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The Feditary: Background on the evil Tripidions

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posted on Aug, 1 2017 @ 05:32 AM
I have written about the Feditary on ATS over the last few years. 15 million humans in a massive armada of space ships flying around the universe in the 37th century (Earth time). Unfortunately, the Earth no longer exists in the 3600s. Nor does any other planet in the Sun solar system. Compliments of the evil, Tripidions, a trinary race based on 3 sexes.

Try not to imagine them as male, female and whatever that 3rd sex is. Tripidions have 3 arms, 3 legs, 3 eyes, 3 get the idea.
Because their body parts are spread around their body like a triangle, Tripidions do not have a defined front, back, left or right side. They don't recognize themselves like that.

Tripidions do not have external sex organs. To reproduce, their large egg shaped heads heat up to a scolding temperature (by human standards). Spores are then evacuated from the top of their heads and they float between the heated heads of all three sexes and the cool air surrounding them. The spores of each sex (A, B and C) combine with the other three sexed spores and as their heads cool down, the spores return into their heads.
Inside their heads are three independent brains and the first tri-spore to make it to the space between each sexes brain begins the pregnancy process.

All three sexes are capable of reproducing but each sex can only reproduce it's own sex.

About halfway through the pregnancy, they do the spore thing with their heated heads again. But this time, the spores come from the three pre-born monsters themselves. The spores of each sex "mingle" with the spores of the other two sexes to determine on a biological level which unborn sex is the healthiest.

Once they make this biological, instinctive decision, the three heads cool down and the spores return to their same sexed hosts with, for lack of a better term, the news.

The two weaker sexed monsters will spontaneously abort and the strongest will be carried to term.

Tripidions are birthed through the nose and the parental Tripidion is not able to breath during the birthing process. Typically, Tripidion labor lasts about 30 seconds and within 5-10 minutes, the parent is fully recovered.

Tripidions grow to 9-12 feet but it's not unusual to see a short 8 foot Tripidion or a tall 15 foot Tripidion.

With explosive acceleration, Tripidions can sprint at about 90mph for very short distances (less then 100 yeards). They can run at about 60mph for 10-30 miles and they can maintain a constant jog of about 30mph for unknown distances and unknown time.

Tripidions have three eyelids for each of their three eyes and their eyelids work as filters allowing them to see a spectrum of light above and below human capability.

Each eye works independently of the other two and each has a biological telephoto lens. Nothing is more creepy then watching one of their eyes ooze outward by about 6 inches as it zooms in on God knows what.

Tripidions have three rows of teeth capable of mincing hard food in a few seconds.

With their three ears and three brains, a Tripidion can comprehend three separate conversations at once.

Tripidions eat, talk and breath out of three separate orifices so a Tripidion does not have to take a breath when speaking.
They can talk, eat and breath at the exact same time without any one function obstructing the other two.

Tripidions live on a world many times larger then Earth One and their home world does a sort of triple looped figure eight around the three stars in their solar system.

Their planet orbits at different speeds around their three stars so they are adaptive to extreme weather conditions.

Tripidion technology is about 1,000 years ahead of human technology in the 3600s.

Luckily, the human race figured out how to travel faster then the speed of light before these demonic creatures paid Earth One a visit.
Because of the way physics work at faster then light speeds, the Feditary is able to hide from the Tripidions at light speed even though Tripidion technology is far superior in every way.

In over 700 years of war, the Feditary has not won a single battle against the Tripidions.
The Feditary is in a desperate search for a technology or an ally that can, at the very least, give the Feditary a fighting chance.

In the meantime, the Feditary has outlawed all Earth colonies on every planet in the universe because any human living on a planet is a sitting duck for a Tripidion attack.

Ironically, the Feditary punishes it's planet walking rebels with execution on site; man, woman and child alike.

It is a brutal time for the Feditary with no assurances that the human race will persevere.

The entire human race could be wiped out before the 41st century if the Feditary can not determine a solution to this menace within the next 400 years. The human race is on the clock and time is quickly running out.

What do Tripidions think of the human race?

Tripidions regard humans in the same way that humans would regard a house fly or a cockroach. They think nothing of killing humans and believe the universe would be a better place if humanity was completely annihilated. They consider humans to be simple, disgusting parasites of the universe with simple technological minds.

Although this story has nothing to do with Star Trek, it takes place centuries after the most distant Star Trek saga.

Would you want to live on a planet during humanity's darkest time?

The Feditary believes planets are only for mining and harvesting. The Tripidions believe if any planet has a human signature, every planet in the solar system must be destroyed in their ongoing efforts to exterminate humanity from the universe.

My best advice if you come across a Tripidion; you can't outrun them so take aim and shoot them in their neck, their weakest and most vulnerable point. Shoot as many as you can because they always travel in multiples of three. And don't worry about surviving the battle. You won't. But the more Tripidions you manage to kill, the more human lives you will save. For your efforts, you will be remembered with honor and respect.

May the stars have your back for eternity.

posted on Aug, 1 2017 @ 06:12 AM
a reply to: Genfinity

Inventive, I like it.

I always thought the Octopus, with 9 brains and 3 hearts, is set up to be an apex predator. They are actually quite intelligent and can operate door handles, levers and switches and do all sorts of unexpected physical tricks.


posted on Aug, 1 2017 @ 04:48 PM

originally posted by: chr0naut
a reply to: Genfinity

Inventive, I like it.

I always thought the Octopus, with 9 brains and 3 hearts, is set up to be an apex predator. They are actually quite intelligent and can operate door handles, levers and switches and do all sorts of unexpected physical tricks.


Great prediction.

By that measure, humans have two brains. One is the cerebral cortex, the other is the Enteric system, the neural network for the digestive system which has about 2/3rds of the number of neurons in a cat.

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