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A friendly podcast suggestion.

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posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 06:44 PM
So I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan's podcast. Many think he's a bit out there, but the man is incredible for getting a guest to show the maximum amount of who they truly are. People are comfortable with him and quickly open up. If you go through them on a good app and read through the descriptions and read the background of a guest that sparks your interest, nine times out of ten it will be good.

However, there is one in particular I'd like to suggest to everyone here. It was from years ago, and it really foreshadowed what was to come.

Its episode 897 for those who want to find the audio to download, but that link is for YouTube.

The guest is Hunter Maats, author, podcast host, and science major.

They cover culture, science, and philosophy in a very palatable fashion for everyone. They break down ideology and examine things in an incredible way I have not heard in quite some time. The whole thing was enlightening and refreshing.

Its about three hours, but an hour through and you'll be hooked.

I've kicked talk radio and news because of the bias and vitriol and replaced them with podcasts for my commutes, short or long.

Anyways, just a friendly suggestion.
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posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 06:50 PM
a reply to: CriticalStinker

Not very good.

posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 06:56 PM

originally posted by: dfnj2015
a reply to: CriticalStinker

Not very good.

Yea? Well you're not very specific

I think it was the best. Ultimately anyone who is very clingy to specific ideologies may not care for it. Personally I think it was my favorite particular podcast.

posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 09:15 PM

originally posted by: dfnj2015
a reply to: CriticalStinker

Not very good.

I am sure what ever entertains you is the epitome of enlightenment and esotericism. Pretentious much?


I also love JRE, especially for it's wide range of topics and guests. It helps that I am a big MMA fan as well.

You may already be familiar with and listen to these other ones but if not I highly suggest you check them out to see if you like them.

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin is top notch. Makes history fascinating.

Your moms house with Tom Segura and Christina P. Hands down funniest podcast out there IMO

Church of whats happening - Joey Diaz need I say more?

Mysterious Universe - All things weird, they make light of most subjects but will introduce you to new ones

What's up Fool - George Perez. If you think cholos are hilarious, this is for you.

Chip Chipperson podacast- Jim Norton. He is an acquired taste, but a favorite of mine. NSFW, at all.

I assume you already know about the first 3 but just in case you haven't given them a chance. Hopefully the last 2 will be a dark horse for you.

If you have any other suggestions for me please let me know, I also only listen to Podcasts so am always looking for new ones.

posted on Sep, 16 2017 @ 09:40 PM
I'll be checking this one out. My husband turned me onto Rogan (I used to think he was a total jerk). I've listened to a bit of his stuff, but don't tune in regularly. I've really enjoyed what I've heard on his podcast, for the most part.

posted on Sep, 17 2017 @ 03:12 AM
I'd Recommend:

Bill Harris

Always fascinating - a bit conservative for my taste but always informative and thought provoking.

The One You Feed


Meditation in the City

Both for brain/life health

Revisionist History

Always surprises me - never much liked his books, but my daughter insisted ... and she was right.

posted on Sep, 17 2017 @ 04:20 AM
I find Joe Rogan's podcast are all alike,people get high,do a bunch of cussing,bring up disgusting situations,all while getting high as hell,nothing but opinions and Joe Rogan has a million

posted on Sep, 17 2017 @ 05:30 AM
I enjoy The JRE depending on the topic and who he is interviewing. Not into MMA etc. I may sound like a prude but he over does the swearing a bit and bangs on about the same things alot.

Look forward to any other recemendations for podcasts always looking for something diffrent.

posted on Sep, 17 2017 @ 04:24 PM
This one may appeal to some of you:

The Dirtbag Diaries

This is one I sometimes hate but there is a lot of good stuff in it that I continue to listen.

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