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Future= Settle crisis USA+Ukraine-Syria C. fire+ Normalize w. Soc. approach

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posted on Nov, 9 2017 @ 07:38 PM
The peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

Are you shocked with the war of misinformation that is taken place in the media day and night for about almost a year?, the one that has kidnapped gradually the public opinion in America? well if that is the case this thread is for you!

We are ending an extremely tense year either in internal affairs in the USA as in the geopolitics around the world, one that is showing that only by being able to negotiate differences and look for what is of common interest is that we can push humanity out of the huge national and international security crises that we have transiting since 4 years ago.

The following is a social and economic equation that seems to be a valid description of what are our possibilities to build a better future:

Future= Settle down Political crisis in USA+Ukraine-Syria Cease of fire+ Normalize relationship West-Russia+International trade new social approach

At almost a year after the so controversial election of Donald Trump for the white house we have an extremely polarized horizon in America, perhaps the worst one since the times of Watergate, there are clearly two visions of country and also two political agendas in discord, plus two criminal prosecutions that are intending to destroy the leaders of both groups.

It is clear at this point that the election was marred by international intervention on it to favor one or other political partisan program, as well as candidate, but also it is true that such interference came not from a single side, it was not promoted by only one single campaign and it was practiced without control in agreement with international sponsors that had interests to risk in the final outcome of who was going to be elected.

It is also true that only one of the sides was playing out of the rules of who was a friendly country to receive support from, something that may be qualified as collusion, but it is equally true that the decision of what was a friendly country or what was one under embargo was taken by a partisan agenda carried out by the previous administration not consulting the American opinion on the subject but primarily the convenience in political pacts to favor the interests of only European countries.

If the two sides don't find a way to arrive to honorable agreements in key aspects this is going to jeopardize any possible decent future for millions of Americans due to the gradual paralysis that is taken over the state role in economy and the public sector performance.

It is not possible to continue moving over the assumption that this administration can end in disaster abruptly anytime in the near future and think that such instability is not going to affect in a so much negative way the performance of economy more soon than later, closing paths of progress to millions of peoples that need disparately to have stability in the country to see their projects work, their business opportunity to plan at future and to cease the nervousness in the investors.

It is said that a bad government can mess almost any country but an irresponsible opposition moved only by revenge too.

Internal division as the one we see in America only can boycott the future for all, there is no going to be any social and economic agenda prospering and also the domestic violence would be exacerbated more and more, as a logical consequence of the lack of opportunities, depression and anxiety that is arriving to the lives of many frustrated, unemployed or sub-employed people.

When violence takes over the life of societies it can remain for some time affecting the life of common people but soon or later will escalate social spheres and will touch anybody at any level, including the ones that think are untouchable.

It is immoral and against the values and principles that inspired the American revolution to raise flags of racism, supremacy of only one race over the others, or prosecution of groups blaming them of the economic stagnation we have, but it is also against it to pretend to have millions of members of certain minorities living for ever of coupons granted by the state in order to makeup their lack of opportunities or education to be productive part of the economy instead of a load that must be carried out by the society in general.

Now, in the international arena Europe, Russia and America can not continue to much longer involved in a confrontation in Ukraine without having tremendous risk to fire another mega international conflict and the same must be said about the civil war in Syria, if there is no soon agreement in how to end those wars they are going gradually to erode any possibility of understanding among the great political powers and send them in course of collision not in third part countries but even in their own mainlands.

Without normalization of relationships between Russia and the west we are going to see gradually emerging more dangerous crises around the world, conflicts like the one with North Korea, Venezuela or Iran are so volatile that easily can fire entire regions of the world, we could see incredible powerful explosions of violence spreading along far east, the Caribbean or middle east without way to control or suffocate them.

International trade must also be renegotiated toward new approaches that balance the competition on the markets with the social guaranties that must exist in the societies to preserve the stability of the markets. Internal de-regularization of economy can only lead us again to speculative maneuvers that in the past proven to generate severe crisis like the 2008 great recession, but we also must ponder the weight that uncontrolled free trade has had in to create the same risk.

It is impossible to sustain demand of goods and services in the markets if they are being sucked completely by unbalanced flows of money that go only in one direction and always toward the same pockets. Capitals that are profiting in a country must be obligated to have a minimum of investment in generations of actual jobs in the same, and if that is not the case must be taxed to allow the public sector to generate those jobs.

It is insensate to continue founding the world economy in to produce cheap in countries like China or India, that do not offer any social security to their citizens but also are clearly currency manipulators, at expense of huge rates of unemployment and increasing poverty in the west.

We must decide what we prefer to get at future:

- Through intelligent negotiation at least part of something of what we pursue or

- to continue fighting blindly with high risk to get at the end nothing and even lose what we feel is already ours.

We must decide what do do:

- To continue passively observing our politicians to destroy ones the others, using the public funding to sustain personal or partisan crusades or,

- To press them to arrive to agreements in really fundamental areas and put aside their ideological differences to arrive to pragmatical solutions.

The thread is open to all the ones that feel it is time to work for great social deals, to think in great to assure a minimum of satisfaction for many instead of selfish positions that only can benefit minorities and to move on from conflicts that do not have possible way to be won by anybody and only can produce losses to everybody.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 9 2017 @ 09:18 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Yes our elected officials need to put on their big boy pants and start listening to the people .


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