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The "Earth" is an experiment -TRUTH-

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posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 04:30 PM
This is what I've always assumed: That we're not a creation of a God, but aliens. We're some really cool science project. That might explain how they found us across the vastness of space -- they always knew we were here because they put us here.

Now, the real question is, if they created us ... who created them?

posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 06:53 PM
a reply to: makalit

Hey Makalit,
You are right that we are being controlled by aliens, and right to be afraid, but essentially wrong in everything else you have said. The Grays are only one piece of a puzzle that has at least 1,000 pieces. I strongly recommend you spend at least a few hours on Youtube, watching Steven Greer and David Icke. These guys have many more puzzle pieces than anyone else I know. From them I've learned:
- there are at least 12 alien races that have visited Earth
- the moon is a giant spaceship, built by aliens (see Who Built the Moon on Youtube)
- Humans were created by aliens, called the Annunaki, through genetic engineering. David Icke says the Annunaki are reptilians, others say they were human-looking. Either way, they took the most highly evolved primate on the planet (hundreds of thousands of years ago) and grafted their DNA onto it, to create homo sapiens.
- We humans are just chickens in a chicken coop, created by aliens with technology 10,000 years ahead of ours. These aliens feed on our fear.

All of this is just scratching the surface - a tiny fraction of what I've learned by spending 100's of hours on Youtube. I recommend you do the same. The rabbit hole is deeper than you imagine. You've barely entered it.

posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 07:16 PM

The "Earth" is an experiment -TRUTH-

Complete and utter failure.

posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 08:02 PM

originally posted by: makalit
hello all. terrible news.
let's put the clues together first.

1) everyone sees the same alien type I.E. gray
2) the sun and moon are exactly equal size.
3) there is one animal on the planet much smarter than all others. so 'different' that we dont even consider them animals- when everything else on the planet is.

Hello all.

We are an experiment. We have to know it to see it.

There is mostly just one race here. Grays. They did what they pleased.

Who says it was good for us? If they did it- they had a reason- to benefit themselves.

And as we awake to the truth of their desire for this Earth, we were shaped, we were clueless, we are just a small ant case

Of which the ants are more amazing than the observers

Look at everything you have ever known. It was false. It was someone else's dream. Not yours

If the grays weren't inferior and need to use us, our planet would have never come into existence- because it's not right to do this to anyone.

How does it feel to wake up?

I think it feels terrible


Not certain how you can come up with that conclusion based on your flimsy and incorrect evidence. : )

The eclipse in the past looked quite different, as the moon actually has moved closer to the Earth. Much more sun was visible around the moon in our past. We are just lucky enough now to see it as it is.. which I do agree, is a remarkable coincidence. Consider - this is not the fact for any other moon in our solar system, yet it is for our single moon.. on the only planet that has live in this solar system. Huh! But.. even if it were artificially created, doesn't mean it was an experiment.

The "grey" alien is the most common reported, and not sure why that would be surprising. If we found life on another planet in the future, and stuck around to study that civilization, if sighted.. the pink aliens would probably be the only ones in their sightings as well. Unless we are in a galactic zoo and being goggled at by multiple species, it's quite possible only one made it here thus far. Or cares to study us. Or if you think there might be zoned off space just like we zone off our planet, our planet might fall under the jurisdiction of a single species. There are plenty of reasons why this might be the case.

Evolution = thumbs. One day we may see an evolved koala. There are not a lot of animals with opposable thumbs. A great working opposable thumb = tools. Tools = advancement. Advancement = evolution. Not a lot of creature have them. A couple of frogs.. giant panda.. koala.. most that have them are feeble opposable thumbs. Best are.. apes.. monkeys.. humans.. and koalas (who have two). So.. it's not that surprising, really.

posted on Aug, 30 2017 @ 08:34 PM
if evolution could have one species more advanced, then we should see that more often in the world. we should see a few, or many creatures who are more advanced than the others. but that is not so.

Ascend into the truth

How many different alien races are here
Did earth have any life I.E. bacterium before they came?

Is there life on other planets already formed in our local solar neighbourhood?
Does the gray's evolve with a moon on their home planet?
Is that why they brought the moon? Or did they bring one because they didn't find any planets that had one?

Perhaps they evolved so fast because a small lets say 1/5th apparent sky size of moon to sun made them more instantly aware of the cosmos , how it works.

False ideas do not metaphysically match what is true, what is true is the current structures of atoms, when you resonate a thought out that does not match these already formed structures it creates a disfrequency within and causes chaos and unpleasantness. When you have the truth, harmony is created between your connection to the truth, the truth only feels good because you then know what you need to do. Like a nature path opening. Like you spin around in the circle, see a door, turn more, a cliff, turn more, a boulder, turn more, trees, you can't do anything with these paths. You try to throw a rock to the moon forever, and it hurts you because it doesn't happen. But you find the truth. You turn more and there opens a nature path, beautiful, and you ascend. You can work with the truth. You can't metaphysically work with believing walking into a wall will get you anywhere. Which is the same as believing fictions.

We have to find and know the truth now. But luckily the disharmony of believing hurtful lies will always result in finding the truth as you can't stand the disharmony.

What is our role in the universe. Are we a zoo with thousands of species. Are only grays the ones who have ever come close? Or maybe a few. Why do grays stand outside peoples houses and stare at them, and allegedly abduct.

Why do we often see grays. Why are we smarter? Because we are modified. But if that scares you then like I said you are misunderstanding what modified means. If a scientist mixes carbon with sodium dioxide, a complex chemical reaction results (just made that up but you know what i mean).

Are we path makers? Meaning that a broad horizon of snow has no foot prints. No one has experienced existence or discovered what god is. Are we the first generation. Can we understand and know things that the grays simply cannot? Are we superior in some ideological understandings? Putting larger pieces of the bigger picture together, where they can't? Are we, path makers, the first generation, not babies who all the other advanced in knowledge races gawk at, but the first generation to discover things on our own, for the first time? If so, does that make you feel more important?
Does it arise passion within you, to live, to be independant, to trust in your abilities and know what you need to do. To live
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posted on Aug, 31 2017 @ 09:06 AM
a reply to: makalit

I think you're talking specifically of the Zatans?

One would think that the "grays" morphology would be the eventual apex that many,many intelligent bipedal species would eventually evolve, or design their own evolution towards.

So there's probably many types of gray type alien species out there.

posted on Aug, 31 2017 @ 09:58 AM
a reply to: makalit

if evolution could have one species more advanced, then we should see that more often in the world. we should see a few, or many creatures who are more advanced than the others. but that is not so.

How much more advanced can a lion be?

The live in prides and have skills in hunting that are rather impressive.

Pic any animal, how much more advanced could they be, they have evolved to live perfectly with nature.

Its the advanced humans that seem less advanced in terms of living in a home that you don't destroy.

posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 03:12 PM
Ok, so now we're all "woke" and "know" that we are bacteria in somebody else's petri-dish ...

What happens when the experiment is over? Usually scientists sterilize their petri-dish and reuse them.

I guess we could try to fight back, but when have the "bacteria" ever won such a fight?


- Dieing with dignity, like a good little microbe.

posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 03:26 PM
a reply to: dragonridr

Who are the mice?

And I said this out loud like someone would make an announcement in an airport lol. Good stuff

posted on Sep, 3 2017 @ 05:13 PM
Just to understand more, are you suggesting that reality is an illusion and that earth did not physically morph into a sphere through extremely hot matter rotating in space and emerging into the planet by the birth of dark energy and matter (as we know it) and after billions of year we end up with what we have now?

Or do you mean that the earth went through it's destiny through evolution and time, but human beings were an artificial species created by the Greys? Or a speicies not known to this planet before the Greys engineered us?

I would suggest that the Nordics are false and not real, but there was another being that was more similar to the Nordics than the Greys, of which is more like the statues on Easter Island and the ones at Gobekli Tepe. Both of these sites are submerged in more than 30,000 years of erosion. Of course the mainstream explanation is BS like every other thing, but the physical evidence in the erosion makes clear that they, and the Sphinx Temple were made by mysterious circumstances much longer than what the history books tell us.

Well, I basically am convinced by this theory because of my research to do with the remains of civilization on Mars. The face on mars, the pyramids there, and the monoliths on the moon and mars. Now while astronauts were discovered the ancient fascinating structures on the moon, it was reported that they were being followed and watched by the Grey aliens, so I do not know how they fit into the mars civilization that was around 1 million years ago. But if you look into the tunnels on mars called the glass worm, you can see that one million years ago is a good guess due to the massive erosion on some of the tunnels. But I have observed the technology that was used to build the tunnels on mars, and it can be clarified that it is not human technology by any means. I mean the towers and domes on the dark side of the moon, that could easily be humans and not aliens, but these mars structured are like nothing humans have ever seen, far far advanced.

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