wouldn't survive the experience...but the world would.

Answer to questions:
1. First and only dream like this
2. Active participant
3. Shared the dream with others..we searched for reasonable explanations.
4. I cannot interpret other peoples dreams
5. It does not run in my family.


posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 05:42 PM
About once a week on average. I'm sometimes a survivor sometimes I die. I had one the night before the Las Vegas shooting where I was in a collapse of a new World Trade Center brought down by Muslims, but Antifa was shooting/stabbing survivors and I escaped them as well killing several along the way. VERY vivid dream that night. I even have proof it the day before the Vegas shooting because I text my wife about it.
She just said "who's Antifa?". Gotta love her for not knowing or worrying about all this stuff.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: seeknoevil

I’ve had quite a few end of the world dreams. I have no visions, no prophetic abilities.

1. Probably 13 years old (so 39 years ago now). I was on a beach, gorgeous day, sun high and bright and hot. A row of beach houses, real houses and hotels stretching along the beach, normal distance as in real life. All of a sudden the sky turned ugly angry and the wind blew up and I had the most indescribable feeling of terror course through me. I knew I was going to die and so would everyone else. The ocean swelled up rapidly and swept over the roofs of all the houses, and I got caught up in the rush of water and grabbed onto a coconut tree but the tree simply swept along with the water and I knew I was going to die.

2. In my dream I was at work, in a 3 story building, huge building. For some reason I felt compelled to go to the stairwell (used in times of fire alarms/emergency situations) and as I did so there was a stream of people entering from the other floors. We were a stream of people heading down the outside level. And we stood there and waited. The end of the world was about to occur. We just stood there and waited. We were all calm. It was like inside our spirits we knew that this was the end, but also the greatest event we could ever experience and all would be okay. I was very curious.

3. Same thing – different building. I was at a huge mall type store or movie theatre (it’s been a while) but I remember feeling compelled to leave the building and I joined masses of other people who were calmly walking to the outdoors. We walked through the metal bar handled security doors and stood there waiting. There was a huge flash of white and then nothing. I was calm, extremely excited – I was going to go “home”. But I knew not everyone was going home.

4. About five years ago. I was in my house with my husband and child. Just a wooden house, nothing really in it, but I remember the wood structure, a simple house. There was a couch, and kids’ toys scattered all over the floor. I was drawn to the simple and small wooden paned window (with glass) at the end of the house. As I looked out the window the sky turned from a lovely blue sky’d day to the ugliest and angriest colors that quickly spread over the sky. Black clouds, sickly green clouds, angry purple clouds! Just intensity and angry feelings emanated from it. Then fireballs appeared in the sky and started to pelt the earth – enormous fireballs. The scene was utter chaos and destruction out the window and from far as I could see the earth and sky were being destroyed. At first I felt a flicker of fear, but then I found this bubbly sensation shift through my entire physical being and I found I was floating in the air of the house as light as could be. And I burst into happy giggles. And I wondered where my daughter was (she was 3 in my dream) and again, a flicker of fear for her, but then the thought was immediately gone as she floated up beside me – she was giggling with pure joy. We both had pure joy just bubbling up from without our souls. Not a care in the world. Floating, and that bubbly sensation. Then I had a moment of fear worrying for my husband (a believer in Jesus, but not actively) and the moment of worry for him instantly turned into joy as he floated sideways in front of us and then floated upwards and upwards. The joy I felt was unbelievable. And then my dream ended. I believe it was a dream of the Rapture.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 09:00 PM
a reply to: seeknoevil I will not share my dreams cause they are just random and there is alot. They keep me to only a few hours of sleep each and every night. I get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep the past two years. I have shared my dreams with my sister and one friend. They seem very disturbed. I try not to have anyone tell me what it means and I try not to think about them. There is nothing bad going on in my life besides the dreams. As far as I know no one in my family experiences this. It has been very concerning lately. I wake up every 40 minutes from a nightmare then when I fall back asleep it either is a continuation of the past nightmare or a new one. Alot of the time I wake up and my heart is so high most others may go to the hospital. I feel kinda awkward sharing this but there ya go. I take zero medication besides maybe a asprin or alkaseltzer every now and then.

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posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 09:21 PM
Off the top of my head I can think of two dreams in the last year/year and a half that seemed to predict future happenings. A dream of a fire at a certain location, came true a week later though the way it was started was different. Also a dream of reconnecting with someone from my past who isn't in my life currently, learned a week later that they were making an effort to contact me.

As for rapture dreams, I have them semi-regularly. However I believe they are probably born from anxiety. Just this morning I had a dream of hearing and watching several mushroom clouds forming in the distance, standing in awe because of course this was going to be the end of everything. Dreamed in the past of a destructive alien invasion and hiding from atomic bombs fired by NK. These don't come true obviously and mostly happen when I'm stressed IRL.

--Not my first/only dream of these types

--During the dreams I'm usually a witness/victim, not a participant in the sense that I cause the events

--I have shared some of these dreams with others, the reaction is just neutral because what can they say really

--I've been keeping a dream journal and listing/studying my dream symbols for over a year but haven't tried interpreting other people's dreams. Though, in my experience, scary ones are usually due to stress & anxiety.

--My family doesn't discuss dreams normally. I asked my sibling once if they have lucid dreams like me but they only ever had one and didn't enjoy the experience. ETA: I told one of my parents last year about the sleep paralysis I used to have as a child and they said "weird", I don't think they ever experienced it based on their reaction.

p.s. I recommend keeping a dream journal to anyone here with any interest in them :-)
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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 11:00 AM
a reply to: seeknoevil

Star and a flag for you. I want to befriend you but
But I'm handicapped with out my computer.
Lol. Merry Christmas Seek!


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