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Free Milky Way BBQ

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posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 02:12 AM
By 2468 the western world had overtaken every country ,
By 2835 , Earth was burdened with feeding 100 billion souls .
Free market forces had run amok , with commonsense now a
byword . Profits and taxes made the news , but not a word
of reality got through .
Political correctness had ushered in world government .
Big brother was a cesspool of inactivity , ...
Private Enterprise ruled , and there were no rules !

Beef production had hit an all time high .... just before
it happened .
One hundred and fifty billion cattle ,

had accumulated
a methane/air layer of 17 % concentration ,
above the air in the atmosphere ,
.... 200 miles thick !

On 05/02/2836 , a 10 metre asteroid zoomed through the
atmosphere , and ignited a gazillion cow farts .
The explosion destroyed pretty much everything man made ,
and burnt all the remaining oxygen ...

the rest is not part of history !

c'est la vie

The Universe had a world sized BBQ for a day !

The end

posted on Aug, 27 2017 @ 07:27 AM
a reply to: radarloveguy
I like BBQ's. They smell great.
I'm just here to kindly let you know that the being that created this world whom you know as God is actually just a scientist and that The human word God is a title for a scientist. Like you call a Dr. well he's a God. Or Dr. but a scientist and he created this world on a smaller scale than he is. For example, the earth would be the size of a basketball as he stands in front of it and humans and other mamals are quite microscopic to him, so he has cameras that circulate the earth to watch us. They view things for him and them, they are microscopic cameras and shine in the light sometimes can be viewed during the day light here. Anyway there are lots that circulate and beam back images and video to him and them.

Ok also yes about three days there is like 100 or more give or take years here. We reproduce and evolve like bacteria evolves to us, in a Petri dish. Faster.. anyway a lot quicker than there.

So he has already started on a new world more to his scale, meaning physical size. Remember as I said our earth is similar size to basketball compared to him. Anyway the new world is a lot larger scale. I'm not that happy with the way this has been handled and I'm sorry. Disappointing he hasn't finished this project properly before starting on the new one.

So you know... His form, he looks like a man medium height, no beard as you like to think. Lol.. he'd look mid forties or so earth years. He's very smart as I said a scientist. That's all I think you can absorb for now. Ok thank you for your time if you read this. Cheers. May.


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