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If you saw something, Say something

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posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 06:38 PM
I haven't figured out how to include photos in one of these rants. But everything about the missing Malaysia M H 370 Flight has been reported, one way, or another. However, the Main Stream Media has drawn attention away from these eye witness accounts, and hyped a mistaken search into the Seas West of Australia.

I work with another dowser in Western Australia. I got the first half of the missing Airliner's flight, towards, but not all the way to, Lahore, Pk. He got the early morning second half, which took them down the West Coast of India, out over to the Maldives, and finally back in a S.E. direction, out into the British Protectorate Waters, and a watery grave.

Here's how it worked out. First, I downloaded a few photos, from news feeds, including the photos of both the Pilot and Co-pilot. At first, the news put a large circle on the maps, and I followed the northern arc, into India. This is done, using a pendulum, Quartz Crystal., in my case, over photos on a table. It's only a raw data stream. But it gives one a place to start from.

As the news developed, the ACARS kept pinging long after the fuel must have run out. DUH! it was on the ground, and in one piece. I thought that it made a forced landing in the snows. But my friend in Australia got a second leg, early on the next morning. So it had to have landed on a legitimate runway, been re-fueled, and took off, now with all of it's electronics blacked out, including the ACARS.

So now, lets' look at some of the clues which have come over the news feeds.

1. The airliner was quietly hijacked going to Beijing, China, without raising any alarms.
2. It showed up on RADAR going back to the Straits of Malacca.
3. It seemed to be following LORAN beacons spaced out towards India.
4. The next day, a Malaysian Airliner was seen by a deck officer on a merchant ship off the West Coast of India, flying low and slow.
5. Later in the evening some people in the Maldives, heard an airliner flying low and slow, ( Loud ), overhead, heading South.

Several Gov't colluded to do nonsense searches West of Australia. But recently a few pieces of identifiable wreckage from a Triple Seven have washed up on Reunion Island, and Madagascar.

Those hijackers didn't just drop down from some starship. They came from somewhere, in the recent past, and I believe that they recorded their incoming flights on pocket G.P.S.'s. So when they succeeded in hijacking the Triple Seven, they used these to fly back home. And that's why they had to return to the Straits of Malacca. Better yet, this looks a lot like a true course when you use a large Globe and stretch a string from Kualu Lumpur, to Lahore. Think of a "Great Circle".

But with all the jinking and jiving, they ran low on fuel, and had to divert to a Himalayan landing field. The Indian military must have had kittens, and Lahore was dropped off the cliff. And this is why, at first light, an Indian, Spook aircrew, took off for Gawd Knows where, in the British Protectorate Waters East of Diego Garcia. This was probably the closest they could navigate, flying low and slow, to the West Coastline of Australia, in order to cover their tracks.

This isn't obvious, using a Mercator Projection Map. But it works nicely, using a Globe and a piece of string. They were blacked out from the Hijacking, so they weren't following Loran beacons, but they were following an original flight path, which had used those beacons, flying into Kualu Lumpur.

Probably most of you ATS subscribers won't buy into any of my Map Dowsing, but what about all these "See Something", "Say Something", clues??

Now what are your takes on hijacking a Malaysia Air Jet, and crashing it into an iconic Lahore area shrine?? Both countries are Muslim, so its kind of a Twofer, it it had worked. Who on Earth would try and do such a dastardly deed?? When someone on the ground, realized that the two giant Rolls Royce, Jet Turbines, were still pinging a satellite, was it suddenly game over, for any more collaboration?

posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 02:59 PM
First forget all MSM reports as these are just theories like yours.
There is absolutely no evidence for a hijack. No group has come forward to say they perpetrated one. In fact there is no evidence for anything other than the last transmission and radar tracks.
Now if your an airline pilot this track can be explained with the scenario like this, though this is just a theory. Now the Boeing 777 had a known fault of fire starting in the front wheel housing resulting in fumes filling the cabin. The flight takes off but an hour or so into the flight develops a problem.
Now every large aircraft pilot know the nearest airport that can take his aircraft in an emergency. Not all airports have the runway length to take a large jet.
Now the pilot has a problem so his nearest airport from where he was was on the West coast of Malaysia, hence his turn around and heading in that direction.
So from his turnaround back to Malaysia the crew and passengers are overcome with fumes and from the heading the plane carries on flying on auto till in runs out of fuel probably to the East of reunion sinking to god knows where.
Now tell me what's with the idea of a "spook" plane taking of from east of Diego Garcia. For a start there aint no airstrip East of Diego Garcia. What there is is a US military airstrip on Diego Garcia.

posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 04:36 PM
a reply to: carpooler

Current thought seems to be that if it was caused by a human, that the person responsible was the pilot. He could easily have disabled the copilot (given him something to drink that put him to sleep) and then depressurized the plane. The pattern of debris recovered from the plane shows that it apparently went down off Australia.

A flight simulator at the pilot's home showed one route similar to the one that the jet took (the unauthorized route.)

Wiipedia has a good summary with article links

posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 08:11 PM
O.K. Here's the rub! Salt Water is an electrolyte. It shorts out any electrical circuits, including ACARS. If the Airliner went down, off of the West Coast of Australia, for any reason, the ACARS would have stopped pinging the Satellite. But they didn't. In fact they kept up pinging for a few hours after the fuel range had been exceeded.

Ergo, crash land, or a wheels down, soft landing, the bird came down over snow or land. This led to whomever hatched this plot up, to recognize that they had just lost operational control. Rolls Royce, in the U. K. had the goods on them. This is what I spoke of as them having kittens. Maybe a new flight crew, or maybe the same one's who hijacked it, took the airliner, now completely blacked out, electronically, down the West Coast of India, out over to the Maldives, and then, even further S.E., to a watery grave.

IN 2012, I flew round trip from Atlanta, to Jo'berg, RSA, in one of these Triple Seven E.R.'s. They fly a long, long, ways. However, turning back from Beijing, to find a previously GPS recorded flight path, in the Straits of Malacca, still put them short of fuel, before they reached Pakistan. Was this pit stop planned, or was it an emergency diversion??

I haven't tried to answer these questions, but have only followed the published witness accounts of an Airliner, painted with Malaysia Air colors, flying off the West Indian Coastlines, and the sounds of an unknown airliner flying over people, living in the Maldives, which was their last landfall.

Even though my Aussie friend and I both dowsed those crew photos, for criminal behavior, I won't point the finger at either one of the known, two man, flight crew. Suffice to say, that by flying extra high, one person flying the big jetliner could murder each and every soul in the passenger cabin. And this would include the other flight officer, who may have only went back to greet the passengers , and take a potty break. Only the flight deck would have enough O2 available to keep a man alive, when all of the others would perish from Hypoxia. IIRC, those little drop down breathing masks are only good for ten minutes.

My own dowsing, posits the good flight officer perishing at a point, South of the mouth of the large river, flowing through Bangladesh. The bad flight officer, may have been killed on the ground, when he, the sole survivor, landed in the Himalayas. Or a gang of hijackers may have taken the good flight officer prisoner, and kept him alive, long enough, to make sure that the bad officer, could really fly the jetliner, electronically, blacked out.

In any case, those two ACARS, pinging the Rolls Royce Service satellite, sent their plans into a tailspin, when they landed. On my 4 x 6 photo, which I printed out from the news feeds, they landed in between Nepal and Pakistan, in the Northernmost Province of India. They stayed tucked in against the radar shadows of the Mountains, and landed on one of a very few fields which would accept a Triple Seven, loaded with people, cargo, and baggage.

The Indian military, or at least a rogue element of it, knows full well what really happened, and where all of those corpses ended up. By not manning up, and going public, they are now complicit in Air Piracy. Chinese military Intelligence are no fools, so they, just like my friend and me, will have figured all of these, Bay of Bengal, sightings out. If flying up to 45K feet, blew out several passenger cabin windows, then flying the second leg, low and slow, would have been necessary. And we both doubt that anyone in their right mind would take any blacked out airliner, off from a mountain airfield, before the sun was breaking down over the slopes above their heads.

So someone must have already calculated the altitude, times and ranges, over to the Maldives, which was where they disappeared for good. Malaysia Air, by not paying Rolls Royce Service the money to fully monitor their turbofans' ACARS, really scotched this plot. I doubt anyone realized beforehand, that even though they weren't signed up, their RR ACARS were still "handshaking" with the satellite, and that these handshakes were still being monitored, roughly, in a large circular pattern of the satellite's field of vision.

But except for the rather obvious shorting out, in a salt water ditching, or crash, these pings could have been coming from either the Northern or Southern routes. The icing on this cake is that someone knew enough of Triple Seven avionics, to discover that the ACARS were still handshaking with the RR satellite service. Then, they belatedly disabled both of them, while still leaving the fly by wire controls active to fly the plane in the morning light.

No one machined gunned the batteries, and or, the emergency generator.

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