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True Grassroots Congressional Campaign for 2020

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posted on Aug, 16 2017 @ 11:54 PM
I hope everyone is well! I've been a long time member of this forum and use to go by the name "ravenger" (or some incarnation of it) for many years before I stopped posting and just started monitoring the forums.

This post isn't a "support me" or "endorse me" type of post. In fact I was hoping I would receive a wide variety of opinions as to what you guys/gals consider the most important issues facing us today. I will provide background about myself and my core beliefs near the end of this post. I am in a position AND location to run an incredibly successful grassroots campaign, both demographically and based off of historical 'competition' in my district. The district and a lot of my real life information will be revealed as I polish up my website and get more in depth in my conversations with you guys.

About myself (In order of most recent to oldest)

I've just made it back to the United States in the past few months. Last year after getting involved in several college based liberty organizations and participating in events such as the Million Mask March I realized that I wanted to work somewhere in the liberty movement. I sought out groups that would fund my idea and went after it. Long story short, I traveled through Israel, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands meeting with college students and political professionals helping them understand how corporations, government regulation/authoritarianism, and interventionist foreign policies effected their day to day lives. I did a lot of on the ground journalism with these people and helped them set up their own student networks. One of the coolest parts of this job was getting to host a radio show from Tel-Aviv (by the way, I love the Reggae influence in Tel Aviv).

Prior to leaving the country I worked as a municipal Park Ranger (managing the physical security of 31 parks, both rural and urban) in a poor black community (I'm half-white, half-Lumbee Indian). I did incredibly well at this job as I grew up poor with a single mother and drug addicted father so I was relateable to the community and I try to see every person, especially the people I was being called "to find," as a reflection of myself so I could find the best way to help them. After all, I genuinely believe that we're all fractions of the original spirit.

My formal education was from a well respected four year college where I worked for a B.S. in National Defense Policy and a B.A. in Political Science. I was ranked as the top student in my subject fields. Primarily because of my interest in government corruption and military conspiracy.

Finally, I spent six years enlisted in the National Guard as an Infantryman and obtained the rank of Sergeant (E5). During this time I trained Moldovan soldiers and spent the majority of my time as a team leader and as a tactical advisor to non-combat units preparing for deployment. I traveled frequently with active duty units and got to see the military industrial complex (and the waste that goes along with it) up close and personal.

Listed below are some of my more general policy positions, I came here to seek input and critiques from all of you as I'm very early into my platform development phase!

Current Platform Objectives:

1. Reduce the scope of the War on Drugs (legalize Marijuana, increase severity requirements to merit "no-knock" raids, increase scrutiny on the prescription of opioids by doctors, decriminalize possession of most substances, redirect focus on meth/crack/heroine)

2. Constitutional Realignment of American Forces (restructuring of the United States Military to ensure proper border security and safe naval passage, closure of extravagant US bases world wide, decrease in overall spending and size with a focus on maintaining missile superiority as a deterrent to aggression)

3. Clarification of Second Amendment (the second amendment has nothing to do with putting Bamby on the ground, and everything to do with protecting yourself and others from harm and the loss of property, this includes protection from the government)

4. Introduce Anti-Police State Measures (run any type of interference with NSA/Intel domestic spying programs, oppose stop and frisk, support LEO body camera initiatives, and oppose civil asset forfeiture)

5. We all know the Federal Reserve is evil

This is just a brief introduction to all of the thoughts I have for my platform and policy stances, as you guys ask questions (and educate me) I can become more informed and increase my awareness and preparation for the job! Cheers! (you can also find my new twitter at 21CentRepub)

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 04:04 AM
What are your thoughts/concerns about the Deep State? international policies/alliances and economics?

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 06:03 AM
a reply to: 21CenturyRepublic

Did twitter ban you already? Did a search to see your twitter page and it's gone. Anyhow, good for you. I like your platform so far and this is what we need to get rid of the corrupt D's and R's who are nothing but 2 bit hacks playing for the same team.

posted on Aug, 17 2017 @ 06:22 AM
A couple more points that I forgot to address last night, (Justso, I'm going in to work right now but I'll respond to you today)

6. "Right to Private Property"- I'm not sure how I would work through this one, most counties receive the largest portion of their funding through property taxes, but as long as the government can take your property for not paying taxes on it, private property is just an illusion, and this undermines what it means to be a "republic" (unless you happen to be "the people's republic of XXXX)

7. Diplomacy through Infrastructure Act- While I am close to a libertarian philosophy I understand the importance of some international aid spending. But instead of handing that money over directly to warlords/government thugs or international "charities" such as the Clinton Foundation. Congress would award contracts (like they do regularly now to the defense industry) to qualified smaller contractors from each state to build infrastructure projects in other countries (like China has been doing in Africa). People will have a bridge or a hydroelectric dam to point at and say "America did THAT" instead of pointing at a JDAM crater and saying the same thing.

posted on Aug, 19 2017 @ 09:19 PM
Sorry for the double post, but I've worked through more of my platform and would love to have some feedback from the ATS community. By the way, these are not at all to be taken as suggested laws (though I do believe each one to have its stated impact on the system). No one man can make all of these changes, but I believe that it's fair that all of the people I offer my public service to should have a full range of my thoughts to hold me accountable by.

8. Balanced Federal Budget- In 2017 the federal government had a budget of $3.654 trillion dollars. This figure is $443 billion dollars higher than the revenues generated by the government. This means that we’re adding almost half a trillion dollars to the national debt each year. Our current debt is approaching 19.9 trillion dollars. In the imminent future, we must bind congress’s hands from reaching into the peoples’ pockets. This requires a balanced budget law to be implemented.

9. Social Security- Incrementally phasing out the social security system by reducing the strain on it. Social Security will be opened up to private competition (from entities that would be similar to 401k’s with varying levels of safety vs profit). People who opt to pay into their new retirement plan would NOT pay social security tax. These same people are entitled to have their previous monies paid into the social security system refunded back to their new retirement plan at a rate and frequency that does not cause destabilization to the current retirement recipients.

This plan serves a secondary purpose, the U.S. government owes $5.54 trillion dollars to itself, most of which is owed TO the Social Security Administration. If we act now to reduce the size of the SSA while there are enough people paying into the system, then we can avoid the repercussions of the inevitable collapse of the institution. Coincidentally as people begin paying money into the private retirement plans the U.S. government will have to slowly start paying U.S. treasury notes owed to the SSA, reducing our actual debt.

10. Taxes- The current American tax code is long, confusing, and an atrocity to free enterprise and free market innovations. An American household that makes $37 thousand dollars is subject to a 25% tax rate!! That is absurd! With the highest tax bracket being 39.6%, I do not believe that under any circumstance the government should be entitled to 15% of your work, while 40% sounds like a socialist joke.
• A flat tax rate of 10-12% across all income brackets combined with reducing the size of the social security burden and requiring the congress to have a balanced budget will tremendously reduce the size of the US government and its activities.
• The practical corporate tax rate in America is 24%, the advertised is 34-35%, and the average rate in other G-7 countries is 21%. I propose a 20% tax rate which will assist the companies attempting to avoid the 34-35% rate, and will make it cost prohibitive for large corporations to move to overseas headquarters. This has the combined effect of reducing money spent on lobbying (which can now be used for product development, employee benefits, etc), slowing off-shoring without tariffs, and possibly increasing the number of corporations headquartered in America.

11. Welfare- I am still in the research phase on numerous (72) federal welfare benefits. Statistics from Cato (government austerity proponents) found that in 12 states of welfare benefits were more valuable than a $15 an hour job, while 33 states had welfare benefits valued higher than $8 an hour. I believe in the essential nature of these programs, but I believe an inside look at their management techniques and regulatory guidelines would quickly show areas of abuse and fraud.

12. Department of Education- In our current reality the Department of Education is a necessary institution, it’s currently the life line for many rural, poor, and underdeveloped areas by redistributing funds generated through other sources. The current $68 billion-dollar budget of the Department of Education may need to be reduced, but this is financially achievable by eliminating the regulatory and “standards” generating functions of the department.

14. Border Policy- I believe that migrant and immigration workers are a vital part of several of our economic sectors and to prohibit their integration into our society would run contrary to the beliefs of this nation. I am, however, a proponent of utilizing the U.S. military as the border patrol in a redefined fashion and with strict non-flexible ROE (rules of engagement). As a member of the US Army I watched our infantry units (heavy armored brigades to be exact) sit around and day dream up scenarios (aka waste tax dollars for the most part) when we could be contributing to the overall safety of America by executing these key functions.

Our bases in Fort Hood and Fort Bliss are home to an incredibly large number of troops and equipment. The “militaries” of several countries around the world use this strategy (as it uses people who are already being paid by the government to execute a task, instead of employing 5,000 additional people to perform the function). By monitoring compliance with the current visa laws (and enforcing the exit dates) and utilizing the United States military; to perform vital border security missions- that seize narcotics and interdict human trafficking. I would make one critique to the current “temporary worker” visa, in that I would make it far cheaper and efficient to acquire the visa in following years as an incentive to return home at the end of each work cycle.

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