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12/19/16 - Berlin Truck Attack News

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posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 07:38 AM
V-Mann(liaison officer) is accused of inciting group around Anis Amri to do terror attacks in Germany!

The allegations against a LKA(state police) representative/person of trust are confirmed, for the first time, by THREE independent sources.
According to a so far secret file from the Verfassungsschutz(protection of the constitution) chief of North Rhine Westphalia(NRW) the said representative/person of trust talked about an attack with a truck.

Please use a translator, i am not good enough in translating, it would need way too long for me:

Die vom Landeskriminalamt Nordrhein-Westfalen (LKA) auf den Terroristen Anis Amri angesetzte Vertrauensperson hat der Recherche zufolge diverse Mitglieder der IS-nahen Abu-Walaa-Gruppe und womöglich auch Amri selbst zu Anschlägen animiert. Laut der Ermittlungsakten hatte ein Mitglied der Gruppe bereits kurz nach dem Anschlag gegenüber dem LKA ausgesagt: Die Vertrauensperson mit dem Kürzel VP-01 habe "immer wieder" mitgeteilt, "dass man Anschläge in Deutschland verüben solle". Ein ehemaliger Anhänger der Abu-Walaa-Gruppe sagte dem rbb, VP-01 sei sogar "der Radikalste" gewesen.

These guys from the so called Abu-Walaa group never planned to start attacks in germany, they all wanted to go to syria, to fight there for their "djihad":

Die meisten Gruppenmitglieder hätten nicht über Anschläge in Deutschland gesprochen, da sie nach Syrien zum Kämpfen ausreisen wollten. VP-01 habe mehrmals zu Mitgliedern der Gruppe gesagt: "Komm, du hast eh keinen Pass, mach hier was, mach einen Anschlag." Die Vertrauensperson des LKA sei häufig mit Amri unterwegs gewesen und habe ihn in seine Unterkünfte gefahren. Bekannt war bisher nur, dass er Amri nach Berlin gefahren hatte.

People that maybe remember the whole story will remember the news that made the round at that time, that Amri was driven to Berlin by a V-Mann, that Amri allegedly told him that he wanted to buy weapons for an attack... All that is just blablabla, lies!
This V-Mann is the said V-Mann VP-01, as we know now!!!

And he incited the group and obvisiously Anis Amri to start attacks in germany instead of going to syria, saying:
"You don´t have a passport anyway, start an attack here" and things like "We have to kill the unbelievers" and stuff like that.

And now, please remember that is an official MSM news report, and not the only one today, here come some terms "conspiracy theorists" may like:

Der Kriminologe Tobias Singelnstein kritisierte den Einsatz von VP-01. V-Personen dürften "nicht den agent provocateur spielen". Dies wäre eine "rechtsstaatswidrige Tatprovokation". V-Personen dürften nur "passiv Informationen entgegennehmen", anstatt andere zu Straftaten anzustiften.

Now even official MSM news talk about agents provocateurs. States provocateurs. Like in the NSU case, where one V-Mann was at the exact spot(Internetcafe) of a the murder of cafe owner Halit Yozgat, at the exact time of the murder(Yozgat was shot ca. three meters away from this V-Mann with the former nickname "Little Adolf"). Then he left the scene, laid the money he had to pay on the desk(bloodstains on the desk). Behind that desk was the dead body of Yozgat located and the V-Mann stated that he didn´t mention anything of the murder...

Now it´s getting hard for the total surveillance fetishists to excuse their anti-democratic, anti-human behaviour with the war against the terror! Now there is evidence for all i ever said before, about "our protectors"! About their "flops, failures and fumbles" before, at and after every terror attack, might it be alleged nazi terror(Oktoberfest Attack, NSU), alleged leftwing terror(RAF, the Celle Hole and much, much more) and allegged islamists terror, like in the VP-01/Anis Amri/Berlin truck attack case. Makes me think of the Sauerland-Gruppe too, those village idiots were incited too, by "our protectors". And even landed in jail, for years.

And after every of these officially stinking cases "our protectors" got more powers, more money, even their own laws to spy on every single german citizen, to install facial recognition software on their surveillance cameras everywhere(they tell us they just tested it in Berlin, i am sure: If it works, they use it!), we can´t even buy anonymous sim cards for our cell phones/spyPhones anymore. If you have a car, there are cameras on every Autobahn too, the software just can follow your numberplate and knows everytime where you are, how often and where you stop etc.

And all that since 9/11!
And from year to year it is getting more and more, "our protectors" do the terrorists job, THEY destroy our known western, liberal lifestyle and install Big Brother with the excuse "War against the Terror", while they are the ones that are the real originators of all that terror. They are those that create the terror that happens here, they scare the people with that terror stuff, to make the people accept the installing of a police- and surveillance state. While 90% of the people believe the official story, because it is reported on Tagesschau, in the BILD newspaper and must be the truth because of that. It seems that posting cat videos and pics of every food people eat, with their spyPhone on spying platforms like Facebook and Co, is anyway more important than anything else...

And "lunatic, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists" told it the whole time and were being ridiculed as paranoia freaks, the perfect environment for big brother, to grow and grow, while "our protectors" are the real perpetrators of all that terror!

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 07:46 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Sounds like your PTB took a page from our FBI/CIA/deep state.. cause enough fear and the population will give up all their freedoms to feel safe when the reality is they are placing another nail in their own coffins.

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 07:51 AM
They love to poke fun at "Those tin foil hat wearing paranoid conspiracy theorists"

....but it's awfully damn strange how we turn out to be right so often, idin't?

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 07:58 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Found an article from an english/german outlet :

Police informant encouraged Islamists to carry out attacks in Germany: report

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