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posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 01:30 PM
Hey all, thought I would stop in and share some videos and info about a band I'll be seeing tonight, called Stickmen.

Stickmen is a 3 piece band consisting of 2 former / current members of King Crimson, and another badass instrumentalist dude named Marcus.

Markus and Tony Levin each play Chapman stick "touch guitars", while Pat Mastellato tears up the drums. There's really not a good way to describe it so check out these videos ..

Sorry I could not embed I am on mobile I'm still at work.

I'm getting stoked for the show and wanted to share a band that many do not know. I have seen them before at the same Tiny Venue in Auburn Hills, MI and it is just incredible to see such talent playing such awesome stuff on such a tiny stage.

If you are in the Auburn Hills area, I suggest you make the last minute decision and show up!

Hope you prog heads out there enjoyed the tunes.


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