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Happy Balfour Declaration

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posted on Nov, 18 2017 @ 08:07 AM
Why were Jewish people hated so much that they were always driven out of those countries, over past centuries?

It wasn't because of religion.

The reason is Jews were controlling the economies of nations.

It is an illusion of wealth as being precious - gold, silver, and diamonds were 'rare', which made them valuable to have. And we could exchange gold for anything we desired, like property, mansions, etc.

But the problem was that very few could acquire any gold.

So they worked and worked to get more gold.

They still could not get much more gold, though.

Running a farm or business might find give them lots of gold, and riches.

But they need money to start a farm or shop, and they don't have enough gold for it

So they need to borrow gold, and who has gold, has control of everything else, too.

An agreement is made for borrowing their gold, which is paying a fee, every month, until the gold is returned to them. And they decide what the fee will be.

The lender only lends gold to people who have something of more value than the gold. Like property, or a mansion...

And if his farm or business is profitable, he can return the gold, and pay the entire fees on top. If not, the lender will take his farm, and property, in default of payments. And since the gold was borrowed, the lender still owns it, so all the gold is returned to him, and is used again and again, as before.

All the people who borrowed gold were never aware that the lender actually created the illusion that gold was valuable, and that only gold is 'real' money.

But the people certainly are aware of who has all the gold, and lends them gold for a fee, and takes their properties when they are unable to make all those payments anymore, then he watches this lender swoop in and take everything he owned and was so proud of, after working all his life to get, for him and his family to live in, and for many generations after.

There is one more point, most important...

Lenders do not, in general, want the gold, or money, paid back to them. At least, not if they created the money, first of all.

Lenders want your property, and whatever else you have of value. And they know if you are in desperate need of money, to live in your home, to support your family, and there is nothing you won't do to support your family ...

They really want to help you out. If you simply pay them more money than you'll ever be able to pay back, of course. And they will soon take your home, although they really wanted to help you out so much

posted on Nov, 18 2017 @ 08:37 AM
It is not against Jewish people. I have Jewish friends and relatives, as well.

It is about who is control of the economy, abuses people in the process, and so forth.

Anyone who holds our economy in his hands doesn't like people, will never help people in any way, because he hates people, and wants to harm people, by any means.

Wars serve that purpose, most of all. A war has nothing but human death and misery, and poverty. What's better than all these bloody wars, for our slimy anti-human leaders?

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