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The Brothedhood of Light

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posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 03:33 AM
The Brotherhood of Light
…”For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”…

The creator in his infinite wisdom, placed galaxies so far apart that corporeal beings could not
breach the distance in their lifetimes… by conventional means anyway. You must realize that
each galaxy is so far from another that it is virtually in another dimension. Space distances are
so far apart, that when we look at distant star clusters, we are actually looking (back) through time.

Within the physical cosmos exist fallen Celestials. They are out of favor with the Most High
Creator. They are cursed to live eternally apart from their maker. There are armies of fallen
beings in the high heavens. They use the facade of a vast alien space armada. They would
Have you believe that they are Mankind’s (only) hope…

The Brotherhood of Light has been monitoring the earth for an eon. They even have an ancient
alien sentinel in orbit of our sphere. They have subtly manipulated the course of human
history. Many of earth’s leaders have been influenced and prodded by them. You could even
say manipulated.

The Brotherhood has influenced earth culture and sciences for their own purposes. Often they
have done it remotely. because of the vast distances it has always been easier to project to a
distant place, rather than to actually travel there. We would call it holographic technology…
The brotherhood had mastered it in ancient times… The visions and dreams of certain saints
and mystics are proof of that fact. This was the inspiration for “Project Bluebeam”.
Holographic technology has had a spin off effect. That has been the manifestation in the
development of 3D TV and films. This derivative effect is currently used for entertainment.

Around 1961 the brotherhood carried out an experiment. This experiment was focused on the
North American continent.

In the early 60’s TV was still relatively new. Many Americans at that time didn’t even have
color television sets. Nonetheless, TV had proliferated to a degree to make a feasible
experiment possible.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1961, millions of Americans were glued to their television sets. Many
of them were children.
In the early afternoon, before the US annual traditional showing of “The Wizard of OZ”, a
special broadcast was shown. It was a cartoon targeted especially for children. It was a science
fiction cartoon, about people in the future. It was broadcast in 3d technology over
conventional television. The totality effect was most similar to Pixar’s Toy Story and The Incredibles.
…But remember, this was 1961.
An entire generation of American children were subjected to this broadcast, and its
subsequent effects. This generation became the engineers, technicians, and scientist that
ushered in the Computer Age… This was not by accident.

Biological sciences have also been affected…

The Human genome has been mapped. Complex animals such as sheep and cows have been
cloned… The fact that human cloning technology has been perfected has never been openly admitted.
The brotherhood now has the ability to project their (spirit) consciousness into cloned human
abodes/bodies. Now those who gave up their first estate have developed a functional
biological estate/ abode in which to further their concrete plans for The Creator’s earth.

The Brotherhood’s centuries long campaign for destroying the family unit and corrupting
morality is seeing fruition. How can human society remain, when the basic unit, the family has
been eroded?

The ancient forms of the feminique goddess and her (hidden) consort have been revived. Two
of America’s biggest celebrities echo the mother goddess and the chief priestess whore…
Their consorts stand behind, raking in millions of dollars on their own. The example of the
priestess whore is evident. Thousands of young women in the US think the easiest way to
fame and fortune is to make a sex tape. As if that is somehow, legitimate success. The fact hat
many of the modern masses think so, is evidence that the Brotherhood’s plan to sabotage
humanity is working. With English as a universal language, earth will soon be of one corrupt
accord. Then mankind can once again attempt to build their tower of Babel to the stars.

…And what of the angry Red Planet?

The brotherhood has already engineered the covert colonization of Mars. haven’t you ever
wondered why Luciferian element have always been associated with the Us space program…
Along with Nazis? Apparently, the Enemy is a great Sheppard of technology. Just like
Prometheus, with whom he is often associated, as the Lightbringer…

Throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, earth’s greatest technology was utilized for the Covert US
space program. Camouflaged (stealth) technology has been utilized to keep the Mars
civilization hidden. A physical environment has been created where the Enemy can roam
freely, and actually unfurl his massive dark wings and openly fly through the Martian skies…

One of the largest colony outposts on mars is the Gale Crater civilization. At the same time,
modular space going vessels are often spitted above the Martian poles. This is of course in
adjunct to the earlier established underground Martian cities…
When Elon Musk finally arrives to Mars, he will soon find that Mars terraforming operations
have long been underway.

As has been stated, the brotherhood can broadcast inter dimensionally and over myriad
distances… many contactees report that it appears as a wires radio transmission … induced
sub audibly to their brains. Some evidence of séance or demonic possession are MK derivative
effects of brotherhood telepathic control.

Finally… Remember when reading this, that the Enemy has always been a great manipulator,
every since the Garden. he always uses misdirection to hide his motives and intents. he is a
master of deftly using the power of suggestion…

P.S. Since this story is officially unverified.. It is fiction…

posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 04:47 AM
a reply to: cosmokatt7


posted on Aug, 29 2017 @ 07:13 AM
a reply to: cosmokatt7

Cool story. Just curious, is that cartoon in 1961 real?


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