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Aromatherapy aid relief for those affected by Hurricane Irma

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posted on Sep, 11 2017 @ 04:36 AM
If this is against any T&C's I apologise and please feel free to delete. I am just posting in good faith and reaching out to folks who would like to help.

Hello all.

United Aromatherapy Effort Inc was set up by my good friend Sylla Shepperd-Hangar in the wake of 9/11.
She went up there from Florida with a team of therapists to help the emergency services (mainly the Fire fighters).
Her teams were there for almost 2 years. Therapists from here in the UK even went over to help.
Just as she was winding it up, Hurricane Catrina happened, and they were then off there.
Now they are all working on putting together relief packs and organising teams of therapists in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
Sylla herself still plays a roll in the background as she is now basically retired.
You will find all the information you need to see in which way you can help with their efforts on their Facebook page.
If you are in the UK and would like to help, please post below as I am the founder of Complementary Support Teams UK and we are looking to
send kits over to the British protectorate islands that were affected.
Thank you
United Aromatherapy Effort Inc

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