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Annunaki Bloodline

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posted on Apr, 17 2018 @ 01:37 AM
a reply to: noonebutme


I was channeling my teenage daughter. She does that to me. Very often. I hate it.

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posted on Apr, 17 2018 @ 07:36 PM
a reply to: EndOfDays77 RH has to do with the Rhesus monkey not reptiles. Hanuman in Hindu religion is the so called missing link out of evolution... There was a child born with a tail there several years ago of course being hailed as a god or one that stands between the human and animal realm in re-incarnation as a feat difficult to achieve especially out of our common ancestral heritage into that of modern day... if we look at those still evolving in nature; they destroy any member of their society "not like them" that is pure animal blood thinking and why we have so many evolutionary gaps.

Of course still carrying that ignorance around from those difficult times? It gets vocalized and the chains of bondage still apparent to what; when such vocalizations occur.

Strength all of that comes from adaptation to adversity; see no adversity and there ceases to be an adversary, except in the delusion and irrationality of held concepts or belief. Acceptance is the grace in the face of change; no matter what that face is or may be.

The nirvana experience; is not blissing out that is an extreme it is also not suffering or stress to snapping which is also an extreme... it is flow that is always flowing ignorant or not of it; game of thrones is like trying to build those houses on sand forgetting about high and low tide. As one flows through all of life there can be a road block or stumbling point; one can stop and consider what that blockage is; or consider the parable/fable of the Stonecutter there is a sutta/sutra called the diamond cutter of doubts... which means sitting hard and firm in meditation as it is just sitting; like a rock or boulder as all life or rivers of it flow around it and branch off; monkeys reaching for the moon is why they have four hands and also four feet... versatility.

Consider the 12 signs of the Eastern zodiac the animals and their race to the top of that food chain of the animal realm that is directly linked to the human realm in the bardo stages of becoming. Becoming is a link in the chain of being that is life... 12 links in all and death is the demon guarding the gate to all of them... how is the meditation going? Breaking the links is suggested as each life form carries it; then as it reforms start learning to dive into each one link by link and how to break them at will in various realms of being. That of life; that of the elements; that of all pervasive space; also the various colors. The path to purity is a good read for such as that known as kasina objects the native tribes of the US has the kachina which is really the same thing as found in ancient meetings of India/China culture.

Consider the KA or spirit said to migrate in Egypt using the body as a temple to carry over the river with or of sticks... depends on the as above so below reflection as to where heaven and earth separated in the eye of the beholder/mettatron/Kanna/Ianna/ etc etc. fame is what goes by many names although the individual self is already occupied by one being in suchness of all that is and is not simultaneously born; is the duality of that self and other the divide is the individual personality in reflection of the light that supports life in compassion as we know it or label it to be... a mental prison is all that is as mind goes. If the body fits wear it however if from OBE or wrongful transference of consciousness one can only expect various bardos of hell as their becoming or future arising's from such action or volition.

Most of the time that sort of thing occurs in greed/hate/and delusion at the hub the duality is the axle itself and there are those that lead others up and out of that spiral and the various realms based on wisdom/compassion/and metta...

Most of the various religions are hide away spots so one can feel safe from persecution of some sort... the mudra of fearlessness looks like STOP a hand held up in front chest level, the one of compassion is hands held together in front of each other; the one of metta/dana is the stop sign down below the knees... this occurs on a lotus seat the consciousness won and rightfully so. Some sitting between sit on and wear animal furs once that family is so called figured out... however that is looked down upon unless it was your own skin.

Vanity is covering up those past marks hiding them at a vanity even in reflection to those not self in a so called past.

If you have awareness that is the present, or gift or boon of that moment do not grasp as that is force to keep something not self prisoner... anything not self, is suffering and prone to impermanence so to exercise compassion is to give it by letting go... metta means giving the grasping is the opposite as in reaching grasping however; knowledge of form is a realm of its own called rupakaya notice the rupee in that? meaning the price of form has already been paid as firmament. So use it to teach and learn is my advise... making things so dualistic as a flip of a coin is no way to live, unless it is a moment to share in fun and games. Those unaware are always aware as soon as they are under your foot... of course how you have supported and continue to teach and learn from underfoot to when and where ever the next arising is; is where nobility and respect actually arise enmass.

Empathy knows; compassion wants to find out and stop means there has been enough of this already; give back or there is no return.

I did not make these laws of being and nature; they have been passed through all live in various forms known and unknown for countless times and ages.

Namaste (^)

posted on Apr, 17 2018 @ 07:43 PM
Instead, Lets imagine that the world is controlled by a specific bloodline. Oh, what. That's true.

How is it that every President in the US (likely everywhere else) are direct decedents of European royalty? Coincidence? Trust the plan.

posted on Apr, 29 2018 @ 09:29 PM
a reply to: Phage

She shares half of you until she separates; you should be more open to explore such a thing or at least speak to your (wife/ex-wife) I don't know and none of my business. However; since the two's are hey I am on your level business in trying to force one to either come see things on their level or they will climb up to yours; to force eye contact... it is obvious she has some things she needs to speak to you about that she may not be comfortable discussing as she is entering those years of some uncertainty that she more respects your view of over hers and or mothers... if they are speaking with more than "one" voice I cannot say; beyond the obvious Freudian bonding in "love" with a parent business... which is full of silliness in my personal opinion.

When those energies of "family" are trying to enter or leave; they all flow through and focus on those most apt to breed back into which they are "familiar" otherwise it is more realms of some sort of animal or purgatory of sorts... so of course as those bloodlines flow in to humanity on both sides... they are um excuse me sir if you would be so kind to ditch your Lambo maybe you could make more room for those saying hey YO grow up a little.

Just teasing a bit however; since that is how it does work aside from what dualist religions speak of it still IS a fight; as sperm and egg kill and murder like sports teams every single day and instance... to get to what are shinning on that "other side".

I know you are more apt to sticking to science or at least keeping order; and well as all of nature flows as life; it is no different! lol

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