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A Stand of Revenge For Anthem Kneeling

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posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 01:15 PM
Nobody needs to be made aware of the highly sensitive debate of politics infesting our pro sports and athletes these days. The gray areas of politics meshing with sports have long been a festering issue within pro and college sports, but it seemingly only became a stinker of an issue when one man took a knee during the anthem. The man seemingly sparked a fire of the divides of ideals on both politics in the work place and respect for one's military/flag alike.

Personally, I don't endorse anthem kneeling, but it's also not a law and a choice to kneel as well. I am very neutral on the subject as a whole, simply because I refuse to be tricked into the belief that I MUST choose one side or the other. I've long protested spent finances on the NFL, but for other reasons. I find it almost comical though, to see all these protests come out of the shadows... burning their jerseys and spouting off furthering rants of passionate protesting. Where were the outrages in 2008 when almost all NFL players remained in the locker rooms until the anthem was over?

Now, let's take a look at how Roger Goodell's salary magically hits an upward slope when the DOD begins to administer tax dollars into the NFL, shall we. Please note that these tax dollars are NOT being spent to assist American's in honoring the U.S. military. Instead, the DOD prefers to spend your tax dollars... to unknowingly BUY your support and patriotism by way of PAYING the NFL to endorse the channeled message with the alotted funds. It's also why NFL teams were made to be present for the anthem.

Since there's been a clear push to act in a different way then was previously stated by all party's involved (NFL big wigs & DOD financiers), this caused a stir internally... wondering why a sitting President would be so irritated by what an American citizen does with their own career. However, just because the league is named under the terms 'National', the NFl is still a business of which should be no way tied to government expenditures.

Revenge is the internal reason of which the sitting President attacked NFL owners... using his earned platform to assist in disgracing a league of which has previously disgraced his own personal investments. Simply, for the aspect that the NFL made it a rule that players 'should stand', instead of 'must stand' was Mr. Trump able to put Roger Goodell into a corner of answering to both his product and history of DOD payments at the same time.

Let's source this revenge, shall we? Do people remember when the USFL was luring great NFL talent to play ball in the spring time that existed between 1983 & 1985? Or maybe the New Jersey Generals of the USFL... owned by yours truly, Donald J. Trump?

Yes, Mr. Trump was the over zealous owner of the league that, like in current times, is hellbent on relaying the message that his own business thoughts and tactics are superior to the world's as a whole. One could imagine his level of confidence flourished when a court ruled that: 'yes indeed, the NFL is a monopoly'. The blow the ego takes when a requested $1.32 billion is awarded a grand total of $3.76 is easy to imagine as well... only to be made worse when the USFL collapsed soon thereafter.

Just imagine the salivating taste buds for revenge that itched at the back of Mr. Trump when Roger Goodell was faced with the dilemmas of being secretly bought by the DOD with tax dollars vs. the product of 'human beings' that offer Mr. Goodell the chances to even be bought by financiers. It's my belief that the public would here a completely different take from Mr. Trump if he happened to be one of the NFL owners as he wished for in prior times.

In the end, all this hub-bub and personal views on these matters of anthem are meaningless in relation to the fact that government expenditures are spent to the level they are, while buying patriotism without either disclosing it to tax payers or approving the spent funds prior to doing so. Like in most tyranny's, we must keep a strong focus on the money trails, and there aren't near as much funds allocated to who kneels during songs as there are funds that are allocated between U.S. government and NFL CEO bank accounts... I promise that much. One thing I would ask additionally to not fall for the divide that financiers are hoping the poor stay angry over.

The rich will forever continue their ways of secretly moving funds to influences of large organizations. When a person or two along the way exposes the poor management of funds and rules made around the management of funds, its up to the consumer to hold financiers accountable to the arenas of which they created as a playing field in the end. It's how the financiers see and act on the arenas of emotions... as long as people are stuck dwelling on the cultural differences and personal thoughts of patriotism, the crimes of hidden funds being funneled right before our eyes as consumers will more likely be ignored.

I at least would have sold my NFL memorabilia... long before I burned it. Not only did the fans that burn their goods get taken for the initial purchase, but they paid for them even more so by burning something that has at least some financial value. Now, I am left with more questions... questions like, was Colin Kaepernick kneeling to expose the poor money and rule management by DOD and NFL owners? Or, are the protesters of the protesters being paid, or have the protesters of the protesters been bought by propaganda displays of past?

It's kind of hard to stand on one side of this fence or the other... I trust that the public is misled by financiers of patriotism more than I'd be willing to fight with a fellow poor American that is victim to mismanaged funds of government and CEO's of rich organizations alike. If the finances Mr. Goodell accrued did not source from tax dollars, then a wise business decision in his shoes would be to remove the anthem from the work place... so the two sides aren't afforded the arena to fight each other.

It's a sad state of affairs when tax dollars are being administered to buy patriotism by way of non disclosure. Patriotism should stem from an area of 'WANT' only. If you need or require to be bribed or bought into the concepts of patriotism, then I'd prefer that those aspects of life be exposed prior to the chances of patriotism being 'bought'. At the least, tax payers should demand that the DOD displays how much was allocated to administer the display just seen. How do we as tax payers know that NFL owners aren't profiting off of these displays? I feel the graph/link of Roger Goodell's salary spikes are a direct indication that at least Roger Goodell himself personally took tax dollars to allow for the DOD to operate its displays. FULL DISCLOSURE SHOULD BE DEMANDED!!!

Please allow me to close this OP with some comedy gold. Gold of which does a great job portraying the SJW's of sports and patriotism. Mr. Bassmaster... you're comedy talent is severely under rated and is 'pure genius' if you ask me.

posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 01:25 PM
Same reason he was so determined to trash "Obama Care", because he's a petty fat tyrant with tiny hands, who buys his woman.

Many have commented for years of how vindictive he is to any perceived slight.


posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 01:36 PM

It's a sad state of affairs when tax dollars are being administered to buy patriotism by way of non disclosure. Patriotism should stem from an area of 'WANT' only.

This HUGE aspect of the recent debacle has been brought out previously here but not to the degree you have laid it out.
Those who argue against the players as anti-American seem not able to consider their own patriotism in light of the propagandized patriotism pushed by the collusion of government and NFL.

But aside from that, your OP clearly offers the REAL reason that Mr. Trump has taken such an issue. It has little to do with patriotism and much more to do with his own bruised ego. Poor guy...

posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

Thanks for the reply! yes, the contradictions throughout the entire debate are numerous. It kind of makes a 3rd side of the debate... one of which wants answers on the undisclosed money being spent on behalf of tax payers.

Like, would all the protesters of protesters go so far as to burn all their past purchases at the aspect that the entire team stayed in the locker room prior to 2009? I think not...

Would DJT speak out against NFL players so negatively in current times if he were able to be the owner of a NFL franchise as he so adamantly wished for? I think not...

I see rich vs. poor in these times to be the civil issue of black vs. white of the Jim Crowe era. It kind of pains me to see people fall victim that the largest areas of divide to heal are through channels of cultural divide... pains me a lot in fact.

I wish people would stop giving the NFL's and Walmart's of the world their money and support... so the rich is forced to face the real dilemmas posed by the separation of wealth expanding at such rates.

I'd hate to see DJT taking blame for the NFL debacles though... he wasn't even part of politics when the DOD started pumping millions into the NFL for bought patriotism. All DJT did in the NFL debacle was use his platform to express his personal hatred for the NFL commissioners officials. I don't agree with what DJT said either, but I'd hate to cast a larger hidden shadow towards the fact that government expenditures are filling NFl big wig pockets... to buy patriotism.
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posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 02:20 PM
I think if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find DoD implemented the program as a recruitment tool. It is hard to maintain an all volunteer force when there are multiple deployments into war zones during a single enlistment (In contrast to the one year and out that draftees endured during the Vietnam War). The goal is to reach those patriotic enough to become a part of something bigger than themselves, that they might seek commissioning as an officer or enlist into a multitude of skills, receive free advanced training, graduate college if you have the drive, and make something of yourself. Those into self-loathing, whining, with no self-respect need not apply.

Of course you have to put down the weed, oxy, guns, gang-banging lifestyle, etc., but in the end you’ll have way more than you had when you started, both financially as well as in positive character traits.

Sorry, this is not the “conspiracy” you’re looking for....flame away.

posted on Nov, 5 2017 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: Lab4Us

So, tax payers are just supposed to ignore the undisclosed funds being paid to the NFL? People are supposed to just accept that operators of private/public/non governmental entities are quite likely financially rewarded to stage 'whatever' event?

The odd thing about the argument of creating the 'wished for' patriotism by way of grand display in private sectors of business is that the bulk of military recruitment stems through impoverished teens offered a chance at college when they return from duty. Sorry, but very seldom will we see those funds successfully recruit the Witnhrop Winchester IV's of the country's youth... they're usually well off into their legacy filled family chain come time to decide on time spent as an adult. What, maybe Winchester IV becomes an officer... typically calling the shots on where to spend undisclosed funds? Just because the displays are intended for a particular purpose, does not equate to the planning being successful by any means... I hope that is seen as undeniable.

I fully support any agenda of specificity by the DOD with tax dollars of Americans... I thoroughly enjoy the displays as they, under the correct set of guidance, invoke a natural patriotism for one's flag, country, and military service members... much like you're saying. Sorry if I feel it's a bit of a cop out for earning one's loyalty by way of secretly financing the tax dollars used to invoke feelings of patriotism... without disclosure. Nobody would ever hear a peep from me if, at the beginning or end of a display, there was a small small disclosure statement, stating: 'this display cost XXX amount of tax dollars, and the NFL was paid XXX amount/percent to allow for such display in their place of business.'

You're kind of feeding my points I feel. That people will latch onto the specifics of a particular debate, while making themselves settled at the complete waste of funds. Funds of which we are on the north side of 19 TRILLION dollars of debt now. Additionally, if they spend so much on such a patriotic movement of patriotism by way of 'stadium flyover', then why is the bulk of service members of the U.S. military served by impoverished sectors of the population? I'd say that's a significant indication of money being poorly spent... making the non disclosure of the previously spent funds on displays to be an improper expenditure of funds, and even furthering the need for debate on this. Why not just be upfront about it, and directly advertise to the people who can't even afford to attend a football game? Hell, even giving the veterans a few extra dollars of support would be wished for over a damn B2 bomber flyover.

This is a debt crisis debate to me... masked by a judgement of character debate. It makes me really sad to see Americans as a whole willingly accept the abuse of funds by influencer's to the degree that's seen today.

At some point in time, for the U.S. to prevail, a 'current' generation of time will have to sacrifice their own comforts in a society, in order to promote the healing and even chance of healing to the generations we create beyond the current.

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