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Improving my (& our) access to quality reporting & investigation of mysterious subjects..

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posted on Jul, 14 2017 @ 06:17 AM
Reply to flyintheointment...

I'm fully on board with the need to research & if possible experience things personally, but I'm a bit time-limited too at the moment, so I figured collaboration & info-sharing is an acceptable approach when faced with hurdles which I can't quite jump these days..

Oh I agree. Good for you adding more information and research to the growing mountain of information and research.

If I may, the internet has kinda ruined it. This is subjective so...

"Back in the day", there was no internet. People read books. Good books mad best seller lists and well, 'most' people were on the same page about events. Even if all we had was some tabloid reporting we had but a few sources to compare notes on.

As popularity grew about incidents 'back when', the internet made it impossible to get solid information anymore, due to the intentional (imo) hoaxing and disinformation campaigns.

"Back when", when the incidents themselves created a stir and became 'famous', the only disinformation was from the gubment, also in books like Project Bluebook, for instance.

Both sources of info were the only sources at that time, making it much easier to discern about events.

Nowadays the real is become invisible and the fake become common place, so common you can't see anything thru the fog, anymore.

Try and see. How many articles are there written about Roswell, Shag harbor, Rendlesham, Chicago airport, etc. etc. Take you years to sift all that, to what end?

In the end it is unproven, they make it that way to protect the establishments power base and religion. Most people hum the twilight zone theme if you try and talk about it real world, more could care less. A few cry slogans like "Disclosure", fewer still have fantastical tales mostly impossible to believe.

I have one or two incidents I like to compare to everything else and look for the similarities, to help me understand. Those tales come from others like me that also had personal experiences,

so yah go head on, glad you are doing that. What do we have so far...
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posted on Jul, 14 2017 @ 08:41 AM
Since youre a Remote Viewing fan, Click here for 'The Farsight Institue' They are one of the biggest researchers of remote viewing. Courtney Brown, the lead researcher, does all of his remote viewing projects in a triple blind manner to leave all projects at least 99% suggestive-free. Using the '2 best remote viewers in the world’ (his words) and others, he records all sessions while the remote viewers present their findings. Hes done the Pyramids, 9/11, Atlantis, Mars, and so on. Quite fascinating!!!

There is also this site, 'The Anomolist'. They release stories daily. Theyll give you a quick rundown of the topic and provide links to the sources. Its a very nice format. Perfect for the man/woman on the go!

Almost forgot this one! 'Mysterious Universe'. They've got tons of interesting stories presented with a healthy dose of skepticism. They also do a weekly podcast if you're into that. IMO, its the best Mysterious Subjects podcast out there.
Hope this helps!!!
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