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Who'da thunk ut ... ?

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posted on Oct, 13 2017 @ 05:34 PM
I guess you'd call it DISCLOSURE ...
But reality TV just took a confronting ,
666 degree turn .

Dr. Pill shocked the world today with the
grim reality of the demonic flying snake within us...

Live pictures show first the guests ,
and then the audience , succumbing to the primordial
call , below earshot , but highly effective ,. to the
spirits that dwell within two out of three of us.

The frequency was discovered by a well known genius
professor but kept a secret until today .

As the mask was removed , sixty percent of those
present changed into their true manifestations ,
.... the reptilian menace we all thought couldn't be
true .

As the cameras rolled , some of the distuinguished guests ,
turned into the most hideous monsters around , drooling and
spitting rage at this exposure , ... like angry
dinosaurs .

Then cameras panned back to the audience , the same
scene was being repeated .
Monsters everywhere , and these are the people we LOVE !?

These evil spirits experience life through their subject's
lives , unseen but ever pervasive , they keep well hidden
amongst our reality.

I will update as things go later . little chaotic here .
Just glad I'm not one !

p.s seems the frequency was broadcast worldwide , what's
happening your end ?

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