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posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 01:41 PM
Wow! I didn't know the back story but am extremely happy for her win!!

Deserves a thread!

There is not enough feel good stories in this world!

Here's to IK Kim! Champion!

St. Andrews is a b1tch at times. But Kim parred it out and staved off adversity. She is so happy!! Makes a grown man cry!

Great win and way to shoulder a burden!

We can all learn something from this!!

Never give up. Never surrender!! This is the Kim I want for President!!

posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 02:05 PM
The Women's British Open concluded.

I personally don't watch that much golf after Tiger faded away.

This poor girl missed a twelve inch putt forcing a playoff... that she lost five years ago. That has been her career moment and the only thing people focused on.

She went off and did meditation. She has never let what everyone else would consider a "failure" bring her down.


posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 03:44 PM
Link? Back story? Is she hot? I'm not familiar with her or the background of her

posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: WUNK22

Neither am I!

I just found about this today. I remember Michele Wei winning but not so much Kim's miss. So it is awesome to hear this story.

Golf channel -

Linky -
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