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An Entity in My Home

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posted on Sep, 1 2017 @ 02:39 PM

originally posted by: MementoMori99
I thinking, well, 100% faith is hard

If you have had a near death experience, then how is 100% faith in Jesus not possible ?

God has shown you that all life is precious to Him and this is the time for you to choose which side you want to be on.

Jesus said, 'its either faith in Him and His Word, or the Mammon' (money, material world).

Time is running out as Revelation 12 is in play right now concerning the planet Jupiter in the womb of Virgo and the 10 stars (Leo + 3 planets) are on her head.

Sept 23rd is the speculated date that antichrist rises. So according to Jesus's parable of the 10 lamp bearers, He only removes the people (tribes) that accept His Gospel.

This removal (Rapture) is speculated to occur before 23rd Sept 2017.

Once you accept that the Sacrificial Lamb Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sins, the Spirit of the Lord will enter your body and seal your soul from demons. Your spirit will then be safe for eternity and your name will be written back into the Book of Life.

A mountain of 100% pure sage will never equal the strength of His Spirit.

You see, when you mention the Blood Atonement, all demons do a runner. This shows how weak these little bullies are.

Good job the door was open because the fat ass demon would have taken the door with him if he had to exit through the key hole.

posted on Sep, 1 2017 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: verschickter

The bubble thing, is known to be a protection exercise. I first learnt of it in october 1997 and practiced it regularly, getting to the point that I could pull the bubble down around me in an instant at any time I chose. It seemed to help me protect myself against negativity and chaotic people.

A little something I added for myself, was to place (imagine) lions either side of my front and back doors to protect the household from intruders.

Fast forward to march 2003, one dark sunday evening I was walking down the road and approaching my home, when I noticed someone sat in my car on the driveway. (I had a very clear view due the street light on the left handside of the driveway). Once I was close enough to distinquish the features of the persons face, it became clear to me that this person was someone I once knew, a rather nasty individual who had been dead for nearly four years at that point.

The reason I am boring you with my story is that I have often wondered if he was sat in the car as he couldn't gain entry to my home, possibly due to the protection exercises I regularly practiced.

I would advise that you keep up the protection exercises for yourself, those who live in/visit your home and the neighbours too, if you like them ;-) You could try pulling down a golden light and allowing that to flow through you, then expand like your bubble, until it envelopes all that needs protection.

While training in this field, I have discovered that there is a very fine line between imagination and spiritual/religious experiences. Learning to differentiate between the two seems to be much harder than receiving messages and signs.

As stated earlier, these things seem to feed off fear. It could be as simple as the more a person fears a negative energy, the more of their emotions become negative creating self purpetuating cycle, or perhaps they really do suck the fear right up, like a 24 ounce t bone.

I am sure you will find an explanation, but in the meantime learn all you can about spiritual grounding and protection. It will help.

posted on Sep, 13 2017 @ 12:56 PM
a reply to: MementoMori99

Have you checked out the wiring and plumbing?
In some instances electrical wiring can be the culprit, along with older copper pipes and air flow thru your home that results in "uncomfortable" spots. Aging wiring with micro cracks in the wires insulation, or faulty grounds.

Also how are the acoustics of your home?
What I mean by that is sound can be very weird depending on your room shapes and building materials. Here I have old oak floors and odd room shapes that accentuate noises that are routine and easily explainable, but originally creeped us out till we played around trying to figure out wtf?

Not saying you aren't experiencing "something" it's just I prefer considering everything before I get all excitable. I prefer to deal with 'what is" and not what I'm guessing it is.

a reply to: eccentriclady

Thats some very uncommon common sense you posted. So Thank You for that! Also very unusual experience you had. Most of us forget to cleanse our vehicles, so a great reminder! I'd of Flagged you if I could.

MementoMori99 would like to ask, is this rather constant or is it more sporadic?
Some places "seem" to cycle thru the year and will only be active certain times of the year. Here we get more "oddness" in the fall which peaks around early March, dies down in the spring and is totally random in the summertime with some hit and miss "weirdness". To me it's rather normal, but wouldn't be to someone who wasn't expecting it.

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