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Germany, true puppet state

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posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:33 PM
I could puke when I see what entittled little brats are slowly taking over. We´re doomed, because natural selection is broken.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:40 PM

originally posted by: verschickter
I could puke when I see what entittled little brats are slowly taking over. We´re doomed, because natural selection is broken.

Star for that.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:43 PM
Who would have thought that Germany would ruin Europe 3 times in a single century.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:45 PM
To explain my view and I say specifically THIS IS NOT A THREAT. I´m trying to explain my point of view. Don´t someone dare saying I´ll go after someone, but this is the reality:


I´m a hunter. Official licensed. German hunters are supposed to care about the heath of the wildlife and with that, the forest. We don´t have predators for the bigger animals like boars and deer. It´s our job because although the wolf is coming back to germany, no one wants them.

So the hunters job is to sort out the weak. That´s what the wolf does. A wolf never decimates his foodstock but will prey on the weak. It´s nature and it´s survival of the fittest.

If we would not do it, genpool detorigates.

Now let´s get back to humans:
We managed to outsmart nature because we are top predator. Lazy and sickly (and I mean this in general) humans that would have died from hunger if they didn´t got their ass up and benefited the community.

Nowadays, you are patted on the back for the exact opposite.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:45 PM
a reply to: Konduit

I didn´t but that was before Merkel.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:51 PM
I repeat: I´d never harm a fellow human regardless what low life scum it is, if not for (real) selfdefence. Not that someone thinks I´m loosing my # or something. Seriously it´s important to make this 100% clear to everyone.

I´m just ranting and that´s what this forum is for.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 07:55 PM
And I feel better now. This was necessary.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 08:27 PM
One last little thing that needs to be vented before I:

Catch the asshole that (it´s the same one)

-Throws my newspaper on the icy or wet doorstep so I´ll break my neck when leaving the house when there is a seperate container for letters and newspapers. It even reads "ZEITUNG".
-Leaves his bubblegum on a nearly daily basis at the EXACT same spot


So... all good now.

posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 10:34 PM
It isn't so much that you lost the war.

It's what that loss gave rise to....and the cultural marxists have a special fixation
with Germany, especially since, more than anywhere else, because they can.

She's getting us all, but Germans will just have to accept that their fatherland is
now the locus for globalist kontrol.

When he isn't busy losing sleep over not having the Chinese internet policing model in place,
and worldwide,
to maximize his royalty streams, Sir Paul Hewson would be teaching us to 'Co-Exist'.

This time, you will learn.

I am surprised your message was allowed to leave the country, to be honest.
Better to speak now than be forever silenced, as
this too may change in the near future.

Pay attention to the narrative of 'The Russian Question', streaming from amerika.

There is hope for Germany, and for the world 'community',
but only if and when the globalist deep state cabal does manage
to saturate the world, and, in search of new assimilative breeding grounds,
finally does provoke the bear -everyone can stop wondering what all this Russia crap is all about-
they are putting gays in cages fer Chrissake who knows what they are doing to the
bourgeoning transgenders- is this anything Germans want to emulate -so do your part to facilitate

A distant glimmer of hope, and (enfin) a new world villain, as seen on TV!

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posted on Aug, 3 2017 @ 11:18 PM
a reply to: verschickter

The western (specifically white apparently) civilizations have always lived under the illusion of freedom. Our little liberties or freedoms are generally taking advantage over others for personal gain/self preservation . We were always meant to slowly erode those freedoms from each other due to taking advantage. The resistance of such was meant for us to willingly enforce more laws and restrictions upon each other to set up for singular world control. This is why I disagree with what is known as systemized racism in our country. It's simply systemized oppression, but there are more white people in control and with money so the benefits naturally extend further in our race. This was a long game strategy, however the powers that be are not willingly to let it play out any further. Too many peons started realizing that our money has no value other than the blood, sweat, and tears that we instill into it, that coupled with the reduced need of humans due to tech innovations. Everything is off potential, something of value only has that potential if there is someone willing to put the work in to fulfill that potential. This is the reason for the socialized programs, and mass immigration to make us mire dependant upon them. They were always waiting for us to mess it up so they could take control and say we tried to let you live free but you were unable to handle it. They took long term concepts of balance and tried to turn them in to individual concepts. Now they are not settled on waiting they are forcing this to insure the powerful society's that have been built will break down so they can swoop in and rebuild society in the image they want. They went after the most essential for life first, healthcare. It surely easnt meant to reduce the power or money in the healthcare industry. It will be subsidized through taxes insuring that we demand change of lifestyle habits to reduce the overall cost. The NWO is a very real thing. Honestly I think that fact that we all share the same air and water that means there should be global organizations to ensure our and the earths future. I just happen to disagree with that people that will be in charge and the fact that the initiative is hidden under the guise of freedoms for all. It's too late now unfortunately, but we did have a shot at some point. The only way would for individuals to suppression they're own perceptive freedoms and actually be the definition of humane (which is an ironic definition being what we humans are). This would have insured the limited need for government rendering them effectively useless. Sorry this is the case and that it seems to be hitting home for you now. Keep your head up and and do the best that you can. If nothing else remember peace is of individual internal construct.

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 02:12 AM
Well, it seems the deep psychological experiment to convert Europe and especially Germany, to a steaming heap of a multiracial cesspool, is actually working.....congratulations Demigods.

German model(?), Martina Big, has now transitioned into....

A Black watch out Illegal immigrants of Germany....Martina has you in her sights......

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 02:18 AM
a reply to: verschickter

Germany won WWII.

They rebuilt their country in less than 10 years .... and guess where the money and support came from?

The world.....

Germany is not done fighting.... they simply took the fight from the battlefield to worldwide control in economics and trade.

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 06:43 AM
a reply to: verschickter

When it is so obvious to you .... and the UK ( ie Brexiteers)

How come no one else can see it

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 06:48 AM
Hello Verschickter!!!

First of all, we germans all know that "our rulers" are puppets of the former allegedly united States.
That´s why a Merkel visited Bush to apologize the more than sane decision of Schröder and Fischer, to not take part in a war against iraq, basing just on lies about WMD`s.

Everybody who is just a bit interested in politics knows that the GDR child Merkel hates the east, loves the west(typical east german behaviour, who wonders), especially the former united States. What a beatiful puppet for the overseas pupet masters.

I don´t trust these "democratic" elections anymore, since Merkels first 4 years more than ever.
Because, after that first four years, i mentioned something. You could(and still can) ask everybody around you, friends, colleagues, relatives, people you just talk with, you can ask whoever, and everybody will answer the question: "Would you vote Merkel?" with a clear NO. And most of them will say that they never voted for her, some will agree that they voted once for her, but that it was a mistake.

But in every poll Merkels popularity grows, even if she did and said, like in the most of her years of ruling, nothing. At least not her job, to protect the german citizens, for example from to be spied on by foreign nations, like the former USA. But to be honest, that is not a Merkel problem, that is a problem of Germanys occupation by the former USA. She is just OK with the situation, because the former USA is "The Good Ones"(TM) and she wouldn´t even try to change something with it, or wouldn´t try to tell the german people the truth about the former US and german "relationships".

But she is not only a puppet of the permanent government of the former USA, she is also a puppet of that robberbaron capitalism, that comes from the former US of A. She told us, years ago and in public, that we don´t live in an average democracy anymore, but in a market conform one:

Kanzlerin Merkel: „Wir leben ja in einer Demokratie und das ist eine parlamentarische Demokratie und deshalb ist das Budgetrecht ein Kernrecht des Parlaments und insofern werden wir Wege finden, wie die parlamentarische Mitbestimmung so gestaltet wird, dass sie trotzdem auch marktkonform ist.“

And that the german people would not have a right to live in a democracy forever:

But somehow either the german taxpaying working robots don´t care, or something with the elections and polls is wrong. We should live in a democracy conform market instead of a market conform democracy. That would rulers do that would really do their job, represent the will of the people, represent the people, not the big money! And "politicians" that act and say things like Merkel would "hang at the next tree", in other countries, for treason. Those so called politicians even break the oath they have to swear:

Art. 56 (und Art. 64) GG: „Ich schwöre, dass ich meine Kraft dem Wohle des deutschen Volkes widmen, seinen Nutzen mehren, Schaden von ihm wenden, das Grundgesetz und die Gesetze des Bundes wahren und verteidigen, meine Pflichten gewissenhaft erfüllen und Gerechtigkeit gegen jedermann üben werde. (So wahr mir Gott helfe.)“

If i only think to the NSA affair, she(and the so called politicians that surround her) broke every part of that oath!
Without consequences, and the MSM do everything to let her popularity grow, again and again. And, again, either the german populace falls for that Merkel propaganda mind programming, or something with the polls and elections is wrong.

We have a lot of problems in Germany she is the reason for, it starts with the nuclear waste repository Asse, goes over that apologizing for not taking part in a war based on lies(she would have send german soldiers to iraq, to please the former USA). To make it short, she did more bad things to germany and the german people than the brainwashed majority of the german citizens would ever want to realize.

One problem is, the germans do not care about anything than themselves anymore(at least they think), their facebook account, their spyPhone. They have no time to think about the real things, because they have to play a role in the facebook world. Social welfare recipients spend their money for the whole month, just to buy a new ugly looking skinny jeans for girls, for 350 Euros and to make a selfie with it, acting like a big player, with big money. The same kind of people rents big, fast and expensive cars, just to ride the whole night, for hours, in a circle through the city of Cologne, to act like the owner of these cars. And for sure they film everything(except the number plate of the car, that would uncover the whole lie) and load it up to the self exposers platforms. That´s what a big part of the german populace cares for nowadays.

Such people don´t vote(and i am a bit thankful for it). Then we have a lot of people that don´t vote because they know that all that is just show, that nothing changes, that all the parties and politicians are actors in the theatre to fool the people. "Politics" are used to please the rich, the different lobbies, the industry, the economy, the markets, the banksters, the international weapon dealers, etc, etc. It´s a reversed Robin Hood game that is going on nowadays, money is taken from the taxpyaers, the hard working people, from the middle class and from the poor, to give it to the rich.

We have the same problems like most of the western nations, if we are allowed to decide something, we have to choose between death and the devil, pest and cholera. We just can choose the lesser evil, knowing that all of them politicians betray us. And we can´t even trust the outcome of these elections anymore, because reality and these outcomes don´t fit.

But "our" MSM will do everything to declare Mutti again, for four years, to Bundeskanzler. Even if there was no election yet. Because she is Mutti, she takes selfies with the german national football team, in their crew cabin...
And because of nice dinners with the Springer family, the Burda family, etc...

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 06:51 AM

originally posted by: verschickter

political correctness, yeah. That´s what brought uns the same # like in your country (no offense).

I have been saying this for years in my postings ..... only to get shot

down by the pc brigade .... But I don't give a dam.

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 07:08 AM

originally posted by: Restricted
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Your ability to deal rationally with the current problem is directly attributable to your history.

Funny you should say that .... Merkle reminds me of a little Hitler the way she

struts around, and if Hitler had been a woman he would have probably been a

lot like her?

?? Maybe ?? could it be?? ... in her genes!

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 07:16 AM
There are still in Germany (and elsewhere) people who are ready to stand against the establishment. The first name that comes to my mind for Germany is Sarah Wagenknecht.

Turn on subtitles when necessary.
She is more or less on the same line as Jean-Luc Mélanchon in France :

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 07:37 AM
I´m in a hurry today. I´ve will have to re-read the whole thread, when there is time I will reply to each of you. I didn´t expect so much feedback as I was just ranting along yesterday (I was not drunk or anything just saying).

I feel exceptionally better today, sometimes some steam has to be vented.

But I´m surprised by the feedback and some very intersting things mentioned and of course will take my time to reply.

posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 08:31 AM
a reply to: theultimatebelgianjoke

How dare you...

How can you make propaganda for the leftwing terrorists, the former SED, those commies...

That´s how the propaganda in germany against "left" works, since 1945. Everything that seems to be a bit "left" is the most evil thing on earth, communism, terrorism. The "west" even created NATO Gladio, to make the "left" look bad and evil. They used even bombings of trainstations, with civilians on it(Bologna). Or how the german Verfassungsschutz blew a whole in the jail of Celle, just to make it look like a left RAF terror act, to free their comrades. Strangely enough that i can´t remember one false flag attack that tried to make the "right" look bad, in Germany. And if something like this would happen, it would be a false flag attack of the "left", but not of the "state".

Sadly everything that is social is declared as "left"(and so as bad and evil, as we learned over the decades), in "our marketconform democracy".

But there is another problem. Even if i like to listen to left politician sometimes(Gysi more than Wagenknecht), i don´t believe them, i don´t believe that a big change of anything would come and then suddenly the majority of the germans would be no more low wages slaves anymore, for example. Politicians are politicians, doing their job. Just because the "left" tells the people what they want to hear, because they often SAY the truth and point with the fingers at the real terrorists, the real criminals, doesn´t mean that they really would change something for the people, if they come in power.

It´s a human problem, greed and envy. And i believe that many politicians became politicians with the best intentions, that they really wanted to change something, some of them even for a better of the people. But if they jump on that politics carousel, everything will change. They will become corrupted, bribed or, if they have a conscience, blackmailed, to make the "right decisions".

The opponent side will dig deep in your life, back to even when you were a child, to find something they can use against you. Everybody has a skeleton in the closet, some a bigger one, some a smaller one. An then they will let you choose, will you stay politician, getting too much easy money for whatever they do or will you be exposed, declared to whatever so that everybody thinks you are one of the biggest criminals in earths history.

That´s why you can´t trust anybody on that politics carousel, even if they talk the truth now, if they are not in power. We know why they tell their supporters what they want to hear, before elections. And what happens with those made promises after the elections. It doesn´t matter which party, after the elections they act all the same.

And in Germany we have the problem now that we have a GDR2.0.

You can vote for whatever you want, at the end it will be the GroKo(great coalition). So in reality we have a one party system like the GDR had with it´s SED!

Then we have polticians and officials, secret services that install a big brother system, that makes the GeStaPo or the StaSi look like little amateurs! StaSi2.0!

And we even have a invisble wall!
If the working drones earn to less cash, they can´t leave the country!

We can´t even build families anymore, you need two adults to work, to be able to pay the rent, the taxes and all the everyday costs. Some of those two adults even need more than one job, because they maybe need two cars, because of their jobs. And those cars, the taxes, the gas, all that needs to be payed. When should they make and grow childs? And how should they pay everything for them? Kids cost a million and more, till they are 18. And i even believe that even this is not a failure, something that just happened. Isn´t it good for a marketconform "democracy", if it´s people have no families and by this much time to do several wage slave jobs?

I guess Die Linke will never have a chance in Germany, because they tell the truth to often. Because the act as if they really want to change the social problems, the gap between the really rich and the rest of the people. Things like the dictatorship of the multinational acting corporations and all that stuff.

As it is with Diesel-Gate now, the "politics" again showed that they do everything for the corporations, while betraying the people. It´s happening right now, and will become HUGE!

To come to an end, you can´t trust any politician!
It´s the system that´s evil, that robberbaron thing.

What would be better?
If i would know that, i maybe could change the world, but i can´t.

I just can say that the actual system is against the people and for the big money, we live in a dictatorship of the rich and only because of that powerful.
And that is more than wrong!

We know that, and that´s why they install a big brother system, allegedly for the security of the people, with the cheap excuse of that "war against the (somehow only muslim)terror". In reality they, the real rulers(those with the big money and their politician puppets) try to create a security for themselves, and in that scenario WE, the people, all are potential terrorists!

Even "they" feel and know that this system had has it´s best time with exploiting and fooling the people.
I am pretty sure it was the internet that educated many people, opened their eyes. When the people didn´t have to listen to only the propaganda news of their country anymore, but could start to research for themselves. That, btw, is the reason why they now try to censor and block everything that could harm their ruling. Everything that is not PC enough, everything that is not on rulers line. That´s why fake news flooded us, to make us believe that everything in the web is lies. And the rest is "conspiracy theories"...

I personnaly would be for something like the old greek ostracism. Once a year all citizens will be asked for the politicians that did less the last year for the democracy and it´s people. And those politicians that "win" will be chased out of the country without any money or else, banned forever.

I forgot a video where even Merkel and Seehofer tell the truth, but nobody here seems to listen or to care, here in Germany:

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posted on Aug, 4 2017 @ 10:03 AM

originally posted by: verschickter
I´m in a hurry today. I´ve will have to re-read the whole thread, when there is time I will reply to each of you. I didn´t expect so much feedback as I was just ranting along yesterday (I was not drunk or anything just saying).

I feel exceptionally better today, sometimes some steam has to be vented.

But I´m surprised by the feedback and some very intersting things mentioned and of course will take my time to reply.

Speaking the absolute truth may be verboten, but that doesn't stop those who believe in it from speaking it.

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