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if i ran for congress...

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posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 12:29 AM
If I were to run for Congress, this is what I would run on:

I believe the purpose of the Federal Government is to “grease the wheels” between states in regards to interstate commerce and travel; as well as to insure that the basic rights of the citizen are recognized in every state. For example, a citizen has the right to “bear arms” but its up to the state to determine how that right will be exercised. All responsible citizens shall be able to own and possess arms, but the types, ability to carry open or concealed, shall be left up to the state.

I believe the Federal Government should be the basic law, not the ultimate law. All Federal laws and regulations should be the absolute minimum with each State being able to add to, but not subtract from, Federal law and/or regulations. For example minimum wage. The Federal Government determines the minimum but the states can increase it as they choose.

Federal law should be for the good of the nation as a whole. The basic things needed for all the States to operate in harmony. To ensure that every citizen can carry their natural rights from one state to another. Federal law should not benefit one state over another, but treat all equally. Federal law should also benefit the citizen, regardless of state.

As for the specifics:

Medical: Federal insurance shall be a buy in program, equal to 8% of the individuals gross income. All hospitals and medical practitioners shall be required to accept it. Payment will be based on reasonable cost plus 20% for profit. Reasonable cost shall be determined by cost to the VA.

Immigration: Only dire need shall allow employers to request immigrant visas. All illegal immigrants that can prove they have been in the U.S. for no less than 7 years, with no criminal arrests, except minor traffic violations, shall be eligible for a work visa leading to full citizenship. In addition, all non citizens that join, and are honorably discharged from, the armed services shall have all citizenship fees waved. Also, if the non citizen military member is deployed to a combat zone, citizenship is automatic, upon honorable discharge. All persons shall be have their status checked upon booking into jail. If they are booked on something other than minor traffic violations, and they are illegal, they shall be deported, unless the charge is rape or murder. Then they shall be tried and punished if found guilty.

Also, efforts should be made to find out why people are immigrating illegally and, if possible, fixed. Are they being driven out of their own country due to the state of that country? How can we fix that so they remain in their home country? Is the legal immigration process too cumbersome or time consuming? How can we repair that?

Trade: All treaties shall be reciprocal. For example, if Canada charges 10% tariff on tomatoes, then we will charge a 10% tariff on Canada's tomatoes (or product of equal value). In the idea of free enterprise, the country that wants to trade determines how that trade shall take place.

Taxes: For the individual, taxes shall be based on their control of economic share based on the current 5 economic breakdowns.
Corporate wage write off shall change from Executive officer compensation, to average worker compensation. A company can write off all real wage compensation equal to -25% average American wage to 200% American wage per worker. This increases incentive to pay the middle class more, and executives less. Also, since average workers far outnumber executives, the effective corporate tax rate shall decrease.

Military intervention: I believe the military is a last resort option, and should only be used after a formal declaration of war. The military should not be an occupational force, but a surgical strike instrument. A small council shall be appointed from within the joint branches at the start of the war to figure out a “Marshall Plan” to take place immediately after the completion of war activities based on the country, culture, and level of destruction.

Science: I believe that science is the foundation of progress. Therefore I would propose an increase in the NASA budget. Just about all the modern marvels that we have right now can be traced back to NASA. I know that NASA often goes over budget, but how can you accurately budget something if its never been done before? I would like to talk to NASA to figure out the next step in space exploration. A moon base? An orbital assembly area to build the ships needed for a trip to Mars?

Energy: A standard set of deductions and subsidies shall be put in place for all forms of energy production, be it oil, natural gas, or alternative, so all get an even playing field. May the best form win. Also, a prize shall be put in place to figure out a way to get off steam energy, as most electricity is generated from steam turbines.

Climate change: Climate change, should it exist, is a result, not a cause. I prefer to focus on causes to change results. The cause of climate change, and many unnecessary illnesses and disease, is pollution. I would tighten regulations on pollution, because we all know that without regulations if a company could save a few bucks by dumping its waste into a river they would.

Abortion: I am personally against it, but am pro-choice. However, abortions shall not take place after the 20 week. That's half a normal gestation period, and if a woman doesn't know or can't decide in that time to get an abortion then her inattention or inability to decide shall not effect the fetus. It's too far along at that point.

Offshoring: All companies that make over 51% of its profits in the U.S. shall pay no less than1/2 minimum wage or minimum wage of the country they are in, which ever is greater. For example, a company makes 55% of its profits in the U.S. but manufactures in Uruguay. Minimum wage for Uruguay is $1.66 per hour, so the company will pay $3.63 as a minimum wage for the privilege of selling in the U.S. The company still makes profit off cheap labor, but the economic impact for the host country will be great.

“Too big to fail”: If a company is “too big to fail”, if it controls that much of the industry/economy, then it must be broken up. Tax payers should not suffer, nor have to “bail out” a failing company to avoid that suffering.

Education: A basic standard shall be put forth to maintain international competitiveness. The states shall determine if they wish to due the minimum, or set a higher standard.
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posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 12:48 AM
a reply to: stormson

Can't help myself --- just can't ---

"The right to 'bare arms'..." I'll vote for that...

Unintentional spelling error, I do it all the time, but - but it's classic.

posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 12:51 AM
a reply to: FyreByrd

i must have reread that a dozen times for just such a thing and missed it every time!

corrected now.

posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 01:39 AM
you'd have my vote

some thoughts. many countries restrict their companies to a certain number of immigrant visas, so that's doable. the number of visas granted would need to vary from one industry to another.

I'm not sure I agree with lower corporate tax. doing so increases the tax burden on the people. the intention is good, I'm just not sure it would work out the way you want.

I hope that prize applies to other alternative energies, like tapping into the earth's magnetic field, not just steam.

for offshore companies it is impossible to dictate the salaries getting paid in foreign countries. you could charge them a tariff but that hurts your own companies. this is a tricky subject, and simply natural in a market system with free trade.
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posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 01:54 AM
a reply to: njord

the visas are based on need divided by american graduates. lots of computer grads have had their jobs in-sourced based on claims no one could fill that job. how can over 100,000 I.T. grads per year not have anyone that can fill that job?

corp taxes are always passed onto the consumer. the purpose is not to lower corp taxes, but to incentivize them to pay the middle more and the top less. that will close the wage gap and strengthen the econ because more will have more to spend on more things. higher demand = higher production = more jobs

the prize applies to anything not involving steam. we need the next evolution in power generation. at this point its solar panels, but im looking for equal too or greater than solutions. the next step, if you will.

simple audit of payroll in order to do business in the U.S. solves the offshore company issue.

posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 11:49 AM
That's how minimum wage works already...

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