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Mississippi Fight Stories, Part 2 & 3: Finale

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posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 12:57 PM
This story takes place in Vicksburg, MS in 1998... maybe early 99..

The cast is bigger than previous stories, so hopefully I can set it up well enough for ya’ll to accurately visualize the events..

Ok, so it is Friday night In The small town of Vicksburg, MS. Myself and 5 other guys and 3 girls are all out kicking it in my best friend Joeys early 90’s blazer .. which was unmarked and he would claim was a Tahoe..and which we would always make fun of him for.. lol

Well, we decide to go to this red neck bar called Lucy’s .. there were only 2 bars in town, Lucy’s where a mainly red neck crowd hung out and Daquari World, a mainstream joint where, I kid you not they served alcohol out of a drive through window, with the straw already in your cup..

Well we pull into Lucy’s and start drinking.. It’s Friday night so the place is packed.. maybe 100 people or so. We are there for an hour or so and by that time everyone has a pretty decent buzz going. When a couple of the bars red neck regulars find out the 3 girls I’m with have some obscure beef with a few of the local redneck ladies..

The 3 girls with me from oldest to youngest are Pam, Rachel and Wendy..

All 3 are sisters and very attractive, but definitely fighter chics..

Well the red neck regular starts running back and forth between the 2 groups of girls attempting to get stuff started and sooner or later , he succeeds and the girls go out side to square off. Leading to the bar emptying out to watch the girls go at it.

Outside the 3 sisters square off with the 3 representatives of the red neck bar. Their opponents are ; Mandy also attractive and has a mean reputation for being a fighter chic herself, and 2 over weight girls I went to school with, but hadn’t seen in years..

The 2 groups of girls charge each other and tie up..

With Pam and Rachel the older sisters grabbing ahold of the 2 over weight girls and Mandy , their teams best fighter locking horns with the younger, smaller sister Wendy..

Well Pam and Rachel start just man handling the 2 over weight girls.. Pam at one point had her opponent on her knees by the hair repeatedly banging her head into a near by car door.. now the girl had her hands up blocking most of the damage, but it looked really good!

Wendy, on the other hand , (our smallest combatant) was not faring so well against Mandy (their only real fighter chic). So Mandy is manhandling her pretty well. She has her down and is kinda wailing o her.. mainly grazing blows, but still losing handily.

But I feel like my team is winning 2 out of 3 , SO I AM LOVING IT!!

Well Freddy was one of the 6 guys with our group and was dating Wendy. So he decides he needs to intervene and stop the beating his girlfriend friend is getting..

He pushes his way through the crowd , because at this point the bar is empty since everyone was outside watching the girl fight. Then grabs mandy around the waist and starts to pull her off of his girlfriend.

Well, Mandy is a regular at this bar, so of course she has more than one family member in attendance. So her cousin a “ Bug” (I didn’t name him lol) charges out of the crowd after him and shoves him off Mandy..

Freddy and Bug bow up to each other and start exchanging “Muther F’er I’ll kill you”’s.

Well Freddy hesitates and Bug doesn’t, and he just flattens old Freddy with one of those super square shots you take while standing still.

As soon as Bug and Freddy started to bow up to each other, I started maneuvering to put myself behind Bug to aid Freddy if necessary. So when Bug Lays Freddy out i instantly sling the basically empty beer bottle I’m holding directly into the back of his head.. I release it just a couple inches from my target and IT DOESN’T BREAK. It bounces off with a audible thud and Bug goes down.... followed by me half drunk and swinging..

I doubt I do any damage with the barrage after the beer bottle, but I’m on top of him when I’m hoisted up from behind and thrown into the wall of the bar by a short but VERY stocky Mexican named Chico.

He pushes me into the wall and says “Y’all need to get out of here..”

To which I reply “ I already know..” because this isn’t “our” bar..

This is not my groups home turf.. this is the red neck crowd’s home turf..

He releases me and I set about getting all my friends back into the blazer before the crowd starts to turn on us..

I get almost everyone in the blazer, myself included , when I realize Freddy isn’t there..

So I get back out of the Blazer solo to retrieve him.. I find him right off the bat and push him into the vehicle and start climbing in myself..

I remember he yells at me when he first sees me , still both half dazed and half drunk, “ where the hell were you at??” Him not seeing much of what happened after he got rocked..

I think I tell him something like “ oh I did, now get your F’h @$$ I the car...”

I’m about halfway in the Blazer door when apparently Chico, the stocky Mexican realized that was his best friend I had hit in the head with the beer bottle (causing 12 stitches) and bum rushes me half way in the door..

He crash’s Into the door like a football player and just crush’s me between the door and the blazer.. he then steps back and I tumble out of the blazer into the ground.. dazed from being crushed in the door. Then Chico instantly goes down on top of me.

He grabs me in a headlock and starts punching me in the top of the head and I start swinging up at him from a super uncomfortable angle..

Neither of us doing any damage since he is hitting me in the top of the head and I have zero momentum from the angle I am swinging at..
Somewhere in the mix, apparently all the drunk rednecks decide “FREE LICKS ON THE TRESPASSERS! “ and that they no longer want to be left out of all the fun.. so they all start circling and creeping in closer and closer to see if they can get a few shots in as well.

After seeing me get crushed in the door and go down, and I’m sure seeing the bloodthirsty mob outside to watch the girl fight, swap all attention to us , Joey jumps out of the drivers seat and soccer kicks ole Chico dead square in the forehead ending our stalemate and knocking him off the top of me.

Then one of the mob hits Joey..

Followed by another of our 4 comrades climbing out of the blazer and starts swinging on the person attacking Joey..

Followed by another person from the crowd stepping forward and swinging on him..

Followed by Freddy , his senses returned taking on that person..

Within a couple seconds it was the 6 of us with our backs to the blazer in a semi-circle swinging at anyone who came close. With I’m guessing 60+ drunk rednecks all wanting free licks swinging at any of us that made the mistake of getting within their punching range..

How we all got back in the Blazer is fuzzy, but we pulled out of Lucy’s with dozens of drunk rednecks rocking the blazer by pushing on each side and then a trail of 8 vehicles that followed us a few miles down the road before ending the chase..

When all was said and done I was super happy with it all.. All of my friends had gotten out of the blazer knowing we had zero chance of winning against the army of drunk red necks before us.. everyone there had to know they were getting out of that blazer to carry an @$$ whooping to protect a buddy, and they all still came anyway..

All in all, we faired pretty well.. Freddy had a black eye from being leveled , I had a bunch of knots on my head

posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 12:58 PM
and Joey had a busted nose.. Not too shabby imho for taking on a whole bar..

Well apparently the red necks were not as happy with the way things turned out as I was.. lol..

Bug had to get 12 stitches, thanks to my beer bottle and none of them felt like they had given us enough of a beating to call things even..

In a small town it didn’t take long for word to get out on who was all involved on both teams.. None of us knew each other personally, just by reputation.

So it only took about 2 days for about 6 BIG drunk red necks to show up at my house wanting blood.

I’m either 18-19 at this time and was one of the first ones of my friends to have their own place. So it was just me and my roommate home at the time.

Well I’m not a coward, but I’m not stupid either so there is zero chance I’m going out side to fight 6 red necks out for revenge.. solo..

So I open the door and say “ who wants to be a hero” and me and my roommate get in the hallway of our trailer with clubs.. assuming they will have to come down the narrow hallway one at a time, which gives us our best chance at fighting them off..

Well being a bunch of good ole boys, they don’t come inside.. they instead bend the antenna on my new camero in half and leave.. which I bend again into the shape of a lightning bolt , lol .. lemonade out of lemons and all.

Well now I’m pissed...

Imho., If you catch me out running around or at the gas station or something and jump me, that’s fair game, but you don’t go to someone’s house.. that’s off limits.. there are arbitrary rules here that might not be 100% logical lol..

So I find bugs number and call him up and tell him if he wants a shot at the title, I will be happy to give it to him..

We agree to meet at a well known bridge on a dirt road out in the boonies and settle things one on one..

We will both bring people to insure it stays 1 on 1, but agree they will just watch assuming no one intervenes..

Well my friends are pretty pissed that I’m making it a 1 on 1 to squash things. They are all still hyped from the bar Fight a few nights before and are still feeling invincible.

I get up about 20ish people to come with me and we meet at the preplanned location..

All 20 either beg to make it a group fight or at least tell me that they are willing, if I change my mind.. however, southern honor and all I’ve already given my word..

We arrive first with half a dozen cars or so and have to wait about 20 min past the appointed time.. it’s just long enough for me to start thinking I might be off the hook and they chickened out.. but no sooner did I start to get my hopes up, when Bug pulls up with 3 cars in tow..

He only bought 8 guys with him, but they were all way bigger than mine, and to a man known tough guys.. So if it came to group on group, I had the numbers, but he had the tougher people.. I’m pretty sure we could win since we have better than 2 on 1 odds, but I don’t doubt for a second that it’s gonna take every one of my 20 to take down his 8..

One of my 20 is a guy named marky D who basically played referee...he is a bit older than my group and knew everyone on both sides... He isn’t real big but has as tough of a reputation as anyone Bug brought with him..

( I stole that line about “who wants to be a hero” from him when I watched him call out a group of guys at Daiquiri World he had some beef with.. he was Solo faced off with 5-6 guys all talking smack to each other when he decides , screw this and says something like “ F all this talking , I’ll take you all on , one on one who wants to be a hero..”

None of them wanted to be a hero lol.. to this day he is still one of the more alpha males I have ever personally known.. )

Bug off handedly tells mark that, “The Hearn boys wanted to come, but he knew if he brought them there was zero chance it stayed 1 on 1..” they were arguably the most locally famous of the town’s known bar fighters....

Now, before the bar fight I had never met Bug before and was half drunk at the bar so I couldn’t have picked him out of a line up if I wanted to.

Me and Bug square up and I am not real happy to find out he out weighs me by 100lbs and is almost a foot taller..

He approaches me chest out and says “you still wanna do this?”

Well seeing that he was literally twice my size, no I didn’t, lol... but it was way too late to back out now..

So I punch him fairly squarely and we tie up.. he ABSOLUTELY got the better of me, but it was no easy task. I’m easily taking 2 shots for every one I land, but I’m still landing shots and not going down.. we trade blows standing up before it devolves into us rolling on the ground .. Bug even feeling the need to resort to eye gouging, to which Mark D yells is off limits and bug stops.. moving his hand to my throat and attempting to choke me out instead lol..

A lot of it is a blur , but it lasted a REALLY long time before Mark D decided it was over..

Some chic that had tagged along timed it , while sitting in one of the vehicles and said we fought for just under 8 min..which is just an incredibly long fight... most altercations are measured in seconds.. In my experience less than 10% even make the two min mark...

Once Marky D decides we are done. He breaks us apart and we both get up and shake hands, before going out separate group heading back to my trailer which is on that side of town anyway..

About an hour later Bug and 3 of his original 8 pull into my driveway..

He is super impressed with the whole situation and as far as he is concerned . Once you think about it everyone acted as they were white-trash honor bound to act..

A bigger girl was beating up his girlfriend, so Freddy grabbed her..

A male grabbed Bugs female cousin in the middle of a girl fight , so he hit him...

Some random guy hit my friend at the bar, so I cracked him With a beer bottle..

Some guy cracked Chico’s best friend with a beer bottle , so he crushed him in a blazer door and went to punching him..




All the way down to 2 representatives for each side squaring off to squash the whole thing...

He left after being there just long enough to reenforce the fact all the beef was ended and also to add that if I ever needed someone to watch my back, to call him.. He would be there..

This is the last story I’m gonna tell as these are the craziest few events of my teenage years.. this one is by far my favorite and just the craziest turn of events, that actually need with everyone winning..

Hope some one out there enjoys them and it has bee fun and nostalgic reliving them.

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posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 02:40 PM
a reply to: JoshuaCox


I have been in my fair share of scraps in my younger days.
And I am not proud of any of them.. the ones I won I regret and the ones I lost I now realize I deserved. I'm in my mid forties and when I'm with my old high school friends and they bring up these "epic" scraps , I cringe...

So I'm going to repeat what I said in your other thread;

Real tough guys do not go around telling tough guy stories.....
Real tough guys have stories told about them and more often then not downplay the situation or change the subject.

Now I am not calling into question the validity of your stories, and I'm definitely not trying to insult you, I am just stating my opinion.


posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 03:30 PM
a reply to: Mike Stivic

Then why did you read it and comment lol....

After reading it.. if you think I’m over hyping something . I don’t know what to tell you.. I definitely did not make myself out to be invincible or the toughest guy in the room..

An earlier poster , posted a storie of him being robbed at gunpoint..

So I told the stories of the 3 Times I had been robbed as well. The last one involves a fight as well and from telling that story, it made me want to remember the few cool fight stories I have..

As I said, it has been years since I’ve had a reason to tell any of them..

I’m guessing we grew up under vastly more sensitive system if you regret the ones you won and deserved the ones you lost..

Or you were just a bully who never fought anyone you knew was your equal... that’s the only way I can think of where you would regret it..

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posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 03:41 PM
a reply to: JoshuaCox

Again I never tried to insult you.

I believe you, not that it should matter.

I regret the ones I won, because I realize now that bad judgement and alcohol led to those incidents being settled physically.
After maturing and realizing that every dispute does not need to be ended with a headbutt or an uppercut I now look back with regret.

Again the ones I lost I feel like I deserved because I wasn't smart enough to figure out a better solution at the time.

I was never trying to insult you, just giving my opinion.


posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 06:36 PM
I'm the same way now meathead. I can't even think of my street fights.

Josh, your stories remind me of every Friday night when I was a teenager.
I'm not going to lie, I did enjoy them!

When I turned 20 and my first child was born, I thought to myself I cannot get in trouble ever again. I have to be a father now....but boy did I love to fight.
I never did it to be the hotshot. I always thought of a fist fight as a contest. And nothing pissed me off even more than if another guy picked a fight with me, and when I won he still whined and tried to get others to fight me.
At least you and Bug did it properly.
You challenged him to a duel, he accepted, brought the proper back up in case things got out of control. And when it was over you shook hands.
And no doubt had mutual respect for each other.

As I was saying once I had my daughter, I still had the fighters itch in me.
So I went to our local MMA class and fell in love.
After a year of training and an amateur fight, I then started to fight pro for Cage Fighting Manitoba for 4 years.
When I realized I wasn't going to be making more than 5000 per fight staying in Canada, I had to call it quits.
At this time MMA was still illegal in Ontario. So between traveling for fights, training,, the time involved, it just wasn't worth it anymore.

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posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: Macenroe82

It was always about the contest for me as well ..

That and the bonding experience that comes from being part of a group who has stood by each other when confronted with danger..

Everyone I was with at the bar fight could have stayed in the Blazer and been perfectly safe.. however, they all got out and to help each other when EVERY ONE OF THEM KNEW OT WAS A NO WIN SITUATION..

That meant a whole lot and gave us all a trust in each other that is hard to find..

posted on Nov, 14 2017 @ 07:26 PM
a reply to: JoshuaCox

Oh hell ya. I know what you mean.

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 03:28 AM
I would be embarrased to tell such a story,throwing bottles and hitting people with back turned makes you look like a sissy,not unlike the ANTIFA bunch,what an example of liquor,low self esteem gets you,throwing objects at the back of people heads

posted on Nov, 15 2017 @ 06:24 AM
a reply to: Oldtimer2

Well aren’t you a sensitive little snowflake??


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