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The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster - Is this proof of Time manipulation and travel or just a story?

page: 43
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(post by MessiahBuddhaBooks removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on Jan, 12 2022 @ 12:57 PM
Hi, I remember seeing the BBC TV documentary about this story back in the day and then recently a YouTube recommendation refreshed my memory.

I have a PDF version of TVP book.

How sensational would it be to find Thomas Harden's book .

I tried to imagine where Thomas would safely hide any such manuscript. I assume somewhere in Oxford. Maybe the Bodleian Library, hidden within some other less contentious document.

And then I wondered whether Thomas had it buried with him.

As I think someone in an earlier thread mentions, a quick search on the Ancestry website established a potential burial for Thomas Harden in the parish if Haresfield, Gloucestershire on 8 Jan 1560. I imagine the burial was at St Peters. There is a website where gravestones are transcribed, but there is nothing for Thomas.

Despite there being a number of Thomas Harden deaths recorded in the 16thC, Haresfield seemed to sit between Bristol where his family was reported to be from, and Oxford.

I am tempted to visit the church yard at St Peters to see if there is any trace of Thomas Harden's gravestone. Coincidentally, I was planning on walking the Cotswold Way this year, which I think would take me past Haresfield.

Armed with physical evidence of the interaction between Ken, Deb, Peter and Thomas, then a proper analysis of 2109 can be undertaken.

posted on Jan, 24 2022 @ 08:04 AM
Is this thread still kickin'? I did not read all the way through it but did a classic skim.

I listened to the astonishing legends podcast 7 hour discussion driving back and fourth from my girlfriends house.

I was able to download a pdf version of the book and wanted to share the link.

This is an link btw

The Vertical Plane Ken Webster
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