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Florida political candidate reports UFO experiences

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posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 10:28 AM
Aside from the inevitable giggle-factor this could be the opportunity for a news hook leading to more serious discussions.

posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 10:35 AM
a reply to: JimOberg
She says a whole lot of truly unbelievable stuff in that article.

The Coral Castle is an ancient Egyptian pyramid?

posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 10:36 AM
a reply to: JimOberg

She should fit right in with the Reptilians in congress. Is this the big Tom Delonge annoucement?

posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 10:40 AM
a reply to: JimOberg
Based on her description, she was abducted by Nordics. That's rather interesting.

Three blond, big-bodied beings — two females, one male — visited her when she was 7 years old and have communicated telepathically with her several times in her life, she says.
She described “going up” inside the spaceship — though whether it went into space or just hovered around town was left unclear.
“I went in. There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship — not like airplanes,” Rodriguez Aguilera said.

Among the things she said she found out from the aliens:
▪ There are 30,000 skulls — “different from humans” — in a cave in the Mediterranean island of Malta.
▪ The world’s “energy center” is in Africa.
▪ The Coral Castle, a limestone tourist attraction South Miami-Dade, is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid.
▪ “God is a universal energy.”
She also said that the aliens had mentioned Isis, though she didn’t clarify if they meant the terrorist organization or the ancient Egyptian goddess.


posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 12:24 PM
a reply to: JimOberg

she could actually be telling the truth
as i have said a bunch of times the aliens are just an illusion and everthing they say is an lie
just an way to sow the alien meme

posted on Oct, 16 2017 @ 10:50 PM
Alien meme to deflect from the UFOs being Human tech?

posted on Oct, 17 2017 @ 02:01 AM
Connect Tom + Podesta + David Wilcock + Hollyweird to this and it all becomes very clear.
Any super heroes on ATS to save us from the coming shiitstorm ?

posted on Oct, 17 2017 @ 02:55 AM
a reply to: frenchfries

You're saying that her potential election to Congress is part of a large scheme to control the world?

posted on Oct, 17 2017 @ 03:52 AM
a reply to: carewemust

Nah... look , I'm saying that it's more likely that she reacts conform the agenda than otherwise ... Look at it as a very big vector with direction pointed towards a possible shiiitstorm... there is no direct communication just influencing. What else do you think why this world acts so crazy ? Psyops everywhere
*starts wearing tinfoil*

posted on Oct, 17 2017 @ 03:48 PM
a reply to: WhyDidIJoin

interdimensional or something weirder
read jacques vallee and john keel books

posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 12:41 PM
This is possibly part of a pattern of behavior of intentionally discussing the issue in a manner that has little or not credibility so that few believe it, although rational skeptics who take the time to sort through the details might come up with more reasonable possibilities that take time to fact check.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened another candidate that claimed to be abducted was on medication of some sort about fifteen to twenty years ago which impacted his skin color and they referred to him as the blue man or something, although i don't have a source handy.

Instead of honest discussion they want to turn the subject into a joke.

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