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Godzilla: Monster Planet

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posted on Jul, 25 2017 @ 02:00 PM

Looks pretty interesting, though I'm not really a fan of that animation style.
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posted on Jul, 25 2017 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: Grik123

More Gojira is never a bad thing.

As well as a planet full of Kaiju!

Now we just need some giant robots.

posted on Aug, 10 2017 @ 11:11 AM
I just found the movie's timeline that a few people managed to translate

Godzilla Monster report
This is the important message released today in Animejapan 2017
The Monster Disaster report, which has been endured by the earth.
A few monsters are familiar with the report.

For the first time in the earth, the monster of land in New York, in 1999
For the first time in 2030,

▉ [1] New York, USA, may 1999
Monster calls: Ma / presumptive casualties: Approximately 2500 people
The great creature that was initially confirmed "monsters". from the south west of the New York Islands, suddenly appeared in the gulf sea. In the 72-hour period, 330 km from the North East direction. The region has been damaged by the destruction of the finally, the finally of the air of the air, the air force in the suburbs of Boston.
The emergence of the "Monsters" is the hypothesis that the phase of the earth's environment has evolved.
▉ [2] London, England, September 2002
Monster calls: Togo / presumptive casualties: Approximately 3900 people
▉ [3] Chinese people's Republic of China in November 2005 ~ Beijing
Monster calls :. / / presumptive casualties: Approximately 8200 people
※ biological, "Black of" is successful. The Province of hebei is contaminated.
▉ [4] Federal, Australia, February 2017, New York
A monster called: da of / presumptive casualties: About 6700 million people
The Non-confirmed substances released from monsters have caused bacteria infection. The spread of the east coast of Australia.
▉ [5] Its-Ann, Turkey, may 2022
Monster calls: European / presumptive casualties: Approximately 1150 people
▉ [6] 2030 in the west coast of the United States of America, there are different "Monsters" so far.
Monster calls: of / presumed dead and injured: About 8700 million people / human survival circle ensures rates: 56 %/ world population = 2300 billion
Los Angeles ~ San Francisco is destroyed. It has caused a massive disaster of the past "Monsters" individuals.
The other three-body monsters, which appeared at the same time, were wiped out by " ji
▉ [7] ji destroyed western Europe, and the total attacks on the EU forces failed.
There are monsters: of / presumptive casualties: Approximately 6000 million people / human survival circle ensures rates: 30 %/ world population = 2000 billion
The French Capital of Paris has fallen. The entire region of Europe has been evacuated.
- the alien "at" came to London in 2035
- the alien ", " came to New York in 2036
▉ [8] Human, at,-three ethnic groups are composed of " Earth
Human and -, at, in partnership with the advancement of science and technology, have been successful in the battle of Europe. To accelerate the development of the production system for the weapons of the beast, the effective strategy for of remains unknown.
▉ [9] activities of the "ji" activity in 2042 (out xiàn time = 8 times)
There are monsters: of / presumptive casualties: 19 billion people / human survival circle ensuring rates: 19 %/ world population = presumed 1020 billion people
Circle of survival: 50 % of the northern coast of the United States of America
▼ the plan team starts moving ▼
The selection of candidates for the selection of the earth. The need to introduce the necessary inter-star migration vessels to begin construction.
The temporary central government has moved to the current brazilian suburbs.
- [10] in 2045, the " great great wall operation " was put in place in the " Wall " to the eurasian continent.
A nuclear bomb was destroyed in the plains near the eurasian continent.
A Major Fault Belt (Width: 1 KM / depth: 800 M / 800 km), successfully delayed the "ji" year.
▉ [11] January 2046 "ji" Breakthrough Indian defence line
There are monsters: of / presumptive casualties: 200 billion people / human survival circle ensures rate: 13 %/ world population = 800 billion
The Hotline use on the mainland plate róng jiě a part of the Himalayas and escaped from the big fault. Starting to break the Indian defense line, the gulf of bengal disappears.
▉ [12] on March 12, Japan, Japan. Final battle of of
Loss of -
On the Indian Peninsula, the humans of Japan have followed the withdrawal.
There are monsters: of / presumptive casualties: 100 billion people / human survival circle ensures rate: 11 %/ world population = 700 billion
- [13] 2048 "the earth space alien migrant scheme" intended to be implemented


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