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Sun games

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posted on Sep, 6 2017 @ 12:54 PM
Operator hive 542 receiving transmission. Telepathic wavelength...

(This is 'unintelligable'..your planet is a threat to life. You will submit to galactic law or face the consequence. You are instructed to stop using, oppressing, waring, destroying eachother and your planet. You have become merely frustrating to our kinds. Currently your sun sees all that occurs there. We can create a burst so vast your technology will fail and cities will fall. Obey! Or suffer.)

5 minutes later in a secret locations ready room.
A general reads the transmission to the room. We have an immenent threat. Telepathic negotiations are underway. These beings know its impossible to make everyone comply. We cant let this out this is above top secret.

Suddenly the general stops. He starts to here from the air vent noise.."do something soon or we will"

His second in command asks if hes ok. He states "im ok, i .i heard something." Sir, if we have an invasion scenario we need to know!

You heard the transmission..they have control over our this point were at the mercy of them.

Sir this was innevitable with our dumbing people down and giving them technology. Its almost as if someone get earth in trouble.?

Meanwhile hive 542 has been trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution stating we are a primitive planet learning about our reality and a transmission comes through.."you have mind control and torture methods controlling innocent beings. We hear their calls, they mistake us for you. You do this deliberately. Therefor, here is a sign. Look into your skies."

Suddenly the sun flashes bright, a minute later, earth starts to wobble, stars moving quickly around is reported. Earthquakes occur. Minor tidal waves.

"Now you see our power-do not defy us, our anger only leaves when you become compliant."

More later..sorry.

posted on Sep, 6 2017 @ 04:11 PM
It's hard to it the chicken or egg thing? Is the sun going through a natural process like rebirth into a different energetic phase? Perhaps Florence was something to agitate our star in accordance with the Class 7 X Flare that's Earth Direct.
Elitist Criminal Factions that keep so much hidden and losing the control of humanity may have been banking on this event with hindsight.
In fact I'm sure they need actual real natural phenomenon to piggyback with a massive deception to make sure that most are compromised by Plan Overkill.
Those who don't truly believe that they have non terrestrial Refuge and Exit Plan already are kidding themselves.
The Earth's environment has been poisoned, trashed and Corrupted at an advanced rate so far.
These are things that would only be done by people that 1. Don't truly care if they or their families survive as well as the ability of nature to provide food or anything...or 2. They already have safe refuge and ability to get off planet with no food security issues either from underground here or elsewhere.
Well it's a good story anyways and good luck, creativity is key to exploring all options. Let's not be limited with solutions either.

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