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The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster - Is this proof of Time manipulation and travel or just a story?

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posted on Jan, 22 2018 @ 06:52 PM
a reply to: CromCruachh

Hi Crom. I am not familiar with that text at all actually. I dont believe I have ever seen it before. Sorry I couldnt be of any help.

It obviously has a phrase that is similiar or possibly related to the quote studio500 posted right above you though.

In reply to Studio500- Sorry I didn't reply to you yet, it isn't because your post was boring. I also am very interested in those messages which were sent to someone other than Ken and Deb but still showed up on their computer. I have to believe it was done on purpose but Ill be rammed if I can figure out why. I am still hoping someone will recognize the format and be able to shed some light.

posted on Jan, 25 2018 @ 08:07 AM
a reply to: sputniksteve

Well I finished TVP last night. Pretty good read, like I said already I find it believable. But I have to ask if we should apply Occam's Razor here. Or as Aristotle said, "nature operates in the shortest way possible". The simplest explanation here is that one of the principles hoaxed the events. It doesn't sound like this is the case here, but I wasn't there so it is all hearsay to me. I choose to believe that something happened to Ken and Deb of a supernatural nature because the details of the account strike me as authentic. I have some experience in this realm and it lines up with the things I've seen.

So if it wasn't a hoax, what's the next shortest path? What's the next simplest solution? Does it make sense that suddenly an obscure person in an obscure place of the world began to experience poltergeist phenomena, and then started getting messages from someone from 400 years in the past on a computer? And if that's not enough, somehow a gateway is opened up for communications with a different very mysterious entity or entities possibly from the future? All at the same time? These are all very different types of events and it seems they would require different mechanisms to operate. The simplest explanation if not natural is that the same source caused all the events.

If this is the case we have to ask for what purpose. Why would someone or something do all these various things that seem to pull Ken and Deb in different directions and keep them off balance? It seems designed to do this very thing. The communications with "Tomas" became so important to them while the other things were distractions and annoyances that also introduced conflicting and confusing information. Even the times where Tomas got details wrong or said things that seemed to be false only to later provide a half assed explanation for it that they'd just end up having to ignore.

And what about the way those entities were able to see Ken and Deb in there own time? And manipulate physical objects in their time? How is this explained? If it was a case of a channel of communications opening up across time how would it allow these other phenomena? It's just not the simplest explanation for the events.

My own experiences, while much less dramatic and profuse, were still along these same lines. Many years ago I had a sort of communication from a "being" that was mental and not a voice I could hear, not something that wrote me notes on paper. It just filled my head with ideas. Ideas that sounded good to me, but when it was all said and done false ideas. At the same time I experienced poltergeist phenomena such as things moving on their own, pictures falling off the walls, and footsteps walking around and around. The footsteps started happening when I was a little kid and the other stuff began later. Well it all ended with a devastating event that almost destroyed me psychologically and spiritually. It's taken me 40 years to recover to the extent that I have.

There are parallels between TVP and my experiences that are obvious to me but I understand might not be to someone else. Ken and Deb were induced to waste huge portions of their lives heavily invested in a sort of wild goose chase. They were drained of energy and distracted from the other things in life that became not so important anymore. I would like to know how they are now and how they have spent the intervening years. It seems to me like they don't want to be associated with this whole thing now, like they maybe have had second thoughts about the whole thing, I don't know. At any rate, this is my take on things. The beings who do this stuff are tricksters at the very least and at worst "devyls" and destroyers who are only out to ruin us.

Sorry, my point of view may not be welcome to this discussion. If not, just ignore.

posted on Jan, 25 2018 @ 06:54 PM
a reply to: wtbengineer

That's nonsense that you think your opinion wouldnt be welcomed just because it isnt necessarily positive Engi, come on now we have come too far for that. If anything I am glad to hear something different, I would be lying if I said I never considered the possibility that I was being tricked or fooled.

All I can say is that all of the direction I have been given, was the opposite of what you would expect if in fact someone was trying to waste my time or trick me. One of the first things I was told to do was stop thinking or talking about TVP all together. It wasnt until I became grounded and rational and clear headed that any lessons could begin.

Obviously that is just my anecdote, and may or may not actually be related to what happened in Dodleston and parties involved. It has been so incredibly positive for me.

I just got home from work and have a lot to do but wanted to comment to make sure you don't feel like you will be snubbed or ignored. That is absolutely not the case. I am ecstatic that you are all on the same metaphorical page now and able to give perspective I may not be able to achieve. Even though I don't necessarily agree with your take on it, I certainly don't discount or ignore it. I try my best to remain as open minded as I can and still question all of it from time to time. Not the results, but the methods.

If I don't get to reply till next week I hope you all have a great weekend. By the way can anyone explain how one downloads the Kindle version in the US? I have a friend that has been patiently waiting to grt a copy for himself.

posted on Jan, 25 2018 @ 09:42 PM
a reply to: sputniksteve

Thank you for the reply my friend. I am sure you have taken all the angles into consideration, I just had to add my take.

Can I ask who has given you this direction, and who told you to stop thinking about or talking about TVP?

I'm glad to be able to talk about this finally having read it myself. Thanks again for your response.

posted on Jan, 27 2018 @ 01:20 PM
I had an epiphany last night that really blew my mind. I was laying in bed at the time and lost part of it due to falling asleep but I am going to share anyway. Please realize I feel foolish, juvenile, and elementary for trying to present it the way I am going to, but I don't know how else to explain it. In my mind though it explains almost everything, if not everything.

I believe this was an extra-dimensional event. I think One, 2109, and possibly even Tomas himself were all interacting with Ken, Deb, Peter, and Gary from an entirely separate dimension or reality in regards to the one we occupy. This explains the contradiction to how One was able to appear in Tomas home and drop of the "leems" while we are also told that matter can never time travel. It explains the idea that 2109 exists in a way that we can't really understand or fathom, meaning that 2109 isn't a date or period of time at all. It seems to explain when Ken and Deb are told that there are "2 Tomas/Lukas running around in their house". It explains how the chalkings, Jaguar picture, and other physical matter could appear and disappear during the communications. It absolutely explains part of the opening/closing riddle in my opinion.

There is much anecdotal evidence in my experience as a younger man to back this claim up in my subjective opinion. I hesitate to expand on that line of thought however because it almost certainly won't lend any credibility towards my claims for a majority of the population, although there will be those that will understand and probably agree with me. While we aren't a very large group, there are certainly others that pushed their consciousness to the limits that I attempted, and some much further. Those experiences aren't able to be quantified objectively though so it had always been difficult to put too much faith into them, however I am coming to realize that some of them deserve serious consideration. I have been seeking for something for a long, long time. I didn't know what it was I was seeking, but I have always known there was something out there to be found if I looked hard enough. Sometimes I might have looked too hard or in the wrong way, but there have been times where I found things. Reflecting back on some of those experiences made me look at this entire situation in a new light.

posted on Jan, 27 2018 @ 03:44 PM
a reply to: sputniksteve

Exactly. I guess I didn't state that explicitly in my earlier post but that's what I meant. Inter-dimensional extra-dimensional whatever you want to call them, but "here" not in another time line. And if this is the case you have to admit that it could be just one entity who is deceiving them. Or it could be multiple, not important, still deceiving.

posted on Jan, 27 2018 @ 04:17 PM
a reply to: wtbengineer

Ok that makes sense, I had not realized that was what you meant. It seems obvious to me now, and it must have been clear to others as well I had just been so narrow minded as to not see it. It also seems that it is possible that if this is the case we could be interacting with other "realities" that from our perspective could be from the future or past, but not necessarily "our" future or past. I recognize it is wholly possible it is just one entity that is portraying itself as multiple, but I can't seem to make that fit in regards to the overall picture. I also recognize that it's possible that I am just very slow and dense to pick up on these things and essentially just gullible and naive. I am not so sure that extra-dimensional is even what I really mean to say, but something close to Parallel may be a closer fit. I am thinking of something that isn't in addition to our reality, but along side of it, and mostly likely far more than just one additional or parallel. While I have been interested in and aware of Parallel Universe hypothesis, and Multi-verse hypothesis I never really gave them a lot of credit or weight but am now rethinking that stance.

My mind has been reeling ever since last night and I don't feel like I am speaking very coherently let alone thinking so. I am sorry if I am coming across like some kind of idiot. There is so much extra curricular information and activities that I either can't explain or share that are so important to trying to understand all of this. I have had this feeling already though in regards to TVP and was apparently wrong though so I recognize that there is a better than not chance that I am again now.

Hopefully I can have a more coherent conversation tomorrow or later this week after trying to assimilate some of these ideas and toss out the ones that don't work.

posted on Jan, 29 2018 @ 09:52 PM
Hi everyone!

Steve, you are an extraordinarily intelligent and passionate human being based on your communications on this thread. I've only recently become aware of these letters, but I was introduced through MU's podcast, just finished reading through this entire thread, and have ordered a copy of the book if that is any indication of my genuine interest in this case. It's so unfathomably complex & very literally unbelievable, yet it is verifiable to a point that legitimately steers me towards suspending my disbelief altogether. It is eerily consistent with so much extraneous scientific & pseudo-scientific research pursued since the events of TVP.

This is only an observation, but a lot of 2109's communications are very reminiscient of the "Alien Interview" alledgedly recounted by Matilda McElroy in Lawrence Spencer's book. You can find those interviews online fairly easily & skim them in an hour or less. Let's be clear, I sheepishly agree with the popular opinion among UFOlogists that those documents are a hoax, due in part to the author's own statements among other factors.
However, it's an interesting link - even Spencer's statements can also be read as reluctance to fully confirm anything he isn't supposed to. IDK, those documents are far more sensational & suspect than TVP; it's only a thought. Felt it would be silly to introduce myself without anything to add to the conversation

posted on Jan, 30 2018 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: sputniksteve

Dude, I don't think you are narrow minded at all. It could be one or many entities, I don't think that really matters. They can pretend to be people you knew because they can see us all the time and they know stuff about us that you think no one knows. I think of them like how we can see a 2 dimensional picture. We can see every detail of that picture but it (if it were a conscious observer) could only see the points of us that passed through it's plane as we did so. In the same way, a higher dimensional being could see us clearly at all times but we would only detect it's presence as it moved through our plane, and only the parts of it that exist at that time in our plane. This is simplistic but helpful I think to understand. And just my opinion, no evidence to back it up that I can produce.

Anyway, I think it's helpful to realize that they are here in this existence just like us but in a different way. Other dimensions aren't some kind of separate universe apart from us or something. And I don't think you are dense at all, far from it. The way you describe above is good, parallel, along side of our reality. I like that. Gullible, naive? Aren't we all to some extent? Especially when presented with such a convincing charade?

I think you are plenty coherent, and you don't come across as an idiot. I think you are one of the more open minded and intelligent, and articulate, individuals on this site. Always enjoy hearing your thoughts and look forward to discussing with you further.

posted on Jan, 31 2018 @ 11:01 AM
a reply to: wtbengineer

If all of the messages were from tomas/2109/one etc were from extrdimensional parasites, like the ones you said you had experience with, why would they shut the communications down? Why not keep it running as long as possible? If they were all malelovent and fed off KDP's energy like archons they could have kept tomas communicating with them for a lot longer, and they would have really tried to run deb and ken into the ground.
I'm of the opinion that 2109 were the parasites/tricksters but One was really in charge of the experiment, so when One opened the "gates" of time, they latched on as long as they could-maybe with a few other low entites- and fed off that "neet" energy, telling half truths and riddles until the experiment ended. What do you reckon?

posted on Jan, 31 2018 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: CromCruachh

Maybe they were done with them. At some point the experiences I had stopped too. They could have gone on as well, but who knows why?

posted on Jan, 31 2018 @ 10:13 PM
First off, thank you guys for the kind words and encouragement. I really appreciate it.

I think all of the speculations in the last few posts are just as good as any if not better at some points.
It does seem to me that One was probably more in control or at least more able than 2109.

Who knows though. Maybe it is all theater and we shouldn't take any of it as face value. I have no idea really.

posted on Feb, 1 2018 @ 11:17 AM
When I first posted in this thread a few weeks back, I had only lightly skipped through the content for one very big reason.

The reason being, that over the last few months I had been conducting my own research into transcommunication which has involved reading, downloading and dissecting thousands upon thousands of documents, posts and accounts into this area.

In very basic terms, I am talking about the ability of present day souls communicating with past souls from differing time zones. Not unlike what is depicted in the vertical plane.

I arrived at this thread concerning the events of the vertical plane, not by pure chance but because I was directed here.

I say directed here because I believe that it was meant to be. I will not describe how or why at this point because I also believe that I'm not meant to disseminate certain information just yet, but, I am 100% confident, that others following this thread will fully understand why I say this.

I feel that I am fortunate in having studied many ITS cases prior to arriving here, as this not only means that I have arrived with a different angle of thought, but more importantly, that I may be able to add to the collective conscience displayed with the walls of these pages.

A little background. I'm an early retired Police Officer, with a very analytical mind, I am of sound mind and spirit, although I will state, that during my investigations, I have at times questioned if this remains so as ones sense of reality is frequently challenged and tested to the point of breaking. Where the lines of self awareness and trans-existence blur and entwine inside dimensional sub-realities, as our minds adjust to the changes of frequency that we must endure if we are to see the light more, without getting burned or worse as we truly do resemble vibrational young seedlings reaching vertically toward the rays of enlightenment, enriched by the nutrients of knowledge and nurtured by our individual environments.

For those who are compelled to follow this thread, be you silents witnesses or active participants, I believe you also were destined to do so. That is my understanding.

I believe that certain participants will have also noticed a change in themselves, a change that should not be feared, even if not fully understood.
That deep pitted feeling in your stomach, is real.
Though you may not understand its meaning or relevance personally, it is just as real as the events recorded by Ken Webster in VP.

For those who are meant to be, you will be drawn into this book like a moth to a flame!
Our conscience will not understand why at first and the gravity of the whole ,will cause some to turn away, some to fold and others will continue reaching forward, driven by what is as yet unknown.
All will question sanity as we enter a plane of thought not native to our kind.

It takes much time for the mind to adjust to vivid dreams, self-awareness, and thought processes that stretch and delve deeper than ever before into our conscious and subconscious minds. Some may well even question the self sanity of speaking out loud, verbally and communicating with force we cannot see, yet hear clearly.

Just as with ITC and the use of radios to relay inter-dimensional conversations, If we or in the case of ITC, the radio, is tuned then we are attuned and communications commence.

Now please understand that I write this, as a mature and sane adult. These are my personal thoughts and like so many of my collective brothers and sisters, who have written before me, they are not easy to write. At first, for fear of ridicule or worse, that we may be losing our grip on reality.
However, I have been led to believe that we MUST at some point, lose our grip on reality if we are to have any chance of entering and truly understanding sub-realities that are generally considered to be far from the capabilities of the Human embodied mind.
Losing ones grip so to speak, shows that we as individuals have truly open minds. The closed mind will sadly never proceed further and those above, will never push anyone to do so against their will.

During my many, many years of researching Psychic Phenomena on a personal level, I had always wondered where my endeavors would lead if indeed they were going anywhere...... What was the reason? Why did I have the urge to do so, whilst others openly scoffed and mocked my interests and pursuits. A perfect example of closed mindedness perhaps?

The Vertical plane appears to have given me answer.s

In fact, I would go as far as to say, that never in our lifetimes has one book grabbed the mind so much and offered more answers than questions, if that makes any sense at all? (apart from biblical writings of course).

There are sensitives amongst us who may not know it. I believe that many of us have similar personalities and all have probably experienced a para-abnormal (for want of a better word) childhood event that cannot explained. Yet whilst childhood memories fade with time, our memory of such an event does not. I also feel that many sensitives are attuned to all forms of injustice, personal or otherwise, because by nature, sensitives care.

After reading this entire thread this afternoon, I was amazed too at how my own lines of research had progressed almost in parallel to the content that you guys have posted here. So at least I feel I'm on the right page, despite joining the discussion a little late.

The only negative aspect I have suffered personally are headaches. Huge headaches of a new magnitude, often worse in the morning following a night of intense visuals during my dreams.

Anyway, I hope to be able to contribute to the thread in the coming days with information that has not yet been discussed here and some which has been mentioned, but sadly overlooked.

In the meantime I hope you are all living the most fantastic lives that you can live.



P.s These are my personal thoughts only. I'm not preaching or imposing my thoughts upon anyone and I do not claim to be the key to anything. I am but one amongst many expressing my views.

posted on Feb, 1 2018 @ 11:42 AM
a reply to: sputniksteve

Hi Steve, it is my belief that 2109, 2105,1, 7 or any of a variety of numbers used during this type of communication relate to call sign identifiers as opposed to dates.

I think Lukas assumed 2109 was a date in the future and many followed this assumption.

I also believe than it is only the occupied bodies here on earth that conceptually recognise time as we perceive it.
We often talk about time travel or wonder if we could ever achieve time travel, because in this world (Plane), that is how we describe time, as having 3 states, i.e the past, the present and the future.

An ITC conversation that I have filed away somewhere describes time and the human perception of it, yet in the ethereal planes so to speak, time does not exist. All states exist and coalesce as one and all can be transversed.

In effect this would mean that all times and all states exist side by side, the past the present and the future.

Think about this. If 2109 can communicate with in Ken1985 and Lukas in the 16th century and vice versa, all must be in existence at that time in order to do so.

In effect, our past has already happened here on earth but so too has our future. It's a bit like saying whatever will be is meant to be or your life and your destiny has already been mapped out, because it has.

It's just unfortunate that this plane that we live in now, is a plane that if hugely affected by forces of gravity and biological bodies which cannot function without time.

If we were released from these biological prisons, our soul energy would not need time in order to exist. Time for us in that situation would have no relevance. Time only has relevance when matter is involved.

Just my thoughts.


posted on Feb, 1 2018 @ 11:59 AM
Just for info, I've often seen many people making reference to an early TV program in which Carol Vorderman featured the events at Dodleston.

I've hear some people say it was on the BBC, some people say it was stranger things etc,

I have actually found the show and the episode on Youtube.

It was called Out of This World and was broadcast on the 20th August 1996.

Here is the video with Ken and Deb played by actors.

posted on Feb, 1 2018 @ 03:52 PM
Forgot to mention, The vertical plane episode starts at around 26.23.

This depiction has of course been embellished a little for the so called benefit of entertainment.

posted on Feb, 1 2018 @ 07:28 PM
a reply to: studio500

Wow Studio! Powerful contributions. I am quite happy to see them, as I got side tracked after your first visit to the thread but I am very interested in your research and perspective. I dont have a lot of time to invest this evening but please understand that I take your offer of fresh eyes quite seriously and really look forward to what you may have to offer, even if its just your presence, but it sounds like it will be much more. I will concede that I absolutely agree with you that the numbers are indicative of an identifier and not a representation of a "time" There is little doubt in my mind about that. That is both intruiging and a little concerning for reasons that may be obvious at some point. I have a few competing hypothesis that I am 100% certain are right depending on the day lol. They are all Aliens, Multi-dimensional beings, consciousness from death, or legit Time travelers. Overall though, I absolutely agree with many of the things you have stated, especially regarding us as individuals and what has, is, or may happen to us throughout this experience. There are many things that I haven't shared with you all, not because I have been asked not to but for the same reasons you listed. I know I have said some pretty far out things in these 30 pages, but there is much more thst makes me embarrassed to even consider posting for fear I will be laughed off the forums or completely disregarded as a lunatic on a psychotic break. Sometimes even I have a hard time believing I am really experiencing what my senses are telling me. I know better, I know that They are happening, but I have been so conditioned to believe they are impossible that I doubt myself. I have to admit though that I am having fun, even though it is sometimes frustrating.

I have gone through some pretty diverse and interesting (at least to me) stages throughout this whole ordeal. I thought for sure that as soon as I met Mr Rowe all the secrets of the world would be given to me and I would have the answers to these perplexing questions we have. What I slowly realized though was that the journey and process we go on is far more important than receiving those answers, as cliche as it sounds. I am still hopeful that some day those answers will come, but I have become much more comfortable with the idea that self improvement and righteousness of being are possibly the end game instead. No matter what I have become an objectively much better person, far more considerate of the people around me, and have achieved a happiness I didnt think I was capable of. I call that a success, even if its only the first mile stone. I hope its just the first mile stone at least, I am not quite content as I know I am still capable of far more than I have already achieved.

I don't mean to disregard or minimize the contributions from Engi, Crom, or anyone else from this week (they have been great) but it was refreshing to read these posts today Studio. I get so wrapped up in work and family life lately that its hard to devote as much energy as I want to here. Its nice to see that some ideas I have had are shared by you all as well. Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder if I am straying too far off the reservation, but you guys have all reminded me thst I am not, because we don't even know where that reservation really is. At the very least, if I am straying I am in good company with people who's opinions I value.

I am excited for what we can all achieve together. I am humbled by your insights and humanity and grateful for your patience for my mania throughout this thread. I think I would have written me off around page 15, and I can't tell you guys how much respect I have for you for seeing it through. I know I haven't always been a graceful "host" even though I don't consider any of this mine. I am pretty sure I just had more free time than anyone else.

posted on Feb, 2 2018 @ 06:44 AM
Hi Steve and everyone else still active on the thread,

Thank you for your reply, I have read every word closely and I echo so many of your thoughts and sentiments.

I agree too, that you are far more capable of what has been achieved so far, we all are and I think that is why it is important that we all continue to push forward as a collective.

As we are not transcended beings, our power inner psychic powers as individuals are somewhat limited when we act alone.
Rather like when conducting a table lifting experiment, the phenomena that occurs is far more amplified with 6 or 8 sets of hands placed flat on the table. The power of all present is amplified and when the energy required is sufficient, the table will move. Yet if just one or two people attempt the experiment, the table remains static.

It matters not if one believes in this type of phenomena, I use it for illustration purposes only. By acting as a collective conscience, we become far more powerful that if we act alone.

I could write so much but I am conscious that my words will fill too many pages of this thread and deter people from reading, so I will try to give a more concise outline, before going into any depth. The problem I think we all experience, is an overload of information, be it from external or internal sources and it is sometimes difficult to organise and relay so much of it.

The events that occurred at Dodleston and which are contained in Ken Websters book the Vertical Plane, was a CLASSIC ITC event. ITC, meaning Inter Dimensional Communication sometimes also known as Trans Dimensional Communication.

Many groups of scientists, scholars and normal everyday people have and still are studying this phenomena which has revealed astonishing results that continue to this very day. It has also been claimed that world governments including Russia and the USSR are making great strides in this area along with the Vatican.

Now, cast your minds back to page 17, a user called SAPWizard offered to post content that may have provided insight into Government involvement with this, but quite rightly, Steve asked that it not be posted on this thread.

Just as in the VP incident, these scientists have documented and shared much of what has been said during these ITC communications. Some communications have been received on computers, some on radio frequencies or recording devices etc. In effect, these communicae are in forms no different to those received at Dodleston.

However, in the VP case 2109 was not very forthcoming with detailed information and almost always spoke in a somewhat cryptic manner. When we study the Dodleston case, all we have to disect, are the communications that Ken Webster chose to share in his book. He did not publish texts which he thought the general public would not grasp or understand.

In the various ITC experiments that have taken place in Luxembourg, Germany and many other places across the globe. the equivalent of 2109 has been far more forthcoming with information as have other many other eminent but deceased individuals who claim to occupy the same dimension.

In general, we have been told why such communications are taking place and who these entities are. They state their purpose and often cross reference different events, including the mention of the VP events and requesting that further contact be made with Ken Webster. ( someone did post this actual request message a few pages back) and Ken speaks about this contact at the end of his book along with reference to a discussion he had with Professor Ernst Senkowski and one particular ITC experiment involving a man called Boden who also received ITC communications by computer which had correctly foretold the date of Bodens colleague's death.

Kens initially states that none of this information touched him directly, until:

But this changed in July 1987 when I received through the post a print-out of a message received in Luxembourg. It was marked 2105 and carried my name, if misspelt.

KONTAct kEEn WEBSter during HOLLtydais mutch iMPORTRance. d eankjue 2105

This message was received by the the Harsch-Fischbach's in Luxembourg through an ITC communication.

This led Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach to contact Ken and eventually they flew to Wales to meet with him.

During the meeting they relayed details of an ITC discussion they had with the Entity known as the Technician. (a type of planet earth overseer of communication).

The content of that message will continue on the next page.

posted on Feb, 2 2018 @ 07:38 AM
Message Content continued:

Q: Could we explain the communication between Ken Webster and Tomas Harden as an overlap of time between separate dimensions because Tomas Harden is in the 16th century and Ken Webster is here today?
A: Yes exactly. This is an overlap of time of both dimensions

Q: Could you explain it also as an insight into the Akashic record in which all that has been and all is to come are found?

A: You could call it something like that yes. There should appear in this region other documents from that time to show the people, these unexplained experiences with this ‘light box’ have happened and what could be seen on the screen. Q: Will Ken Webster find these documents? A: Other people will find these documents

Webster, Ken. The Vertical Plane (Kindle Locations 4353-4358). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

The Harsch-Fischbach's asked Ken if he would resume communications with 2109 but Ken declined.

He stated: . I suppose I felt flattered that an attempt had been made to reach me through another country but it did not shake my resolve. To their slight disappointment I also said that I did not think 2105/9 were the important part of what had happened in Dodleston.

Speaking of 2109, during various other ITC communications, their true nature did surface on occasions and it was not always positive in nature.

In one message to an ITC researcher called Homes they said,

Here 2109 to humans – you fools – elements claim reimbursement – viruses penetrate matter – beginning in Britannia – help not possible – an eye for an eye – forward to 4.11.22 Hamburg – Please take notification seriously – 2109 –jkyrdcbmjuhrtedcvv… contact interrupted.

In fact many communications have since taken place with 2109, having been received by various well respected researchers in this field. Some have even compared 2109 to a group of mischievous teenagers from the future but there is no way to ascertain if this assumption is true.

There are many, many transdimensional groups going by various names and number codes who have communicated with us on our plane and the information they have given is astonishing and in many ways it does answer many of Man's questions relating to who we are, why we are here and our purpose in life.
In fact, many of the answers given do indeed fit perfectly into our jigsaw of understanding and give insight into all aspects of life and death including a statement that Hell does not exist, it was a construct of early religious leaders to control the people into obeying basic laws.

But I digress.

I will now post a link to a large number of communications received from 2109. These texts are just a tiny drop in the ocean compared to all the comms received from various cross dimensional beings.

Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg and it really is a wild ride, but overall these beings are trying to help us to reach a higher plane of consciousness, to become better people, not to fear death but to embrace it. The message is that life continues after death but what kind of life we receive on the other side depends upon us. If we do not attain the right qualities through our many reincarnations over time, we are simply reborn again, to live a new life until we do become better souls.
To them, our life on Earth is the equivalent of a hell type existence, because we are trapped, blinded by our biological bodies in a world restrained by the physics of the planet that we occupy in this segment of the universe.

Anyhoo, take a look at this very enlightening document that only relates to communications from 2109. They are auto translated from German into English.
By the way, 2109 and 2105 are defined by the World ITC organisation as: DIMENSIONAL -> ENERGY ENTITIES

There is far more to come regarding the wisdoms of the universe.

Communication end

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Hi Studio, I am aboht to start work so I can't read newest posts yet. I just wanted to add to our previous line of thought that "One" doesn't only represent 1, but also 8. I don't know what or if that will be significant but it shouldnt be overlooked.

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