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The Shadow

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posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 11:53 AM
Life exists to support the shadow. The shadow exists to support life. When a creature dreams - the most subtle part of its existence, the shadowy essence of this dream sinks to the darkest darkness. Down there the weavers take this shadowy essence and start to weave another living shadow, based on its pattern. And here sprouts another world, another creation. None of the creatures there would ever imagine how they came to be and their hidden powers, unless in this new realm someone finds the pattern and walks it. He would then attain the powers over the shadow itself. Well, there is just one small problem, he will definitely piss off the weavers...

I was unlucky to do this mistake, and my story starts there.

posted on Aug, 2 2017 @ 12:12 PM
The green door of a small apartment at the end of Munich opened. The wild flipped through several pages of "The Terrible Secret of Aunt Mary", Wisdom read. She turned her attention for a moment, but the sounds accompanying the witchy door noise confirmed her expectations. It was Reim, her friend whom he loved to call, Wunderswane. Only the thick heels of his cowboy boots spoke on the wooden floor that way. She turned back to where she had come, but she did not finish a sentence, and a voice and some other steps echoed in the hallway. Wisdom left the book without bothering to note the page. She had a perfect photographic memory, only one of its qualities, which had made it the leader of SIEL.

-SE'vus! - The strange voice and the blond head of its owner showed up uninvited, just as Wisdom was about to abandon the soft couch.

posted on Aug, 5 2017 @ 12:50 PM
The newcomer and Reim entered the room. Wisdom settled on a three - legged stool next to
the scratched glass table, while the two boys together sat down on the small sofa at the other side. After a few quick jokes between her and the blond guest, Reim got a more serious look, and hang in silence before cutting the conversation:

-We have to help him, Eli. - Reim turned to the already suspecting something Wisdom.

- Well tell me then! - she said with her puzzled open eyes smiling in the direction of
the young man who had just presented himself as Dennis and then lit herself one from the Lucky
Strike on the table.

- I'm from Stutgard. Reim tried to help me get rid of an unpleasant dream, the things you guys do, but We had a problem, so we came to Munich... to you. He told me that you owned something that can stop all my nightmares. I really suffer, Eli... - begged the young boy.

-Wisdom. She quietly corrected him.

Dennis smiled, awaiting her true answer. Wisdom exhaled the smoke, then nodded

-Go along...

-I've been in trouble for a few months. - the boy' shoved his hands into his hair. - the problems started after I got a conscience stroke one afternoon. I was right at the junction between the yellow Bakery and angel pharmacy in Stuttgart when the world turned or maybe I myself lost sane reasoning for the enviroment. It was like falling into a dream... The passers-by literally degraded in front of my eyes and the pavement sank into the sands...

The sky darkened and completely covered. After a moment I was transported, or rather pulled by some Power, and I stood in a dark hall, all of stone, illuminated only by a few pits, where people were screaming, screaming for their lives. In the middle of the hall there was a lake of hellish fire, and beyond it a high three meters of shadow, figure was giving snake moans that pierced my ears and soul.

Suddenly the creature felt me and stared into my eyes, starting to speaks in some ancient, incomprehensible language. I felt bound, as if I could not move. The pain felt by the people burning on the pits suddenly began to flow into me. I would die every moment, but the time slowed and slowed down, as if to suffer more. Then I woke up, floating above my body at the street. An ambulance had been arrived, and they were trying to bring me back. I thought it was all over. Unfortunately, I was wrong...

Almost every night after I fell asleep, this dream was coming again. I experienced the pain of the martyrs, burning to death. I turned into a coffee zombie, I did not wanted to see a bed or pillow. Then a friend told me he have heard of a man who could get rid of me of my paranoia...

-A curse. - Wisdom finished her cigar and continued - Maybe there's a way we can cure you, but... you'll need to go back there, Denis... to kill that thing...

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