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Hurry...Chili...go fast for the win

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posted on Oct, 29 2017 @ 11:11 PM
Two competitions in four days. Whoa, it's hard. So the good news is I won the blue ribbon on Saturday, but it was close, and I nearly didn't make it. The time limit is really tough with my new recipe. The cutting was the worst part, so much to cut, not enough time to cook. (all my meat is diced, and loin or above).

The wife was beaming when they called the names, another one in the book, for "Rocky Mountain Madness", but it's not easy. Now, I have to do it again on Tuesday, although not as formal as the one yesterday. Still, it's trying.

One of the frustrating parts of this upcoming one is the wife is one of the organizers, so I can't get any intel on the judges and they're not doing the sampling part by official rules. In other words, the cooks don't get to put their chili into the judge containers, it's done by others (which isn't fair in my opinion). AND, we have to put our chili out an hour ahead of the judges, all of it.

There's no real ICAS points for this one, but's about honor and pride, so I look at all competitions like any other.

Mixed up all the spices today, nearly a pound worth. Making 8 pounds of chili for the competition.

Rules for this one said you have to post the "recipe", to which I appealed. No WAY am I posting the 'recipe', I'll post the 'ingredients', but not the recipe! They said they got numerous similar appeals. I won't give up the secrets, not the ones I've worked so hard to perfect, not 'Rocky Mountain Madness'!!...never!

Oh, there's a little Tequila, maybe a little beer and some other sweets...and maybe a few other things nobody ever thought of.

On a nice note, the wife made some really nice table ornaments. She used some mason jars with pinto beans in the bottom (no real chili has beans), some barbed wire branches sticking up with impaled peppers and tomatoes and some colorful crepe paper in the jars. They look fantastic! (Note: I asked if I could just have mine with the barbed wire alone, but was told "no").

I'm looking forward to Tuesday, even if it is a bit short.

I think I can see past the competition to the WIN! (the key to any winning solution).

Wish me luck.

posted on Oct, 29 2017 @ 11:48 PM
Sometimes you try so hard, I mean just sweat your butt off prepping; you do everything right and just one wrong move ruins everything. It's such a fragile thing, real "chili". It's fun, and heartbreaking at the same time.

Most often when you think you've won, you've lost. And just when you think you've lost, you've won.

Thousands of people try to compete in these competitions. To rise to the top doesn't take money, it doesn't take big sponsors; the real competitions are anonymous (judging wise...this is why beans are not allowed). It just takes "heart" and believing you "can".

You will curse yourself, that little mistake (we all make them)...just that one little thing.

And're handed your cup, the cup you put your chili in. You make it the best ladle it can be, and then it's gone. Gone to the judges; after that you are just a number. All the bravado, all the spectators, all the cool ninja stuff means nothing. It's all just a number then. Number #14, or number #29 will win, they (the judges) don't know anything about you or what you did, or what funny hat you wore. You're just a number.

And the waiting is agonizing!

posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 12:25 AM
I guess I should at least post the ingredients....

1. Beef – NY Strip
2. Pork – Loin
3. Tequila
4. Beer
5. Spices
a. Chili Pwdr
b. Red Pepper
c. Cumin
d. Parsley
e. Salt
f. Basil
g. Garlic
h. Ancho Pepper
i. Cayenne Pepper
6. Tomatoes
7. Onion
8. Bell Pepper
9. Hatch Green Chiles
10. Jalapeno Pepper
11. Serrano Pepper
12. Chipotles (w/Adobo)
13. Masa Flour

edit...oh, and there might be a bit of a "secret" ingredient in there somewhere made by tiny flower visitors.

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posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 01:25 AM

On the down side, it's almost 1:30 AM and now I want Chili.

posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 01:27 AM
Hey there Mr. Disk,

I must say your ingredient list sounds good enough for me to try and lick the screen of my confuser (computer). I'd really like to try cook something up like that, though here in South Africa many of those, especially the various peppers, would be impossible to get easily; for the most part all we have is african birds-eye, which is lumped under the umbrella-term of "Chillies"

Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in the competition! Here's holding thumbs that your pot comes out on top!

posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 01:50 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Oh my, that seems great, your competition spirit, dedication, and of course the chili. As others have responded, you made me crave for some chili food. I think i will have to make some tomorrow, but i would rather try yours.

posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 01:46 PM
Reading that made my brain happy. Now if I could just find someone to cook it right and make my belly happy! LOL.

Let us know if you're ever at a comp. in Ohio we'd love to come try your chili if that's a thing at those competitions, I don't know.

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posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 01:56 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Everyone thinks their chili is the best.

Good luck.

posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 06:53 PM
a reply to: DBCowboy

Ahh, but I know mine is!

It's all the 'secret' ingredients!

And the beans. So many people mess up on the beans.

posted on Oct, 30 2017 @ 07:23 PM
a reply to: silo13

The secret is in the meat.

posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 07:51 AM
a reply to: NerdGoddess

Yes, people are allowed to sample the chili's. In fact, only a small portion goes to the judges (probably only about a cup or so). The rest is for all the people who show up to try. It's really a pretty fun time.

I've actually been to several chili events in Ohio. None recently though...long drive from here.

posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 07:54 AM
a reply to: DBCowboy

Well, I placed 3rd, so not too bad.

I was kind of surprised at 2nd. It may just be my tastes, but I didn't like hers at all. The guy who took 1st place made a good chili no doubt, but I thought it was kind of plain. No sour grapes though, it's all fun.

I personally thought a couple other entrants who didn't even place should have scored higher than any of ours.

posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: silo13

Uhhhhhh...."real" chili does NOT have beans!!! fact, beans will get you disqualified even.

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posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 08:20 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk


posted on Nov, 12 2017 @ 08:31 AM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
Yes, people are allowed to sample the chili's. In fact, only a small portion goes to the judges (probably only about a cup or so). The rest is for all the people who show up to try. It's really a pretty fun time.

That has to be so cool! Seeing other chili enthusiasts and trying the chilis. I wish they had something like that in my country, but here salt and fat is "the thing" and not spices or even a little burn in the mouth.

Edit: So yes, i love chili and i tolerate it more than any of my friends, but i am not hardcore in that regard. I have this huge supermarket nearby, and they have greenhouse grown chilis throughout the year. They are rated from 1 to 15. 1 is like tomato or bell pepper. Once i tried 8, put like 4-5 of them into a huge bowl of chili and i exploded myself! In some weird sense, i would like to try the 15 but i think i better do it in front of a hospital.

edit on 12-11-2017 by Finspiracy because: added more chili talk

posted on Nov, 12 2017 @ 08:41 AM
a reply to: Finspiracy

Can you get most of the ingredients in Finland?

Do you know any other friends / people who enjoy chili?

You could start your own chili competition. The prizes are more pride and bragging rights than anything. Plus, it's a whole lot of fun.

Who knows, maybe it will be the next "thing"!

posted on Nov, 12 2017 @ 08:46 AM
By the way, chili doesn't have to be pepper hot. And, you don't have to use beef / pork. You could use chicken or sausage. Heck, I'd bet I could even come up with a fish / seafood chili.

posted on Nov, 12 2017 @ 09:10 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

All the ingredients are available. And i have a few (only 2-3) friends who enjoy chili but there are some nevertheless. But it is very marginal. A basic finn normally boils some potatoes and has minced meat in brown sauce with it, salt and some black pepper but "hot" is basically out of the question.

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