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Flat earth theory?

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posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 08:39 AM


posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 08:43 AM


posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 08:48 AM


posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 08:51 AM
a reply to: neutronflux

That's the one!

posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 09:55 AM

Please discuss the LOL Flat earthy theory and not each other.
Do not discuss other members.
Please alert ill mannered posts and do not engage this type of behavior yourselves.

Any more off topic or ill mannered posts may lead posting privilege removal or thread closure.

Do not reply to this post.
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posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 10:05 AM
Well I am happy to return to discussing the flat earth , but we need actual flat earthers to come in here again !

Do you think its finally run its course ?

posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 10:34 AM

originally posted by: sapien82
Well I am happy to return to discussing the flat earth , but we need actual flat earthers to come in here again !

Do you think its finally run its course ?

Nope. You’ll have the weekend crew here soon. It might be as soon as 17:23 tonight?

If past behavior can predict future behavior?

posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 01:47 PM


posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 02:04 PM


posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 02:10 PM


posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 02:32 PM


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posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 09:53 PM

originally posted by: neutronflux

originally posted by: turbonium1
Seeing a rocket fly up towards orbit would support their claim as true, or most likely true, for sure.

Hiding it shows it's all faked.


originally posted by: turbonium1
They always mention where to see things fly in 'orbit', but for some reason, have never once mentioned where to see them going upward, towards 'orbit'!

LOL, indeed!

False argument by you....


a reply to: turbonium1


I've never even seen a rocket fly up to airplane altitudes, and neither have you, or anyone else, seen it.

What is it with you and blatant lies?

originally posted by: sapien82
a reply to: Akragon

I was gonna post that one !

here are JAXA rockets launching 7 satellites

funny thing about this whole flat earth , we can lead a horse to water
but it will only drink when its ready!

A launch that placed these items into space.

Japan’s Epsilon rocket launches seven tech demo satellites

Seven small satellites launched aboard a Japanese Epsilon rocket Friday, including a diverse suite of tech demo payloads and a spacecraft designed to create an artificial meteor shower next year that developers say should be visible with the naked eye.

We are placing so much junk in space, it might “ruin” the night sky.

SpaceX's Starlink Could Change The Night Sky Forever, And Astronomers Are Not Happy 59b6

“The potential tragedy of a mega-constellation like Starlink is that for the rest of humanity it changes how the night sky looks,” says Ronald Drimmel from the Turin Astrophysical Observatory in Italy. “Starlink, and other mega constellations, would ruin the sky for everyone on the planet.”

You don't realize that actual proof would require you/anyone, to actually SHOW a rocket - viewed/filmed on Earth - flying up, towards 'orbit'...?

You're showing clips of rockets flying downwards, sideways, angled slightly upward, as they vanish from sight.....claiming it proves that rockets DO fly into 'orbit'!!!??

If you could ever prove that, you'd show rockets - viewed from Earth - actually flying towards 'orbit', instead of making excuses for never seeing it, or filming it, or even mentioning where to SEE one from Earth!!!

You've shown me a video where a rocket flies past clouds, beside another 'video', taken from their 'rocket', flying up into 'space'!!!

The first video is cut off, the second video soon cuts out, then a third video clip is spliced in....

A rocket flies past clouds, first clip. The second clip shows a rocket flying in a completely different direction, from the first rocket we saw. And the third clip shows another rocket, flying downward, towards Earth!!

How stupid can anyone be, to claim it 'proves' rockets fly into 'orbit'??

You live in a fantasy world, where rockets fly into 'space', because they say so!!

posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 11:14 PM
A rocket doesn't fly into 'orbit', abecause we'd always see them fly towards 'orbit', from Earth, if they really did.

We could surely SEE their amazing rockets flying up towards 'orbit', and we could surely FILM those rockets fly towards 'orbit'... from the Earth....

It's a massive fake.

posted on Aug, 23 2019 @ 11:50 PM
If you seriously believe we've sent thousands of rockets into 'orbit', while you know we'd have seen, and filmed them from Earth... while you also know they'd have mentioned where to see their rockets flying up towards 'orbit'....

You live in a fantasy-land.

posted on Aug, 24 2019 @ 01:03 AM
What would prove, beyond any doubt, that Earth is round, that gravity exists, and so on...

Just show us a rocket, flying up towards 'orbit', from Earth!

Obviously, we'd see rockets fly above us, going up towards 'orbit'.

Sending all of these rockets up, into 'orbit', knowing the flight paths after launch, they never mention where to SEE it from Earth, nor do we ever SEE it, afterwards, either!

No need to prove it, folks!

posted on Aug, 24 2019 @ 02:08 AM
Here's our powerful rocket, folks. See it launched from Earth, how very impressive!

Now, see it fly horizontally, over the ocean, and out of sight!

It will fly into 'orbit', just trust us, folks!

posted on Aug, 24 2019 @ 02:27 AM
They know the flight paths of all their rockets, so if they were really going into 'orbit', they would mention where we could SEE the rockets fly up towards 'orbit', from below, on Earth...

If the rockets do NOT fly towards 'orbit', they will NEVER tell us where to see them, as they are all fake. Just as they don't tell us, because it's all faked.

posted on Aug, 24 2019 @ 03:16 AM
So we've never seen a rocket fly towards 'orbit', and they've never told us where to see a rocket fly towards 'orbit', which they must know before launching it, so not mentioning where to see it after launch, means it's faked. They mentioned where to see it launch, so why wouldn't they ever mention where to see it after the launch? Because it's all faked from that point, obviously.

Von Braun's tombstone stated the truth.

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