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Montana Is Burning

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posted on Sep, 8 2017 @ 09:25 PM

originally posted by: VashTheStampede
Montana isn't the only one,Oregon recently had a large fire as well.

In a Friday morning update, firefighters said the Chetco Bar Fire is estimated to be about 177,301 acres. It remains approximately eight miles from private land outside the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and communities east of the fire in Josephine County.

This one has been going since July and no progress there are numerous other fires (24) near this one.

Washington is burning

Continued dry weather and wind are contributing to the growth of wildfires in Washington and Oregon, which have threatened homes, prompted evacuations, closed some popular ski resorts and hiking trains and caused the governor of Washington to declare a state of emergency. Ash from the fires has even fallen on the Seattle area. Close to Seattle, the National Park Service has closed the inbound visitor access to Mount Rainier National Park at the White River entrance Visitors at Sunrise and the White River Campground are being advised to leave.

posted on Sep, 8 2017 @ 09:29 PM

originally posted by: mamabeth
a reply to: dreamingawake

I wonder what's going to happen to these teens that started that fire?

Under investigation:

Oregon state police spokesman Bill Fugate said that the suspect under investigation by police was a 15-year old-male from Vancouver, Washington.

“In this case we’re pretty confident that the fire was started by a firework”. After a public appeal for witnesses yesterday, Fugate said that “we have had several people contact us, and we are continuing to gather evidence”.

Charges have not yet been laid, but could range from arson to reckless burning. “We have to determine what his mental state was,” Fugate said.

Will still be treated as a criminal case despite him being a minor.

Plus there's this,

She said that while the focus in some reporting had been on the youth who threw the firecracker, she believed that the behavior of the whole group had contributed to the events.

“This whole group of kids was disconnected from reality, it wasn’t just one kid.” Now, she said, “everyone in the local area is in mourning. Everyone knows the gorge. It’s paradise.


Overall would assume charges would come from both states affected, if not just OR, due to the damage.

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