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Has Nostradamus returned?

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 12:04 AM
First, let me say, I post this with caution, not wanting to, as so many
of you are so very intelligent, and not knowing so many of you, I do not know whether you , the reader, will find this site as incredibly amazing and interesting as I personally do. So, having said that, I apologise if this has already been brought to your attention.
While on the internet the other night, I stumbled upon a site, one that
is about prophecy and predictions, but, the predictions from this man, are very interesting and many are very accurate.
Michael McClellan, author of Nostradamus and the Final Age predicts the future, in an experiment he has been doing for six years now, called
"the Base 7 System", where he bases that everything that will happen is repeated every 7 years. or, in multiples of 7.The bible starts with the number 7,God made everything in 6 days and rested on the seventh, so began our time cycle, one week, and the bible ends with the number 7 in revelations, the 7 trumpets, The Seven Seals, etc. In events,such as wars, natural disasters and every topic known, he has based on numerology, with amazing accuracy.
He explains how he does this, saying, "First, an original historical event (precedent) must be established.
Seven years later, if conditions are right, some variation of the precedent is repeated. The repetition, on rare occasions, can be nearly exact.
If conditions are not favourable, an opportunity for the event to be repeated will occur an additional seven years later (a total of fourteen or 2 x 7 years).
Again, if conditions are not right, another seven years may pass (twenty-one or 3 x 7 years) before there is a recurrence.
And so on.
Multiples of seven up to forty-nine years (7 x 7 years) can be used. In most instances, but certainly not all, influences older than forty-nine years are usually too weak to be repeated.
Therefore, over a forty-nine year period an event may be repeated once, twice, three times, and sometimes more often than that.
Then again, some events are never repeated."

So, after I read about 3 hours worth of the most interesting predictions I had come across, and after reading so many, I realized there were thousands yet for me to read, and absorb.and that maybe, someone may want this information as well. every story had its own history, so many of them different, yet, each one had a destiny to be fulfilled,each one shared a common thread, as I learned.
He had me so interested that I could not stop reading, I wanted to absorb every little minute detail like a sponge with my mind, I was captivated, and wanted more. and, yet,there was so much to read, so many answers to questions or make you question a certain event , and actually found myself looking up information to do my own on a subject he had that I am passionate about, and it is very rewarding to me,to have stumbled onto this!

For starters I started reading "The Diana Prophecy", and was amazed at what I was reading! Everything had a common theme, a purpose, a fulfillment, so, I started researching, and thought maybe, someone will read a prediction here, find the pattern and connect the dots and cross all the T's as they research something they are passionate about, be it prophecy, wars, natural disasters, celebrities, aliens, UFO abductions, a coming Tsunami in Australia, and so on! Say you want to find out who it is he is referring to and how he came to that conclusion, about a Famous Black Actor/Rock Star Murdered or Dies of Drugs Overdose this year, then you would have to find the first major actor/music legend who died, and start in multiples of 7. He says his initials are M.J.? So, not hard to figure that one out.
So, if you and I remember back to all the major events that happened, and each person started their own research on each subject they are inspired by, we could I believe answer many questions, about the future.
I could give you hundreds of examples of his that has been predicted and fulfilled, or of the number 7 system, but I know each and every person here, is more than capable of finding it on his or her own.
This man, I believe is a modern day Nostradamus!
I am not ging to go on but I will warn you that this is a massive site, with thousands of predictions, and months of reading and learning, if you do not know about this already. I believe each and every person here, will find a topic they believe in with their heart and soul and I think in my opinion, that we all will learn many things, to come from him.
So, I ask that you simply go and read some, and then after you have read some topics, , make a judgement on it. but, I hope it brings some of you,... even one person answers to questions that have been lingering and new and exciting adventures as you discover a new revelation.

This is what intrigued me so, well it fascinated me, and many of you may have already known about his particular topic, called the "Diana Prophecy".
From Marilyn Monroe, to Princess Diana there are so many similarities that it is eerie, but fascinating, much so that I am looking into it more and more.
Marilyn Monroe, born in 1926, and died in 1961, at the age of 36, her birth and death are 35 years, a multiple of 7!
Princess Diana was born in 1961 and died on August 31, 35 years later! and also was born on the 1st day of a month, and was 36 also, when she died. Both deaths created mass hysteria in the public. Both deaths are speculated to have been, 'not natural', instead it is said/rumored they were both murdered. Both of their mothers were mentally unstable, and both were involved with high profiled men, Marilyn with John F. Kennedy, and Diana, Prince Charles, both men did not show love in return, and broke their hearts. Each had the same song, with only the words changed, Marilyn had 'Candle in the wind',while, Lady Diana had 'Farewell England's Rose', both sung for them by Elton John. Both were known for their attire, smile and beauty. Now, count the years that separate their deaths? Eerie, and there are more similarities!
The last two lines in the Quantran 10.35 are
Women's apparel in the temple of Diana:
Going to be murdered by the unknown one from Marne.
Michael said ...
"One of the strangest car accidents in our time claimed the life of a woman loved by the entire world. She and her new boyfriend, Dodi al-Fayed, had been murdered by an intoxicated chauffeur, a Frenchman named Henri Paul, and an unknown driver of a mysterious white Fiat Uno. The Marne flows into the Seine a few miles north of Paris." So, he had been right,he had understood Nostradamus prediction , but read it wrong, but it was too late... and he felt awful! With it came a new revelation, that she will arise again!
Look closely at both men, see any resemblance? There is a striking one between the two women! This page is very very interesting, in fact it shook me, and made me think so much that I finally had to believe what I was reading for nothing is impossible!

So, to all of you who read this, I hope that it might bring you knowledge, and answers to many questions and maybe more questions, so that you start to research something that strikes you on the many pages there. With questions come answers and if we look hard enough, we may fortell the future, and avoid a disaster in the process.

Each one as you open a new page is what he has predicted and what predictions have been right. There are so many pages, so, good-luck, I hope you find as much enjoyment and gain knowledge as I am, and may you have many happy hours of reading the man who may be our modern day Nostradamus! You will find every topic, and each one will/can show you what the future may bring. Lastly I will say only this, that to fully understand the future we must understand the past.
These are some of the pages for you to explore and share your opinions with others after you have read them.
I hope you enjoy them!

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 12:36 AM
Look at Prince Charles and Joe DiMaggio, see a resemblance?

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posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 01:17 AM

posted on Feb, 8 2005 @ 11:08 AM
to summarize, diana is the reincarnation of Marilyn or its just an eerie similarity or they were both victims of the same "killer" ?

doesn't the temple of diane refer to the wiccan diana ?

posted on Feb, 9 2005 @ 01:15 AM
You should read this from the man's site which i am currently reading and learning about this myself... Diana is a direct reincarnation of Queen
Nefertiti,from Egypt.
Yes, she was also reincarnated from Marilyn Monroe, who had a fascination with Queen Nefertiti, and much more. As I am still studying this, and learning, I will better be able to post my own answers soon. I hope you enjoy reading this man's site and find your answer more clearly.
From Michael's Site is some answers below.

The webmaster at Surfing the Apocalypse asked if she could link to my Diana Prophesy page and the 2001 page (which has a prediction, based on Nostradamus and my system, that an apparition of Diana will appear before thousands of people at Althorp during the July-August season). When I checked the special 'Making of a Goddess' feature page that she placed these links on, I learned about RayeAllen's (aka Ru Mills) book concerning Project Blue Beam.

It disturbed me somewhat -- the thought that one-world government forces might try to project Diana's image against the sky in an attempt to deceive humanity and create a one-world religion. I made my prediction in early 1998 -- and such a thought -- a deliberate hoax -- never would have occurred to me.

However, this is NOT what Nostradamus says will happen. He says she will be a voice and a slender flame above her grave (that may or may not take on her image). Nostradamus also does not identify the woman. That is my feeling -- that it will be Diana. Really, WHO ELSE could it be?

July-August 2001 is a calculation -- it could be wrong. It might happen in 2002 (I feel so many things will reach a head in 2002). Nostradamus also speaks of 'the temple of Diana' a number of times. It will be a religion -- one that will co-exist with other Christian religions for a very long time to come. There will be a Christian component to Diana's return -- I believe God will use her as His instrument. There is an event that must happen according to biblical and OTHER prophesy, an event that was thwarted by Diana's death yet must still be realised ...

This subject WAS to play a major role in my second book, once the book on Nostradamus was published. However, time is passing and I am getting nowhere fast. So I may reveal all about this mystery soon on my web site ...

That is all I can say for now, I'm sorry to say. Thanks again for writing and please feel free write again.

Kind regards,


This is questions and answers about Diana from e-mails sent to the author.

In the 1950s there were many Argentines who probably believed this quatrain was about Evita Peron since they actually did worship her as a saint after her death from cancer in 1952. History shows us that the desire to deify beloved leaders and personalities who died before their time is a strong and recurrent one.

In any event, there are a number of good reasons why I think this quatrain is about Diana.

Quatrain 4.24

Heard beneath the sacred ground the faint voice of a lady,
Human flame for the divine voice shines:
It will cause the blood of the sole ones their blood to stain the earth,
And the holy temples of the impure ones destroyed.

1) Quatrain 4.24 is clearly describing a woman speaking from beneath hollowed or sacred ground. This means it is the voice of one who has died, the sacred ground being the place of burial or interment. The flame that springs up with the voice would be the apparition of the woman. This is clearly a supernatural event, a miracle.

If this is for OUR time, I cannot think of any other woman, save Mother Theresa, who had the worldwide attention that an apparition of her would produce the profound effect upon humanity described in the quatrain. However, Diana died tragically at the young age of 36 at the height of her popularity, her glamour, charisma, and beauty intact, inspiring a sense of loss and mourning quite unprecedented, unlike Mother Theresa who died at a very ripe old age. One news commentator even went so far as saying that her death was the biggest thing to happen since the crucifixion of Christ -- and that is saying a lot!

In lines 3 and 4 the violent repercussions of the miracle appear to pit the forces of fundamental Christianity against those who will wish to deify her as, if not a goddess, then at least, a saint. I have seen web sites on the Internet, most of them written in late 1997 and early 1998 (and not updated since), that claim that a Diana-based religion would be the religion of the Antichrist of Revelation.

However, both Scripture and Nostradamus indicate a great deal of history has yet to happen before the time of the beast and the Second Coming. According to Nostradamus, the faith of Antichrist will be found in excavated tombs, especially one of an important Roman revealed by an April earthquake in the distant future mentioned in Quatrain 6.66 (the number of the beast, by the way). The biblical prophet Daniel also gives a future history in Chapter 11 of his book that would take at least five generations to accomplish. A generation equaled 40 years in biblical reckoning. Thus, five generations is 200 years.

So all of this violence resulting from debating the Diana apparation will be entirely unneccessary. People need to open their minds -- there is enough fighting now in the name of religion.

2) Note that in the original text, the woman is called "dame." This always means "dame" or "lady" in its primary French meaning. Diana was also called "Lady Diana" or "Lady Di." How John Hogue (1987, 1994, 1997) gets "friend" out of the word is beyond me, and "soul" only works if it is spelled "d'ame", which it is not. Probably mystical wishful thinking on Hogue's part to further fuel his worn-out theory from the 1980s of a great Eastern mystic who will come to save the world and show us all the true path (not a point of view I share).

3) Call it a gut feeling about the meaning of this quatrain -- so was my sense that Diana would die in August 1997 based partly on my mathematical system (base 7) and partly on Quatrain 10.35 which said that "Diana" was "going to be murdered by an unknown one from Marne."

By the way, base 7 is NOT numerology -- it is observation of historical repetition based on mathematics. I do not dabble with the occult (such as channeling or astrology), although others do -- at their peril.

4) The fact that "the lady" appears from below the sacred ground, burial ground, is also one very good reason why I do not believe this quatrain is about a Marian apparition. The Virgin Mary does not appear in cemetaries or spring forth as a flame from graves! -- at least not to my best knowledge. Nor is this likely to be the burial place of Mary since no one knows exactly where that is (there are theories however). Even so, she is, according to Catholic dogma, in heaven and not in the earth.

5) Other quatrains support the concept of Diana worship in a modern or near future context:

Quatrain 9.74

Within the city of Fersod, homicide,
Again and again many oxen plow, not to slaughter,
A return again to the honours of Diana,
And to Vulcan dead bodies to bury.

Cheetham (1973, 1989) translates "Fersod" as "Sodom", but takes us no further. Hogue (1997) goes the extra distance and translates "Fersod" as "Iron Sodom" or "Iron Saddam" and takes this to mean Baghdad. I took it
even further (1998) and concluded that this means Saddam City which is a suburb of Baghdad. Saddam City was bombed during the first night of the three-day Operation Desert Fox in December 1988. However, there was not a return to "the homours of Diana" at that time. Next time, I believe there will be, probably due to the Miracle at Althorp. Saddam City can also function as synecdoche for all of Baghdad or even central Iraq (Babylon).

Thus, I am anticipating Diana's appearance may coincide with Bush's planned air campaign to destroy Saddam Hussein which will involve use of low-yield nuclear weapons ("to Vulcan dead bodies to bury" -- Vulcan, the God of Fire). Latest reports place the planned date of the attack for July, August, or September of this year. The Althorp season runs from July 1 to August 30. August 31 is reserved to commemorate the anniversary of Diana's death throughout Great Britain.

Quatrain 10.35

The younger born royal, flagrant with ardent lust,
For enjoyment of his German [or first] cousin:
Women's apparel in the temple of Diana:
Going to be murdered by the unknown one from Marne.

This was the fateful quatrain that I believed presaged Diana's death in the last line (with Diana referred to in line 3). This "temple" may be the museum at Althorp where her many clothes appear on exhibition ("women's apparel"). I did not understand the temple as such, obviously, before Diana's death, and thought it meant she would be worshipped as a goddess. This may still be the case, based on line 3 of Quatrain 9.74 and the other quatrains to be discussed.

Prince William may have fulfilled the first 2 lines of Quatrain 10.35 during his reported trysts with Lady Gabriella (his cousin) and Emma Parker Bowles (who could become his cousin-in-law) in 1999 and 2000. The connection of a royal prince with Diana makes it quite unlikely that Nostradamus was talking about the ancient goddess of Rome and Greece. More importantly, the goddess Diana of ancient pagan mythology would be quite unlikely to be "murdered." This is the only time in Nostradamus' prophecies that Diana appears as a mortal by name (in line 4).

Quatrain 2.28

The penultimate of the surname of the prophet,
Will take Diana for his day and repose:
Long will he travel with a frenzied head,
And deliver a great people from powerlessness [or subjection].

Here indeed is a follower of Diana who will do great things for humanity, quite possibly in her memory. The question is which prophet does the surname belong? Is this a past prophet, a present prophet, or a future prophet? If Nostradamus meant himself, then the surname is "de Notredame." The penultimate name would then be "Michel" or "Michael" -- the name of the frenzied-headed follower of Diana.

Quatrain 4.27

Salon, St. Pol-de-Mausole, Tarascon, the arch of SEX.
Where is standing still the pyramid:
They will come to deliver the Prince of Annemarc,
A wretched honor to the temple of Diana.

I believe Annemarc is a name Nostradamus created for the future European empire, now the European Union, but a true empire that will be realised after the end of World War III. The Prince of Annemarc who will taken hostage to southwestern France and ransomed is likely to be Charles, William, or Harry. You can see here how France, once again, is the scene of tragedy for the family of Princess Diana who was herself murdered in Paris. However, this time, no one dies as the hostage is released ("delivered").

This time the "temple of Diana" is clearly a religious institution and not merely the museum at Althorp. We also know this cannot be a throwback to the pagan worship of the moon goddess Diana. There could be no rational relationship between the ancient goddess of Rome and Greece and the "Prince of Annemarc" who is obviously a modern mortal. Therefore, this means Princess Diana can only be the one who is intended.

This man has been stydying many things, and it may take me a while to get a grasp of the whole Diana conspiracy, but I know this much, Bush was as much involved in her death as the queen and Charles were.

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 02:51 PM
Didn't madonna say she was a reincarnated marylyn monroe?

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 04:20 PM
I thought Anna Nicole Smith was the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe ... she even lives in Marilyn's old house in Los Angeles.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 05:15 PM

you, realoritt, seem flabbergasted at that NewProphecy thing
about the 7 and multiples of 7 "Windows"...

you'ld probably enjoy the ETEMENANKI &
a spiderweb of intution & symbolic 'windows' that follow patterns
including years or dates or mythic symbols & astronomical events etc

myself, i find the Diana thing to
POP-culturish for my mind, but then again, i tend to overlook significant the 7 thingy has a similar concept in Jewish Mysticism and the celebrating of a JubileeYear each 50year?[after 7x7=49yrs of accumulation...that epoch is closed and all things begin anew!]


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