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Is Steve Bannon using Propaganda for Climate Change Research Project?

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posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 10:13 AM
This is a follow up on a previous theory that adds additional information about a possible effort to intentionally allow Climate Change as part of a research project to study how man and perhaps aliens can manipulate the weather. In Is “Apocalypse” happening as Part of Ancient Alien research project with MJ-12? I explained a theory that is based partly on Philip Corso's book "The Day After Roswell," which I'm sure some of you are familiar with. This book isn't perfect but it is among the most credible sources for claims of shared technology one way or another from aliens. The strongest evidence for a major unsolved mystery is the megaliths moved thousands of years ago that were over 700 tons and at least a couple were moved 420 miles even though experiments to replicate these efforts cheated between 10 and 40 tons and they only moved them short distances and never even tried bigger ones.

This leads me to believe that there was almost certainly an advanced intelligence of some sort influencing the early development of society. Past articles of mine have pointed out that the Ancient Aliens series make so many mistakes that I suspect they're not even trying to do a good job; however they might be partially right on many things, since even though they make enormous blunders they're right about some major unsolved mysteries.

Part of this theory is that they're using us for research on a variety of projects and have been for thousands of years with some degree of cooperation with a contact groups since Roswell. The previous ATS string covered the possibility of using us for research in the pharmaceutical industry with technology that according to Corso was shared with Monsanto Dow Chemical and presumably other corporations.

I also speculated that they might also be researching Climate Change, which if it can be influenced by man it can also be influenced by aliens and they might be acting partly through man. What most people have heard very little of is that Steve Bannon once worked for Biosphere 2 which was a research project to study an enclosed environment that could help understand Climate Change and develop technology that could be used on a colony on Mars if we can get there.

Steve Bannon has been as some reports claim working for one eccentric billionaire after another first, Ed Bass, as a supporter of Climate Change Research with Biosphere 2 then he did a total about face and became a denier after being supported by a different billionaire, Robert Mercer. This enables him to provide propaganda for either protecting the environment or if it suits what ever purpose they're accomplishing destroying it for research, greed, or some other reason. He also supports Sheldon Adelson, a Zionist while he's supposedly enabling Antisemitism at Breithbart. like a lot of politicians he supports both sides of any issue so he can accomplish what he wants when he wants.

I went into this in a new article Could Steve Bannon Be Providing Propaganda To Enable Climate Change Research Project?

Also I recently looked into how for some additional follow up I explored how Ancient Aliens might be related to a UFO at Fatima Portugal in what they call "The Miracle of the Sun" in UFO Hypothesis Far More Credible Than Catholic Claim of A "Miracle Of The Sun" along with Crop Circles and a few other unsolved mysteries this could be among the strongest additional evidence of an unknown advanced intelligence influencing our society. The article about Steve Bannon explains how indoctrination from James Dobson might have influenced attitudes from religious people about the environment creating irrational and destructive practices that aren't remotely close to "Pro-life" when it comes to war, education, or environmental protection.

These articles are fairly long, plus additional back up from other older articles and to understand it all it might be better to read it all but I know most of you won't have time so I'll add a few of the more important excerpts of both in two follow up replies.

posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 10:20 AM

Could Steve Bannon Be Providing Propaganda To Enable Climate Change Research Project?

I don't know if you noticed but the entire political establishment has been going insane for years which led to the election handing the presidency to Donald Trump, who they want us to believe is out of his mind.

They're right of course, he is out of his mind; but not necessarily for the reason they want us to believe. One far-fetched hypothesis which I'll get to is that he's only pretending to be out of his mind as part of a bizarre conspiracy theory. However participating this insane theory would be as insane as if he were really as insane as he pretends to be.

Or something like that.

If you're not up to date on some of the most far-fetched conspiracy theories out there and find this hard to believe good, you should; and you shouldn't jump on board a bizarre theory without checking the facts carefully. However, as I have reported in several articles there is overwhelming evidence of major unsolved mysteries, including how they moved megaliths over seven hundred tons thousands of years ago when experiments to replicate these efforts cheated with megaliths between ten and forty tons and only had limited success without trying anything bigger. Therefore you shouldn't rush to rule them out either. ....

As for the possibility Steve Bannon providing Propaganda To Enable Climate Change Research Project, for starters, if you believe that climate Change is a result of human activity, which most traditional scientists do, then this is by definition a form of Geoengineering, although it may be unintentional. It doesn't mean that these scientists can control weather, although there are plenty of conspiracy theories that claim that there are efforts to do this. However if there is a possibility that weather can be controlled by human activity, and if there have been some form of advanced intelligence influencing our society since the megaliths were moved thousands of years ago, it is possible that this unknown advanced intelligence might have known about this possibility and realized that in order to research it they might have to allow it to happen.

Most people don't know it but before Steve Bannon began providing propaganda for Climate Change deniers he was involved in running Biosphere 2 which was funded by Ed Bass, a billionaire who wanted to support research that would help understand how to create a closed environment on a planet like Mars, if they ever sent people there, and study Climate Change as well. Ed Bass and many researchers involved in Biosphere 2 were admittedly trying to study the greenhouse effect and learn how to reverse Global Warming or Climate Change, with Steve Bannon's help, and later on he began working for projects supported by a different billionaire, Robert Mercier, and oil executives that have a short term interest in denying Climate Change.

This is insane since it isn't even in the best interests of the oil companies to destroy the environment.

Are they suicidal, and willing to take the human race with them? There is plenty evidence to support this hypothesis, although some people might just explain it as ideological fanaticism; however with the science so obviously opposed to this and even Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil, taking a more rational view than the fanatical Trump administration it might be worth considering different possibilities. ....

As far fetched as this sounds to most rational people, it should be clear that, for one reason or another, the political establishment is behaving an an absurd and irrational manner, and it is having a devastating impact on the environment which will only get worse unless some major changes are made. This doesn't mean that we should believe every conspiracy theory like the most common ones about chemtrails which are supposedly part of a geoengineering effort by our government. Most skeptics provide what seems like a rational explanation debunking this, and they're probably right. However the same experts claim that carbon-dioxide and other chemicals are a major contributing factor for Climate Change and they also reported that CFCs were responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer, which clearly implies that many of the chemicals we're using with advanced technology on a large scale has a negative impact on the environment. This means that even if these chemtrails aren't having nearly as big an impact as the conspiracy theorists claim that along with large amounts of other chemicals being used for other reasons they might have some impact. Furthermore the absurd sounding conspiracy theories about exaggerated irrational theories enable the political and media establishment to create stereotypes about less exaggerated theories that might be closer to the truth; and in some cases there might even be a more far-fetched conspiracy closer to the truth. .....

And theories about geoengineering apparently haven't always been treated as fringe, and are now increasingly being considered by mainstream researchers, for better or worse, as indicated in the following article:

When a report on climate change hit the U.S. president's desk, the suggestion was not to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Rather, scientific advisors counseled intervention via technology in the climate system itself—a practice now known as geoengineering. And the president was not Barack Obama, George W. Bush or even Bill Clinton—it was Lyndon Johnson in 1965. .....

With or without a far-fetched conspiracy theory the people that control the country have repeatedly demonstrated with their actions that they seem to consider the vast majority of the public expendable, except when they serve the purposes of the wealthy, or when they stand up for their rights and don't allow the wealthy to take advantage of them. ....
Full article

I tried to include as many rational sources as possible but sometimes the official version of truth is as insane as conpriacy theories.

posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 10:26 AM

UFO Hypothesis Far More Credible Than Catholic Claim of A "Miracle Of The Sun"

In 1917 on the 13th of six consecutive months one of the largest mysteries in Portugal took place starting in May, when three children allegedly claimed they saw "Our Lady" or "a small pretty lady" who told them to come back on the 13 of each month until October when she allegedly said she would tell them "who she was and what she wanted of us."

Rational skeptics have good reason to be doubt large portions of this story; however there is little or no doubt that about forty people believed these little children and showed up to see what would happen on June 13th of that year, and the crowd grew each month until in October estimates of the crowd ranged from 30,000 to 100,000. There was an enormous amount of media coverage collecting testimony from hundreds if not thousands of people that claimed they saw a variety of unusual phenomena.

Like a lot of other major unsolved mysteries that involve alleged communications or signs from "God" the highest profile views are almost always divided into two sides which often don't seem to listen to each other and may, in some cases, both ignore major flaws from their own views. Religious people claim that there is a "God" who created us and is worth worshiping because he's been so benevolent and miraculous, etc.; however if such a "God" did exist why wouldn't he maintain an open honest line of communication and when atrocities like the Crusades, Inquisitions, or Holocaust start happening, partly, if not entirely as a result of someones interpretation of religion, Why doesn't "God" speak up and explain this isn't what he meant at all, and provide guidance in a manner that people can understand so that these atrocities can be avoided or at least minimized.

If "God" was as powerful and merciful as they believe, surely he would. ....

Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada are the authors of "Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon" where they explain why the written records indicate that it is far more likely that this event was part of the large number of UFO incidents that escalated after World War II, and that the people of that time were more inclined to interpret it in a manner that fit their beliefs as indicated in the following article which originally appeared on Wikipedia for about four months in 2009, before it was redirected to the "Miracle of the Sun."

"The Fatima UFO Hypothesis is a theory that the Miracle at Fatima was a UFO incident. Many UFO researchers including Jacques Vallee, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada have expressed the theory. Jacques Vallee first expressed it in the sixties. [1] He believes that the typical responses to this incident for the most part fall into two different categories, the first the scientific response that the people must have mistaken a natural event for a miracle and that nothing important happened, the second the religious response in which this is a miracle and it should be accepted without question. Some researchers including Vallee and Eric Davis into this phenmomenon prefer the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) rather than the term UFO since it is not associated with the Extraterestrial Hypothesis (ETH). Vallee does not believe we should jump to the conclusion that this is the result of Extraterrestrials without further evidence. In 1976 Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada began an in depth research project into the original newspaper articles and other documents and used this to develop their theory that the incident at Fatima may have been related to the UFO phenomena that began in the forties. ....."

A review of the skeptics efforts to debunk this alleged "Miracle" may raise doubts about whether or not they read the vast majority of material about this subject or looked at many of the pictures. My impression is that if they did they ignored an enormous amount of it and their bias is surprisingly obvious. Ironically, in some cases they passed up justifiable evidence that could have debunked some portions of the miracle if they had read some of the most important history of this event which it appears that Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada did a much better job at. This would have enabled them to dismiss most of the alleged prophecies about the war coming to an immediate end, which it didn't, the claim that Saint Joseph would appear with the Baby Jesus on October 13th, which wasn't necessarily true.

The vast majority of the crowd didn't see them at all, it was only the three children, and perhaps a few of the most devout that claimed they saw them at the end of the miracle of the Sun. This is what most rational skeptics refer to as anecdotal evidence which they often easily dismiss, right or wrong. My impression was that this was far less credible than most of the claims from that day, including many that were seen by far more people; I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility that they let their imagination get away with them on that one. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada didn't completely rule this out but they also speculated about the possibility that they might have mistaken extraterrestrials for the Baby Jesus, Saint Joseph and Mary. Most of the apparitions that they described in much more detail including extensive conversations were just of what Lucia referred to as "a small pretty lady" but Jacinta jumped to the conclusion that it was "Our Lady," even though she only allegedly spoke to Lucia. ......
As I explained in Deadly Monopolies With Alien Technology? one possibility that might be far more likely is that they're conducting research that they couldn't conduct on their own world, including medical research. this could also include other types of research as well including into Climate Change and how it is caused by human behavior. There is no doubt that there is plenty of research into Climate Change, whether it is being overseen by aliens or not; but if there have been aliens visiting for thousands of years then it could have been intentional from the beginning.

If the aliens have been influencing societies for thousands of years it would be incredibly foolish to trust them since they have a history of of watching as cultures like the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Assyrians, Kingdom of Ashoka, Angkors, inhabitants of Easter Island, Mayans build up their societies, perhaps with influence from the aliens, then allowing them to collapse and self destruct. we're in the process of doing that now by destroying the environment and the insane political activities by Donald Trump and the incredibly corrupt candidates the Democrats nominate like Hillary Clinton. complete article


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