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Order and Progression

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posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 04:06 PM
Clouds shift, and light enters, filling the dark spaces. Clarity bespeaks wonders and horrors alike, for wisdom shows that for the one to be achieved, the other must be reconciled. I ask, to no one in particular: Is it not true that we all fundamentally seek after truth? That we each of us instinctively yearn for order? That each of us wants, basically, the best we can achieve, deep down inside? We all, in other words, not just want, or need, clarity, but in truth it is the very thing which allows us to want or need anything. At a root level, there is a sacreligious aspect torwards wanting anything besides necessities, because it is against this very thing by which anything is attained.

One cannot make a spear except by following the natural order required to make a spear, elswise somehow finding one or making it on accident. Therefore, we see, that by the invention of the spear, there is no true invention being made, but rather a discovery of order. This Order, which permeates throughout all of existence, is in fact the very goal, but we humans tend only to recognize and appreciate any Order so far as it results in our benefit. In other words, to return to the spear, there is often times no thanks for the spear, except because the spear will bring food. This is what bhuddism, the basic bhuddism that everyone is familiar with who has ever heard of it, is about: "remove the I, then remove the want, all that is left is the desired object" By envisioning the desired object, one makes the way for order to be established, as is natural, for as ive said, order permeates throughout the entire universe, that is how the universe exists as itself to begin with. Herein we see the seeds of truth which are brought to ripen with the now common knowledge of the law of attraction.

However... and so far as im aware im the only one who notices this distinction consciously, for i have seen no one talking of it(though of course, that means little)... If one is intent upon manifesting their hearts desires... by utilizing the natural progression of Order... That is the same as seeing and being thankful for the spear only because it means food, or protection... I.e, seeing the tree, not as the tree, but as a house. This is what was lost when europe brought its "civilization" to the native cultures of the americas(not, of course, that they were without their own problems): Best represented by the common image, or meme, of the native giving thanks to the animal that they kill, and to the bow that they used, and to the arrow, which was shot. Thus, we see a little bit of the mysticism surrounding shamanism dissipate: Shamanism is only different for the aspects of its " medicine" aka their pure awareness, their pure thankfullness; but moreover, their pure attentiveness.

I had to meander a little ways to come to the other side of the distinction that i mentioned, but here it is:instead of being focused on ones desires, ones needs, and thus being blind to the true reality, and thus progression of things... OOne should instead be focused upon the nature of Order itself... and this is, i believe, what the bible is getting at when Jesus says "pursue the kingdom of God first, and everything else shall be added unto you" for, surely, what else could be the kingdom of god, but the very institution of order, of righteousness, of purity, of which we are all aware, and dependent upon for existence itself? Likewise, what could be the "world" which corruption is to be found in, excepting in our minds, which, as i have likewise attempted to illustrate via this message, is seperate to Order, to true reality, by the very wanting, or desire?

Thus we see that Nirvana, is not something to be attained, to be achieved, but rather something to return to. Something that i believe bhuddism is missing, or at least the common knowledge bhuddism; certainly in the message of "now happiness is all that is left", something which is completely missing from new age "law of attraction" is that, by envisioning the desired reality, state, object or occurence, one inherently places it seperate to oneself. I would go so far as to say, even, that the new age "law of attraction" is a great deception.

In other words, if we take the 'I' and the 'want' out of 'i want happiness' and have only 'happiness' left, that is all we have: the conception of happiness. whereas, if we were to pay attention to the true reality of things, and not the conceptualizations of how things should be, we find that Order can be found, and pursued, often to much higher heights than could be imagined. This is the concept of "enlightenment", true living, unified and yet individualized. perfect communion, as mentioned when jesus said "the father is in me and i am in the father.It seems like it would be easier for an individual to attain enlightenment than a society, and yet, if the society were to even begin to pursue it, they would achieve it instantly, whereas the individual must reconcile with reality.

In ther words... societally speaking, if we as members of society were to open communications with the other members of said society, about the problems that affect and are generated by said society, and keep working through those issues, civilly, until order is found? And then said order is implemented, by said members of society, for said society? The problem, the only problem, is achieving the discussion, and maintaining civility. Both of which, the internet provides an apt solution to. Firstly, anyone can log on to the net. Secondly, it is easier to keep tempers in check on the net as opposed to real life, in the sense that there are a lot less triggers for agression, simply because the other person is on the other end of the screen, as opposed to in your face.

Thirdly, as is well known and indisputable, the internet is the epitomy, thus far achieved, of communication. Or, as some critics like to say, it is a "glorified telephone" And yet, the glory comes as a result of its actions, which produce undeniable advantage over said telephone. fourthly, while it is impossible to fit all of humanity into one building( or scaling up to when humanity is spread out onto numerous planets, even onto a single planet) It is expressely possible to have everyone online at the same time, and to have each of those members communicate with each other. The vision is reminiscent of the gears of a cog, in how concensus would be established: each person has their own ideas, so each person would have to present their views that are pertinent to the topic at hand, thus to expedite the process, groups would have to be utilized, and each group would reach consensus and then interact with each other group.

The main difference between this and any other establishment already is existing is only in the scope, and the intention. Whereas, throughout history, mankind has been out to assert order, to impose it, according to his desires, the difference is that herein, humans would be attempting to reach Order itself. Therefore, conflict is neutered, because any conflict is seen as the very mechanism of progression; in that each person, group, and community would not be trying to defend their position, or defeat their opponents position, but rather see the clearer picture generated in the overlapping spaces, underneath the conflict. Because our relationship with each other is clearer than our relationship to the universe, the path to Order is achieved.

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

People in power do not care about morality, God, love, or spirituality. People in power are like a bunch of pirates stealing from each other. The best pirates get all the booty. The best pirates know how to bury and protect treasure. On global scale there is a kind of social Darwinism for criminals. We live in the age of billionaire robber barons, who just like pirates, will do anything and everything to acquire, build, and preserve their power, privilege, and prestige.

The ends justify the means no matter how immoral. This is the world we live in. Criminals rule. Crime and immoral acts makes you a God.

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posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 07:47 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Hi Buddy.
Where are we going with this? The World 2.0?
Could you possibly give another description of your idea of "Order", for clarity?

Personally: was never attracted to "The Law of Attraction". (Ha! Made a funny).

posted on Nov, 2 2017 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: dfnj2015

Right, but power is derived from the subject that is being controlled, rather than the one controlling, the one in power. Meaning that, no matter how deeply entrenched the system of control is embedded within the subjects, so so far as that system is metaphorical, if the system is ignored... If the subjects, that are under these peoples power, were to supplant that power, with one that they all followed, voluntarily and cooperatively? Than any foreign system of control is rendered inmefective, or dismissable, or at least easer to fight.

a reply to: Nothin

No, nothing so much as a 2nd version. Just a minor patch resolving a glitchr that caused the pixels to become chaotic, each trying to establish a different picture than the other ones. The proposed patch is a new structure by which the pixels, now autonomous, may resolve their differences to form a cohesive picture, that the game might function properly and beneficially for each pixel.

As for the Order... I used the word generally to cover the unfying force which is order itself... Aka the very force of organization, or cohesiveness, or perhaps sanity or clarity might be better words? The order by which your molecules are aligned, by which a spear is formed, by which unity is established, by which truth is known, by which an arrow flies and by which motion and change are born, and which is the very distinction that sets any order apart from chaos.

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