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This Rod Goldstone is such a joke. And y'all got played HARD.

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posted on Jul, 17 2017 @ 09:52 PM
So this Rod Goldstone, whose profession as a publicist is to generate media frenzy, played you all. He refers to Natalia as the crown prosecutor of Russia, something that doesn't even exist. He refers to Emin as the Russian government. He makes it a media frenzy for his own personal gain. That's his job. Of course, everyone knows Russia does not interfere in another country's election. It's their state policy. The reason is they don't want to make enemy with whoever wins an election. Russia has never interfered in a single election in another country. Not at the city level. Not at the state level. Not at the national level.

“I think I just have a talent for media,” Akhmetshin told lawyers in a 2012 deposition as part of a civil defamation lawsuit that a third party had filed against one of his business partners.

Living in the United States, I observed political life, especially in Washington. And I think I understand this political system quite well. And news cycle, I understand it better, probably, than most Americans.”

Born in Kazan, Russia, the 50-ish Akhmetshin said he left his homeland at the age of 25 with a Ph.D. in “bio-organic chemistry.”

He said he entered the Soviet Army and monitored troop movements at a time when Russia was engaged in an offensive in Afghanistan. But Akhmetshin has insisted publicly that he was not a trained spy and that his military service is being overplayed.

In the deposition, Akhmetshin was asked about a book by Steve Levine called “Oil and Glory,” in which he is described as a “former Soviet Army counterintelligence officer.”

“It’s not accurate,” Akhmetshin said. But otherwise Levine’s portrayal of him was “flattering.”
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posted on Jul, 17 2017 @ 09:57 PM
Hahahaha. Never?

Godamnit that's hilarious.

By the way, are you just going to keep creating thread after thread about this with your ramblings rather than just adding what you posted to one of your previous 17 threads on the same subject?

I think a few of us would like to know the answer to that.

Preferably not in a whole new thread.

Never? Hahahaha!!! "State Policy"? Jesus Christ, you are funny.
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posted on Jul, 17 2017 @ 09:57 PM
Please continue this topic here:


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