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Sci Fi fiction-My best friend got arrested

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posted on Jul, 22 2017 @ 04:54 PM
Sometimes I wonder what life might have been like in the 27th century or what it might be like in the 47th century. I'm stuck in the 3600's on a population ship in the Feditary. I'm a pupil (student). Neither of my parents are in the Feditary so my family doesn't earn many credits. I might join after I finish my pupil studies. Life is easier when your in the military as long as you don't encounter any Tripidions.

My best friend got in trouble with the deputies yesterday. For 16 cycles (16 days, 8 days in a week), he has been a shooting comet for a girl named Sa'Mi (Sah-Meh). I was finally able to talk him into telling her he liked her but he jumped through the air lock (he got carried away-an expression).

He decided to wake her up with a song. That's pretty hot (that's pretty cool). I was concerned he might annoy someone in a neighboring coin (a neighboring residence) and sure enough, he did and they called 0-1 (911).

The song he choose was over 1,500 years old. Humanity was still limited to Earth One back then and anybody with a functioning brain knows it's illegal to promote Earth One culture.

The song he sang to her was "Say you won't lt go."

Sa'Mi opened her door about halfway through the song. The deputies showed up moments later. There are deputies at every security station on every deck 25/8 (25 hours a day, 8 days a week). My best friend is 20 and Sa'Mi is 17 so he still has at least 5 years to go before he can request adult status and get his own coin (residence).

The deputies were actually pretty hot (cool) about it. They figured out real quick what he was doing and they let him finish the song. A scanner revealed to the deputies that is was an Earth One song so that wasn't good.

At the end of the song, he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. She screamed and jumped up and down a few times and she finally managed to squeak out a yes. They hugged and kissed and then he pulled himself away, looked at the deputies and said he was ready. The hot thing is, they didn't even put the rod (cuffs) on him. They didn't search him either. They just walked him away.

He did get locked up in a penny (a cell) and he saw the judge the next day. The judge told him he had enough citizen points to have the charges dropped. The judge was also impressed with the number of citizen points he had since he wasn't even an adult (you can request adult status at 25).

Get this. Since this was his first offense, he does good in his studies and he had so many citizen points, the judge didn't even charge his points! The judge just let all the charges go away, including the charge of promoting Earth One culture. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!

He saw the judge a little while ago. Him and Sa'Mi haven't even been together a whole cycle (day) yet. He is with her right now.

He has talked to me about becoming a rebel and trying to start a life on a planet. It's crazy talk. I hope his new girlfriend gets his mind off of that. It's illegal to live on a planet. It's hard enough to escape the Tripidions if they find you on a ship. If your on a planet, you have no way off. Your just on a planet giving off your life signature. You can't hide from them. Besides, the Feditary hunts rebels much the same way the Tripidions hunt all humans so you would have two powerful enemies trying to kill you.

The Feditary needs every human it has to try to figure out how to overcome the Tripidions. It's scarey. We have never won a single battle against them in over 700 years of fighting.

Planets are for harvesting and mining. They are not for living on. Earth One is a perfect example. BOOM! It doesn't even exist anymore. The Feditary thinks the Tripidions blew up every single planet in the son (Sun) solar system just to show all the off worlders how much they hate us,

I doubt there is still a Earth colony planet functioning.

Anyway, I hope it works out between them and I really hope he stops talking about becoming a rebel. He needs to stop singing dead planet songs too. As if the Feditary hasn't made a decent song in the last 100 years (that's an inside joke because they haven't).

Got to blast (got to go).

HAL (Holographic Automated Logic), encrypt journal...?//3@jjf)8hjkbkl&^vb,..nds3%-)>~wjfn


This is part of a larger work. Just trying to get some sample feedback. Thanks!

posted on Jul, 22 2017 @ 11:21 PM
Oooo-that was great-hope you have more-or a screen play!

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