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Mandela Effect - A Wop Bob A-Loo Bop A Wop Bam Boom

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posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 05:24 AM
a reply to: Pearj

I realise this is an older thread, but dang, that is remarkable!

How can it be anything but 'Bam Boom"..? As you said, OP, it just sounds so strange 'Bop Bop'..?!?!?!?

Unbelievable. It's got me wondering about how the Mandela Effect may have been 'created', if indeed it were remotely possible that somehow, these weird minor (& occasional major) changes could have been sculpted?

I imagine, that the only way it could have occurred, were indeed if the Universe is, in some way, a computationally-adaptive informationally-derived simulation. It is only such a possibility which could have allowed for changes to the fabric of the informational content of the Universe, without altering the bulk of events which appear to have occurred in 'solidified' history. We cannot dispute that Little Richard appears to have utilised 'Bop Bop' in his actual song, as recorded by history. But could such 'small things' have been changed - these 'memetically resonant informational nodes/threads' - without altering the personages & the majority of major events, who/which both then & now appear to have existed unchanged?

In terms of persons, could it be that there is a failsafe in existence, a layer of 'base code' at the sub-sub-quantum scale, in the 'etheric foam' on which Reality floats, which prevents the destruction of sentient life, even if the 'background noise', the 'tapestry' of our shared sentient experience can be altered...? Is it so that each person is a sentient 'node' in the cosmos, around which this tapestry drapes, is noticed, and worked upon, and as such, being based in a true 'informational coding' at the sub-quantum level, it can be changed, re-stitched around new memetic threads, working their way around the nodes in 'informational wells' (the fabric drapes down into these wells, as 'solidified history', which is thus more flexible & less 'solidified' than we may have originally thought), similar to how a given mass exerts a 'gravity well' on the properties of local spacetime..?

Perhaps the 'Mandela Effect'* is indeed an operation which acts on the informational content of the collective unconscious in the first instance. Perhaps it acts on a dual front - on the collective unconscious (a true informational fabric, consisting 'threads' of narrative which, taken together, weave the fabric), & on the quantum substrata, again an informational layer (although having an emergent 'physicality'). The informational content of the collective unconscious is probably easiest to affect, but there's likely a 'hook' between the 'memory' of the fabric, on into the emergent properties of spacetime as actual 'physicality', or what we could consider to be 'solidified, actual history'). This would mean that those informational adjustments in some way retroactively push/pull the properties of the fabric of tangible history into alignment with the informational changes as extant in the collective memories of Mankind. Our collective unconscious is probably a sub-quantum field of some sort, local in spacetime to our planet of residence, and so any changes probably only occur locally in spacetime also. But there's a 'divine failsafe' which means that the nodes of our individual sentience retain, in many cases, a residue of the prior state of that field to which we are all connected. If this is the case, then it is easy to see why the 'memetic cultural artefacts' would be not only the easiest to affect, but also the easiest means of measuring the successful operation of the 'weapon' which has caused these changes, and not only that, but also providing the easiest way to assess & study the way these changes affect humans & human psychological stability. Changing minor, unknown details (like a sentence in a technical manual for a 'talking toaster') might very well be effected by the 'weapon', but who would remember it, to tell if it had been successful, and to tell how it affects humans to realise that their memory appears to be remarkably 'wrong'...?

ONLY WIDELY KNOWN, BUT MINOR, MEMETIC INFORMATIONAL THREADS WOULD BE SUITABLY 'SAFE' TO TEST UPON, AND SUITABLY WELL KNOWN & RECOGNISABLE TO BE OF USE IN ASSESSING THE SUCCESS OF THE OPERATION, AND IN STUDYING THE OUTCOMES FOR HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY. The larger changes, such as differences in the relative location of geological landmass, might be an inadvertent consequence, or might represent successive attempts to act on the past in more complex ways.

I'm starting to think this could have been the result of human use of 'wonder weapons', rather than a malign external influence.

Much to ponder.

* (which requires a new, scientifically/ philosophically respectable name, to reduce the mockery which is very understandably levelled at something which is fearful, or inexplicable & thus generative of uneasiness at the subconscious level).

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posted on Nov, 11 2017 @ 05:32 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

"Or maybe, it's just bad memory...!! LOLOLOLOL

There, I saved you the trouble.

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