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The Dream Of December

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posted on Aug, 23 2017 @ 02:41 PM
The Dream of December

The world is perverse and crazy. It bothers me greatly. I feel more and more sensitive to it as time goes on.

"3 dimensions. 4 dimensions. I'm not entirely sure it matters. The worlds will collide at some point and we better hope... nah... # it. I'm done with prophecy. I'm interested in the future. "

Maybe I'm the crazy.

If crazy equates to seeing what's wrong with the world, then what does being sane equate to? I was never very good at math, and yet somehow in my overinflated ego, I feel like I'm almost a master at it in no tangible way.

When was the last time you heard absolute silence?

The most peculiar thing about dreams is they require none of our purported "senses" to calculate and exist in the fantastic and sometimes perverse world that is provided for us. Perhaps even more strange... is dreams are a world without the confines of movement. Or more specifically, you do not control where you go and what you do.

Sleepy little puppets the lot of them.

When was that last time you controlled a dream? When you did, has the outcome ever been more thrilling? Or was it somehow... false? It's as if the worst aspect of controlling your dreams is the awareness of lucidity.

Should we, or should we not, ignore the figure behind the curtain?

In the midst of a "normal" dream, you feel and sense yourself going through the motions, but the movements are not conducted through traditional motor function.

When was the last time you gave focus to your own personal movement in a dream? That is to say, do you ever think to feel your heels?

We all just glide along until whipped into a different space and time as the puppeteer jerks his wrist to send the marionette flying from stage left to right. Have you ever questioned this action in the moment? In the dream, we accept these changes to the laws of nature and continue on with the flow.

Is it possible to interupt a dream?

How much of your dreams are inspired by your "awake" state?

Perhaps dreams are nothing more than taking a swim through a fragmented mind.

posted on Aug, 23 2017 @ 04:27 PM
I think when we were little children, we had the ability to do crazy things in our dreams. We weren't conditioned by spelling or math or reading or anything else.

We just lived with our hearts. But we let our ego (brain) take hold of consciousness and we let go of our hearts. When we return our consciousness back to our heart we then think different. We are more open to our true nature and therefore can manifest "miracles".

As innocent children, we knew we could control the unseen and awaken our psychic powers.

Sure they weren't superhuman powers but we had the ability to astral projection a lot easier, lucid dream easier too, and other things.

Now... It's like when we grow up the system has is in place and we can't do or allow our true nature to express because of work, school and life in general.

Dreams can take you to anywhere you want. This reality is only a dream within a dream. If we express our hearts consciousness, who knows what powers we can re awake!

posted on Aug, 24 2017 @ 06:21 AM
Heh i felt like those physical powers achieved in dreams were actual superhuman powers, at the time, i had hard time to fit in anything in life, were bullied and hated and in my dreams i end up been chased over and over again, by ppls, monsters, animals etc and often ended up nowhere but great fall over the edge and i just jump down and only woke up when i landed, until bit later i learn to levitate and even fly, run in the walls, jump great distances/heights and many other things, after i learned these things i started to woke up feeling like i can do anything and i felt even the hate towards me as love

Of course it wasnt always like that and eventually i got punched enough that i actually start punching back, so that changed things but still in my dreams even if i didnt keep running but faced my bullies and tried to punch em with all the power the fear/hate towards me, my punches were in slow motion, i felt like i did not want to fight back like that.

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