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posted on Jul, 18 2017 @ 01:27 AM
My planet is slowly dying.

Temperatures have risen slowly over the years.
The sun is closer. Slowly expanding.

Every day I see the ships traveling on their charted courses, passing by casually.

They see me in my dimensional aspect, glistening with sweat in the heat with a smile. That's how committed I am to my home-world.

At any moment, someone could offer a ride to whereabouts unknown, but I would, as always, politely decline. Feeling the full force of the radiation is good in moderation.

These days I can only handle so much for so long. I press on, doing my best to naturally disperse the body heat evenly, but I am always aware of the intense heatwaves.

Almost everyone else is shielded during this time. It's a funny sense of sadness when you realize such technologies are beyond your reach, that you are part of a dying species who never learned such complex matters.

Still the plants grow and adapt.
I silently observe their adaptations.

In the spring, there are wildflowers.
On Blessed Days, there are thunderstorms and rain.

And so many pass by unawares.
Silent ships.

We were the First, and We will be the Last.

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posted on Jul, 18 2017 @ 01:44 AM
I would love an expansion on your lovely, peaceful accepting prose. You have a gift.

posted on Jul, 18 2017 @ 02:03 AM
We remember when they came Long Ago.
They brought with them many things to trade.

We did not need those sorts of things.

They wanted the land in exchange for their technologies.
Minerals. Water. Resources.

These things were our Lifeblood.
Unthinkable to do such a thing.

Many of their technologies were weapons of War.
Our Elders shunned such methodologies and walked away.

This made Them angry with Us.
But other Tribes were willing to trade.
And that was the Beginning of the End.
Soon the People were at odds with One Another.
No longer did they talk out their differences.

Tempers ran hot.
Passions grew fiery.
And the explosive devices made use of themselves.

The World was split in two.
The Others went their way.
We struggled to rebuild what they had so carelessly brought to the Land.

They grew and prospered under the Hands and Tools of the Others.
We remained the same.
Tending to Terra as only we knew how.

They moved fast.
Encampments became townships.
Then cities.

The paths of travel raked the landscape.
And the people grew around them.

A line of Commerce and Trade that grew outward.
Modern Culture.
Concrete Grids.

Many of Us could not leave our assigned areas.
We kept to ourselves and made do.

We worked slowly.

Our technology was humble.
Digging sticks and hand paintings.

They had forgotten their Origins.
Forgot that they too, long ago, were once like Us.

We became a curiosity.
An endangered species.
Kept as Reminders.

We were the First, and We will be the Last.

posted on Jul, 18 2017 @ 02:15 AM
We adapt slowly, but we adapt nonetheless.
An exercise in Patience and Acceptance.

The Others do as they Will.
They have many ideas.
Not all are destructive.

Boundaries are set.

We do our work as we know how.
Many do not think highly of Us.
We do not move fast enough for their liking.
Unrealistic expectations.

Our Life is Long, Theirs so Quickly it seems.
Here today, gone tomorrow.

We watch the ships go by.

Sometimes we say hello.

The New Ones had to hasten Our evolution.
Higher planes of consciousness.
New ideas, Astral Truth.
They are kind to Us.

The Bio Tech took some getting used to.
Physical implants and enhancement technology.

It was difficult to get used to at first.
But know we know there are Good Ones out in the Heavens.
They are watching over us.
They help slow the Suns intensity.

How they do this is quite complex.
I do know have words for such things.

I only know, as the ships pass overhead and by the wayside.
That we are not alone.

We walk and watch and wait.
One day We will Imagine the world anew.
But today We are done with Scouting.

We were the First, and We will be the Last.

posted on Jul, 18 2017 @ 02:15 AM
Keeping with Tradition.
Slow and Steady keeps the Pace.

We were the First, and We will be the Last.

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posted on Jul, 18 2017 @ 10:43 AM
I was just getting into your world reading your excellent story 😊 My 1st day off in weeks .. just been swimming and now relaxing 😊 So please carry on 😊👍🏻a reply to: GENERAL EYES


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