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posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 12:07 PM
This is an Indie game that only costs $3 and in early development but looks amazingly good running Unity 5. It is a survival/crafting game and to be honest I am impressed considering some of the garbage the AAA gaming entities are coming out with!

Here is the video of the game play.

Here is the link for those wanting to purchase it.


posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 12:34 PM
I have a dirty secret, I love minecraft, and this look like the next best step..until I get a VR headset

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 12:40 PM

originally posted by: Butterfinger
I have a dirty secret, I love minecraft, and this look like the next best step..until I get a VR headset

I will probably be dead before those VR headsets level out to a price I feel comfortable spending what little disposable income I have available!

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 01:14 PM
Looks ok for the price, bought unfinished and later abandoned crap for more money, around 20 times. That´s why i switched from alpha/early access "survival" demos....aaaaahhhh... games to Arma3 with the Exile Survival Mod. And learned to build an Arma server, so i could build my own crafting/building/survival game, in a modern environment.

You flew, after the next stock market crash, to an island, called Tanoa. Problem is, the government, NSA, Academi, G4S, UN, CIA, NATO and all those criminals are there too, meanwhile. Plus mercenaries, other survivors and civilists. They occupy cities, drop airdrops or crash with their helicopters, patrol in cars/trucks and helis/planes. You can steal the cars and sell them, or put a lock on it, so it is your car(you will need one). You need to dismantle cars to get the parts you need to repair your vehicle. You can craft almost everything you need in the game(up to vehicles like cars, tanks, helis), or you can buy stuff at traders. You need several tools for crafting, like a cement mixer for upgrading to concrete building, for example. You can build almost everything you can see in the game, and even more.

I made the recipes and needed tools as real as possible, you can destruct everything again and get your building materials back, some craftable things need blueprints to craft them. You can hunt for food, or loot, or buy the most simple food at the traders, you can build a "net"(burlap sack) and buy a small boat to fish. Things you need, like blueprints, weapons, ammo, scopes, backpacks, vests and equipment like this, you get from missions, airdrops, you can dive for shipwrecks to get them. And you can buy them, if you don´t want to craft, if you don´t have the right materials or the time to craft them, i left as many options as possible.

I just build for myself, with a huge amount of addons and scripts from the Exile and Arma community, and for my single player needs, what i expected from all those forever early access/alpha demos/"games". In a real actual environment(no space, medieval, future, fantasy, horror stuff) with human enemies(AI/NPC´s) and no monsters like zombies, ghosts, aliens or whatever. And it is not a strict shooter, you can do enough other things and if you take care a bit, hide a bit from the enemies, you don´t even have to fight for days, while doing other things, like bulding. I love to build bases for example, and here you can´t do it in two, three, four hours.

My Exile plays like a grown, mature Rust, 7 Days to die, Subsistence, Empyrion etc, with GOOD graphics and frame rates, and with more than 20, 30 crafting recipes/items. And where you can do what early access demos promised years ago, but never could implement to their demos, like using all kind of cars, helis, planes, even the trains and the railroad system.

If you love survival games and don´t want to wait the next five to ten years, till maybe one of those early access/alpha games becomes finished(really finished, not sold as "finished" in an alpha or beta stadium) and you want to play a good survival game, you have to build it yourself.

And it works, it was hard and a lot or work to learn everything, but now i have the survival game i wanted for years(since StrandedII). Ah, and i don´t play multiplayer anymore because you can´t play with people you don´t know personally, with people you can trust. And the people i can trust and would play with, don´t have computers that are strong enough or if the have good enough computers, they play for three, four days, maybe a week, and then they play other games again, but never play one game for real and a longer time. And i would need two servers for multiplayers, the one where people play, and the other one to test, for updating there first and looking if problems occur, sometimes you need a day to make a new script work, if other scripts or addons make problems first, for example.

So i made it a single player game and it´s really worth it!

And thanks for the link, for this price i wll try it, i am addicted to survival/crafting/building games(except minecraft, have it but can´t stand the graphics longer than some minutes). 3 bucks can´t be a rip off like all those early acess/alpha demos, that are far from finished and polished, with little content, for 30 euros or bucks, that i idiot bought...

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 01:17 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter


I can't even imagine being involved with modding/programming as you just described! Makes me feel small saying I am a gamer!

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 01:39 PM

originally posted by: seeker1963
a reply to: DerBeobachter


I can't even imagine being involved with modding/programming as you just described! Makes me feel small saying I am a gamer!

Before one and a half years, or two, i couldn´t imagine that too. But i was(and am still) injured for a while, and i wanted to do something. Then a buddy told me about Exile for ArmaIII. So i had the time and something to do. And dreamed about building my "own" survival game. For sure, the most work did the Exile mod and all the community addons and scripts. But when you open such a script for the first time, it is almost chinese. Because you don´t have any clue, don´t know what happens if you change an A to B there.

So i signed in the community there and asked and asked, before i did anything at my server. If this would be right when i try it this way, before i crash my server again and have to start from scratch again. Because, if you only forget or add a "," too much, the server will not start anymore. Have fun hunting for the error, in a 7000 lines script, or between the scripts of several addons... xD.

With the time you will make so many mistakes, you will have start from scratch uncountable times and won´t play, but work at the server. But this is sometimes more satisfying than playing, if you get things to work. I would say that i am addicted now to work at the server, i check everyday the forum, if some new scripts or addons were made, that would fit to my server and that i could add.

Because meanwhile i almost know what i am doing there, where i have to look for possible mistakes, where i have to change what, how to handle the server, it´s database and stuff. And i am far away from being a computer nerd, so it´s really possible to learn it, for everybody. Learning by doing it, again and again xD

I just had enough to play all those survival demos for a while and then had to stop playing them because of missing content, nothing to do anymore, gamebreaking bugs, waiting a year for one or two updates and all that known stuff.

And it was worth it, i can play now the game i want to play and i learned to work with C++, on the side.

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 02:32 PM
Here, i have got some pics for you:

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 03:05 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Thanks seeker for bringing Ashore to my attention. My sons and I love crafting open worlds.
You must have seen "The Forest", on steam? That one's nice too if you open the game without the monsters... Until you have a decent house.

@DerBeobachter: You should do a thread about your post. I've learned 3D and After Effects and such so I could do my own fan edits of movies I like, and because of that, my boys have been asking me that we start doing our own video games. Your knowledge of software to use would be greatly appreciated. I am also on pause from my life until I'm fully healed so... I got more time to kill than you have zombies in your game. haha.
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posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 04:46 PM
a reply to: NowanKenubi
What i did was just taking the ready game Arma3, downloaded the Exile mod and all those Addons and Scripts for free, and just had to put it together on my server.

It´s not like building a game from scratch.
You need Arma3 and a lot of DLC´s first, and Arma§ is a finished game which gets updated from time to time.

I would love it if i could build games from scratch.

I would build 3% of a game and create wonderful polished and exaggerated videos of that "game", put in on Steam as an early access game, would give out three updates in a year, grab the money, run and would never have to work again. Like they almost all did with their early access games on Steam...

posted on Jul, 12 2017 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Thank you for the answer.
I hear your plea about early access. I read it elsewhere too. I guess I have been lucky with those I bought, but I only bought 3, and they were almost finished kind of early access and they did get finished. haha

**burns old video games cover on the altar of the video gods**

posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 05:11 AM
a reply to: NowanKenubi
To The Forest, i iown it aince it was out for two or three months, played it a while, in vegan mode, as you said, with friends. But this is one of the game with to less content and way to slow updates that implement content. I played it the last time when you only could build given structures, there was no choice to build a house like you wanted it.

The only good thing, the forest in The forest looks nice, but after playing two, three, four hours, you have seen everything, done everything and it starts to get boring.

To early access/alpha. I started with Rust when it had Zombies, was happy when they took out the Zombies and added wild animals instead. Stopped playing after i mentioned that more and more little kids with obvisiously social problems started to play such games, just to destroy everything they see, just to kill everybody they see. They don´t know how to work together, they all think that they are still playing their Call of Duty or Battlefield straight shooter games.

Then i bought 7 Days to die. Was fun for a while(10-15 people on the server), but from the beginning, when they gave out updates, those updates broke more than they fixed or implemented. Then you have to wait for the next fix, that can take weeks or months. So people stopped playing, after losing their bases several times because of updates, losing their whole work for several times. Plus i can´t play it with zombies anymore(because i have got a zombie overdose from that zombie hype), can´t hear and see those buggy freaks anymore, not at least because they know everytime where you are, spawn on your head, right behind you in you base and stuff. So i played it without zombies for one or two times a year for some days, after the yearly update came out. Get´s boring after you build your base, playing 24/7 tower defense(playing with zombies) is not less boring. As i know they still know at every time where you are and will reach you, no chance to hide, makes the game senseless.

Then i bought every survival demo that came out(except monster, zombie, "horror"-survival, tower defense), because i was full of hope and trusted steam and that early access thing, when it was new and nobody knew that it is a scam, in 90% of the cases. i own ARK(crap done by wannabe devs), Beasts of Prey(abandoned crap), Empyrion(worth to play), Life is Feudal(crap), Novus Inceptio(crap), Out of Reach(crap), Planet Explorers(crap), Reign of Kings(sold as finished, but still in early alpha stage, without any updates anymore, crap), Rising World(maybe in ten years, when the graphics are completely out of date), Star Forge(abandoned crap), Stranded Deep(the slowest, by updates, crap with nothing reasonable to do than standing at the beach and chilling while looking at the sea), Subnautica(if you like to play underwater the whole time, you can play this for a while), Subsistence(started good, becomes a shooter more than anything else), Windborne(abandoned), guess that were them all, Then i stopped wasting money for early access crap.

The only game worth to play, the last hope for early access in the survival genre is Empyrion.
Enough updates with a huge amount of content and fixes that really fix bugs. They listen to the player base. Devs are nice and helpful.
My problem: It´s a space game and i like games more "real", playing in a more real environment, and that is here on earth.

Now i don´t play not one of them anymore, since Arma Exile.
Wasted money in the most cases!

Better don´t buy early access/alpha SURVIVAL demos. That doesn´t mean that early access wouldn´t work, but somehow it doesn´t work with survival games/demos. I have other early access games, which are not survival", and there you don´t have these problems. Somehow it happens only to the survival/crafting/building genre.

Those "survival" demo hobby devs grab our money for their own comfortable survival...

posted on Jul, 13 2017 @ 05:18 AM
I forgot this guys, it´s for free. But as i read now it will go to Steam soon:

Warning, it´s a bit addictive, really not bad for a free game!

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